(Closed) I was kicked out of my friends wedding because she thought i would ruin her pix

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@BearcatBetch:  I agree with this forgot about that!! What is the problem with anyone tagging a picture of you (oh side note and because of these posts, I decieded to untage my FB info from WB Cool)


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I second this all the way. Screw returning the dress to her. Get some use out of it.

A REAL friend would not do this to you or any friend for that matter. It’s a freakin wedding for crying out loud. Stressing about matching the color of you invitations to the napkins is one thing but absolutely freaking out and making you BM’s miserable another thing.
If she was a real friend she would love you as a Bridesmaid or Best Man just the way you are. None of my bride friend’s would ever dare tell me to tan for their wedding. I DO NOT tan and WILL NOT tan no matter what the circumstances are. You love my pasty white ass or you don’t.

It sucks and I know it hurts but this girl did you a favor. This is a toxic person and you don’t need toxic people in your life. Delete her from facebook, your phone, your mind, etc. and run, don’t walk, far away.

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For the life of me I will never understand why they were so upset with the OP’s sister tagging her own sister on Facebook on HER OWN PAGE!


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@Celtic_Bride:  i have been trying to do that for weeks and i cant. i think it has something to do with my computer being a mac? idk lol

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@BearcatBetch:  And i still don’t understnad why your sister can’t tag you in a picture??

Yeah, I didn’t get this either.  I guess everyone in the wedding party is supposed to check in with bridezilla before they post or are tagged in any photos on Facebook.  Just in case they look “terrible” or something.  I can’t stand people that think the world revolves around them.

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Heres what i just realized reading the two threads–someone at some point called out Mom using her whole name. Since this site is indexed by Google and this situation isnt included in the terms for removal everytime you Google Mom’s name this will show up as a top result. Oh, the interwebz.

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That is so sad. You sound like you are a great friend. You did not deserve to be treated that way at all, and it’s not your fault. She was being unreasonable, and it sounds like there was nothing you could have done to make things right. It sounds like she would have found something to go crazy about no matter what – if it wasn’t your hair, then it would be something equally ridiculous. 

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You should post a pic of the dress on fb and say “for sale: $10 obo”


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1st- OMG!!! That is just effin nuts! All of it. Her. Her mom. WTH?!

2nd- Pleeeeeeeaaasssee post a pic of the dress!! I want to see what sort of horrid thing it is that you think you will have a hard time selling it. 😀

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1. (BIGS HUGS) Sorry you are going through this, but it’s sounds like she did you a BIG favor!!!!!

2. What a nuttymcnut bar of a family!

In relation to momofbridein question…..I can’t believe she has  the audacity to create a post pertaining to this thread. The OP was simply venting and asking for advice!This is so unreal. Sounds to me the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! GROW UP. 

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My goodness this made me mad.  Who the hell does she think she is? If Kate Middleton can not pull a bridezilla there is no excuse for her, she even let Pippa wear white (which looked fabulous! Don’t think I could do it, Anyways….) Point is even if she was to be the future Duchess, NO ONE should get away with that behavior.  

If it was me personally, I would not give that mother the satisfaction of collecting YOUR dress.  That to me is like they won, because girl you should of quit a long time ago!  You were being such a great friend that she did NOT deserve. I would never want to see these people ever again. I would cut off all contact, good riddance, de facebook, the whole works because that girl is toxic.  I’m so sorry that 5 years of friendship is over, I would be hurt too.  

If the roles were reversed, do you really think that she would just be a minion bridesmaid and not voice a single opinion? Doubtful…and then you would of been back at square one…having this girl do nothing but bring you down.

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FYI:  I read your entire story and then came straight to comment… skipped over everyone else SORRY!

But the word “friend” here needs to stop being said.  This is NOT by any means a “friend”.  Yea, it may be HER wedding day but doesnt make her Queen Bitch to bark orders and expect greatness.  Yea.. we all want our weddings to be “perfect” but by doing so we dont not make our family or friends feel like shit in the process.

As far as the mother adding her two cents in.. whatever!  Like mother like daughter obviously!

And the dress… honey I would NOT give it to them at all.  Sale it on eBay or hell even on here.  Some one might like it enough for a going out dress or a special occasion.  Giving it to them just gives the bragging rights that they got what they wanted, regardless of if they pay or not.

And how stupid is it that they demand YOUR SISTER to remove pictures of HER WEDDING.  WTF.. I feel like punching them and I don’t even know them lmao

You can’t pick your family… but you can pick your friends.  And honey.. let this one go because that is NOT a friend.  Not even someone I would want to be in the same room with..


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I must say I too skipped over everone elses comments too and just read the one above sorry!!!


However, I must start by saying just in the manner you wrote this I can tell that you are far from trash.  And maybe she should define the word “trash” read it and get a good understanding and then her and her mom should get match tatoos on thier foreheads.  They are clearly “TRASH”


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Sooo… Who elce got yelled at by the mods today? -.-‘ 

I have shame. I’m a bad bee….:( 

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@imalittlebirdie:  Why were you yelled at?

I have been before for calling out a very snarky bee

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