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KKJohnson :  Ugh. 

Yes this is super inappropriate. Were you fired for complaining about this? What did they say was the exact reason for your firing?

I have to take intense ethics and sexual harrassment training every year at my job and this is completely unacceptable, especially coming from a boss. 

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blueberrymoon2 :  Not sure there is much you can do now if you are no longer employed there. You can always forward the complaint to HR but keep in mind HR is not going to fire anyone over this. They will most likely do some sort of warning, write up, or mediation. 

side note… why were you fired?

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In my company if I had shown that to my boss’ boss, he would be terminated on the spot and escorted to the door. It has happened before to someone who was sending a coworker messages of a similar theme. 

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llevinso :  Eggplants are dicks, peaches are asses.

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It’s sexual harassment, if not originally directed at you specifically, and a hostile work environment. Your firing makes it personal and relevant. I would definitely report to HR and any higher ups. 

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If you’re considering confronting them for wrongful termination I’d definitely keep the texts for proof of a hostile work environment.

If they let you go with severence and you’re done with the place, you could still report it to HR. Even if they can’t do anything about it now, it may help someone else down the line that runs into the same issue because it will prove a pattern of behaviour. 

Also – not that it matters – but why is he telling a bunch of ladies that he likes it in the bum? Is he just trying to make things awkward? Is he flirting? (If so, he’s doing it very badly)

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But even more inappropriate is them responding to your concerns by firing you instead of taking them seriously.

Glad you’re on to better things.

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That is definitely sexual harrassment. If you were fired for voicing your concerns about sexual harassment, that’s against the law here. Your desired outcome will determine your next steps. If you want to pursue this, I would contact the governing body in charge of labor relations and explain the situation. If they are not the correct people to help you, they will refer to you to who is.  

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This is the exact type of situation that won my roommate a 15k sexual harassment lawsuit. 

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sunflowers121 :  Omg tell us more? 

Woooooooooow about your boss. Because you have a new job I would probably walk away from this mess and never give it one more thought. That was entirely innapropriate for ‘work’. Report and move on to bigger and better things 


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nugwife :  Well this was when we were all in college and didn’t have “grown up jobs”. She was working as a bud tender at a clinic. It was a super small business and so the owner was always hitting on her at work and would text her dirty / sexual jokes. She had a boyfriend (that didn’t work there) and so the jokes and advances made her uncomfortable. She went to HR (which was just 1 person) and HR talked to the owner. Long story short, it wasn’t handled correctly at all and the owner came into work next day and absolutely lost his crap on my roommate and was screaming at her in front of everyone about how she was too uptight and needed to take a joke and he wasn’t even really interested in her. She was crying and it was awkward so she went home. The whole work environment just became super hostile after that and she ended up filing a formal complaint and winning. They paid her 15k over the course of a few months… it was pretty awesome for her.

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Yes, this was totally inappropriate. I would definitely report to HR or any higher ups! 

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Uhhhh why the fuck is discord being used for work in sales? 

I use discord for gaming communications… most games use it as its great for voice chats- creating secrets chat threads and roles and there a bots – eg translation bots..

However in that world there is always a NSFW channel in nesrly every server Ive been in with bots that share porn nd there always seems to be a group of people into that…


Is your boss a gamer who completely forgot where he was? if its meant for work that inappropriate … if thats a friends server with colleagues I would treat it like a BBQ- not quite a workplace complaint space. 

Im so shocked this is used for something other than anonymous friends gaming and not in the least surprised to see that kind of chat in that SS… i see it so much….


– Im so sorry ypu.got let go you probably have a case for unfair dismissal

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Take it to a lawyer, you can prob file for wrongfull termination or harassment. An old coworker of mine is sueing my place of employment right now and the lawyer will only collect funds if she wins. 

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