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@mrsalexander:  Canada Goose got a bad wrap from PeTA recently.  There’s a video or pictures going around of a bunch of dead geese (which really, if you’ve had to deal with them regularly you don’t actually feel that bad about sometimes).  It’s all kind of graphic (in usual PETA style).  I personally don’t own one, but I live in the GTA where -20 is extreme and I don’t go up north.  If I was still in NB I’d consider spending the money.  I wouldn’t worry about it, but it’s certainly rude, no one should be attacked for what they choose to wear – I see lots of outfits I’d love to yell at people for, instead I silentely mock them in my head or out loud to my FH (i swear, I’m not a terrible person)

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@mrsalexander: I believe in freedom of speech and expression, and I applaud people’s passion for advocating for or against issues that are important to them.  However, I don’t think that is best accomplished by heckling. What I am wondering is how this person could even know that the fur trim on your jacket is real. There are many garments that feature faux fur that looks very much like real fur.

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Given PETAs track record on how they treat animals, I would not take anything one of their supporters has to say with any seriousness. Wear your coat in good health, it’s cold out. 

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(( HUGS )) sorry that happened to you

Like with all things in life there are some EXTREMISTS

And I do think that for the most part the PETA folks qualify on that list.

Just because someone uses animal products… be it Meat, Leather, Down, Fur, etc… doesn’t mean they are bad people

And not every animal that is used for human consumption in one way or another is tortured… which is what PETA wants everyone to think

That just is not true

I get wanting to be warm… and I GET that natural is better to do that than synthetic… it just is.

(Fabric needs to both be able to keep heat in and breathe to let over heating / sweat out)

99% of the time the people who complain about such things, don’t even have any experience with for example a Canadian Winter at -20 C, -30 C, -40 C, or -50 C

Not all Fur is a fashion statement to be touted out by some Hollywood Celeb on their way to The Oscars (March in LA… and trust me NO ONE NEEDS a Fur Coat… Today in Inuvik at -15 C… ya much appreciated)

Rant done.


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@Brielle:  The Canada Goose brand jacket, pretty recognizable.


That person must say that an awful lot because a lot of people own Canada Goose jackets! I think people are too opinionated nowadays. It is great to have your beliefs and opinions but half of the time people are giving it, nobody asked! There are appropriate platforms to spread awareness and messages, public heckling is not one.

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It is a fact that wool, fur and down are warmer than their artificial replicas. If you believe polyester is as effective, you’ve never met a windy snow storm at -45 in Québec. 

While I am against cruelty against animal, it’s also a necessity for some of us to get the proper clothing according to our weather and climate. I don’t need the angora decorative fur around the collar, but I sure want my coat to keep me dry and warm.

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Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but UGH, that is very obnoxious!!!

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@mrsalexander:  don’t worry about it. my winter coat has a rabbit fur collar and one girl gave me a freaking dressing down about it – while wearing knee high leather boots. and you know what? couldn’t we all find something to rant at another person about?

i don’t like when people buy water bottles – i think it’s wasteful and awful for the environment. so maybe PETA pal drinks dasani, or lets his car idle, or doesn’t recycle, or WHATEVER. 

you’re an adult who’s allowed to make their own choices and peta dude should take a more constructive approach than harassing people on the street. for all he knew, a friend lent the jacket to you. 

wear that warm coat all winter long! 

and peta has dubious morals all their own – they assault people with paint, flour etc. and there was an incident where they stood outside of kfc and handed out kfc buckets filled with fake blood to children. sooo if peta guy wants to talk morals, his organization supports criminal harassment and assault. how noble. 

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Canada Goose jackets are a norm on my university campus – not because of the weather (most people in my area actually complain that the jackets are too warm aha), but because it’s a fashion trend on campus. That person would be exhausted after a few hours of having to ‘educate’ 100’s of people (daily) of the ethical implications of wearing and buying a Canada Goose Jacket. I think there are much more effective ways of getting a point across!

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@Brielle:  They’d know because Canada Goose jackets are very distinctive and that brand always uses genuine materials – Goose down and Coyote fur.

They are also $600-$1200 a pop. I work part time at a high-quality outdoor outfitter, and we sell a ton of them! But I’m in Ottawa were we’ve had -30°C weeks before.

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that is infuriating! i’m angry for you. if someone said that to me, i would tell them i could not care any less about animals. (not because it’s true but i like to be confrontational sometimes!!!) wonder how he would react to that. ha.

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That’s so nuts. I’m Canadian too, and I know around here coyotes are a HUGE pest animal… the gov. pays for pelts so that they can stop harming other wildlife. I’m glad they’re at least doing something with the pelts! 

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While I would never heckle someone, I don’t agree with killing animals for clothing. And I also live in a part of Canada where we have -20 degree weather and I’ve survived without the help of animals. 




I’m definitely not okay with animals suffering so I can stay warm using their fur. To each their own.


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@sillygoat:  That video doesn’t work, and is off in its description. It says ”fashion over animal rights”, again IMO it has nothing to do with fashion. 

The California dude who wears fur coats just to show off he’s got money does it for fashion, but people who live in cold areas and use down feathers inside their (not fashion) winter coats do not. 

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