(Closed) I was bad, and now I am slightly panicking…

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If you get it and it’s too small, just have it re-sized.  Don’t worry about it now, it’s not even on your finger yet!

I was petrified about my ring fitting and when Fiance proposed, I snatched it out of the box and put it on before he had a chance to put it on my finger for me! I was so worried it wouldn’t fit!  He still makes fun of me for it, saying I couldn’t wait to have a ring on my finger!  Then for a while I thought it was too big, but after trying on my wedding band, the two of them will fit just right. 

Just wait. You can’t fix it yet.

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Ladies, am I freaking out for no reason?

Yes.  Rings can be resized.  And, when you’re 8-9months pregnant, you might have to pack your ring away for a while.  It will be fine.  Many docs tell you to leave all jewelry at home when you go to the hospital to have the baby.

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haha, digging for treasure, eh? πŸ˜‰

i would eventually go for the 5.25 but for now as long as you can get that thing on you when the time comes, you are good!

i’m a size 4 on a cold day or on a day when i’m a bit dehydrated. day to day, hour by hour i realize my finger size changes up and down. i definitely cannot wear a 5 or anything close to that but i get what i call “sock marks” when my hands get a lil puffy. 

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I had my ring resized to a 5, which is what I was sized at in the store. Then, when it came in the mail, I couldn’t get it on at first. I was freaking out and really upset because obviously I didn’t want to send it back (it took them about a month to resize and put MY diamond in the antique setting). A couple of times I could shove it over my knuckley, but it would hurt. Finally I shoved it on and just left it there. Once it was over my knuckle, it felt fine (actually, a bit loose, and it spins when I’m cold). 

Initially I thought about having it resized to be 1/4 size bigger, but now I’m totally fine with it. I leave it on 99% of the time (including to bed) and it’s fine. I can get it over my knuckle but it takes a minute. When I first wake up and I’m warm from the covers it’s snug on my finger, but not uncomfortable. Even here in GA in 95 degree weather it is OK. If I wanted to take it off in that heat though, I would have to cool down my finger with an ice cube probably. 

Overall, I’ve decided that I prefer it to be snug over my knuckle so there is no risk of it flying off when I’m cold or anything like that. If I were you, I would wear it for awhile and see how comfortable you are with it at different temperatures. 

As for later in life (pregnancy, etc…) you can either get it resized then if its a permanent change or just wait it out. Your fingers could absolutely balloon up, so there is really no point in worrying now about the ring. Most likely you are not going to be able to wear it late in the pregnancy. 

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I wear my rings pretty loose. I have been sized a few times at 5.25 but that is too snug for me. Jewelers seem intent on very snug rings!

Anyway, I wear 6.25 – 6.5 but I am stacking four rings, hate muffin top and tight rings. I have a slightly larger knuckle too. I get ring claustrohohobia as I have had to get rings cut off before. When they are looser due to cold hands I use a ring snuggie or a bandaid to tighten the top 1-2 rings up.

If it is already snug you will likely need to get it sized when you get a wedding band, but do not worry about it right now. See how it fits when you get it and wear it a bit. As long as it is not an eternity ring you should have no issues resizing. I take my rings to a local bench jeweler and get them back in a day or two.

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I prefer my rings to be a little more snug for safety reasons. I use my hands alot and like knowing that they’re not going anywhere. It does get a little bit looser when it’s cold or I’m sick but that’s fine. It doesn’t move enough or slide enough to go anywhere just loosens a bit. My wedding band was a fluke when I bought it at an estate sale and fit me perfectly when i got it. It couldn’t be sized because of the band so needless to say, it was kismet. It’s an Edwardian 1911 wedding band with roses and a leaf vine design, miligrain beading around the entire band. Even hubby was shocked it fit on the first try- good thing or I would have shoved it on and made it fit πŸ™‚

Just wait until you get it and wear it for like a week or two. See how it works in a/c, normal temps etc. You may find it’s a perfect fit and comfy!

Good luck!

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@MalbecMe:  Agreed. haha i know you want to keep your ring and have it perfect when you get it, but you might just have to deal with having it sized. 

And not all women get swollen hands while pregnant.  Even if you do, you could maybe wear your ring in a chain as a necklace? It happens and you just have to deal. 


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Personally, I think you should wait and let him propose. It’s too much stress to think about it now. You might like that it’s a bit snug after wearing it for a few days. My hands tend to be cold too more often than hot, so I’m going for a little smaller for safety reasons.

For now, relax and worry about it later! 

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I had my ring re-sized while I waited at the store! It doesn’t take too long! I totally understand not wanting to give it up once you finally get it, they used to have to pry it off my finger when I was “visiting it” at the store.  I’ve been engaged for 2.5 months now and I still hate having to take it off when I take a shower or clean the house!!

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haha I can totally relate -youve waited this long to get it and now you want to wear it always! But really, our hands go up and down all the time so there is no point stresing about this right now!

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I plan to wear my ring(s) around my neck during pregnancy. Or even get a stand-in ring until my fingers go back down to size. If they never do, resizing it is!

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My ring was too small (they somehow misheard the size Fiance gave them). It took a week to resize it. He had proposed with a stand-in ring anyway because we were on vacation and he was afraid of it getting lost, so I just wore that until the ring was finished. I figured I’m going to wear it for the rest of my life so what’s a week?

FYI our jeweller told me that it’s much easier to resize a ring up than down, because to make a ring smaller they break the metal, whereas making it bigger is a type of stretching process. So you’re on the right side of a resizing anyway.

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