(Closed) I was kicked out of my friends wedding because she thought i would ruin her pix

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More or less the same. 🙁

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@imalittlebirdie:  It’s ok. It happens! I felt bad too but you’ll forget it after awhile

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OP you are way too nice and I would have told this bridezilla to Eff off a long time ago.  If you did call her the C-word, it sounds pretty accurate to me. 

The MOB sounds really petty and kinda psycho.  She should be focusing on her daughter’s wedding and not trolling on a message board.  She should also be really thrilled someone is actually marrying her daughter.  Poor dude.

Does anyone remember Karen from WE’s bridezillas??  That’s what this reminds me of sorta…

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Dear God!  I am SO sorry you had to deal with that!  You were more than accommodating –  I seriously cannot believe she asked you not to do anything to your hair for a year leading up to the wedding!  I can barely handle not cutting/dying my hair for my OWN wedding – I would never saddle my bridesmaids with that request.  Ugh.  She frankly sounds like a horrible person.

Also, I haven’t read through all the comments, so I don’t know if this has been said yet, but I want you to know:  I’m a lawyer, and it is well established law that oral contracts are JUST as binding as written contracts.  The difficulty in enforcing them usually lies in proving they were made, but seeing as you have a text message admitting to an oral contract from the mom, you have strong proof.  Don’t let her try to bully you out of your money. 

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Like mother, like daughter.

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So I tried to read through everything and I feel like I’m not seeing all the comments.

Were some deleted by the mods??

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LOL is this thread really happening?

OP, if all it costs you is the price of a dress and some shoes to rid yourself of these people I would say you came out on top. Good riddance…oy.

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Is she serious about contacting her lawyer for slander?  Hahahahaha wow.  Psycho.  That poor man marrying into that cluster fuck has no chance in hell.  Poor guy 🙁  I can’t imagine anythign worse than having a mother in law like that!! he’ll never be able to hold that girl up to the standard her mother clearly has (and she is holding herself too as well, clearly).  That’s a marriage that will never last!! But it’s okay, she’ll always have mommy!!

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This thread needs to be posted on the daughter’s FB page for all to see!

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@RhondaS:  Oh, honey, I’m sorry. As someone who has no bridesmaids at all because her friends are, well, too busy with their own lives… you sound like a dream! That chick clearly doesn’t realize what she had. I would have kicked that friendship to the curb and felt zero guilt over it. She gets ONE DAY, not a whole year or whatever the hell she thinks she’s entitled to, and her behavior is completely uncalled for. Her mother should be ashamed, not encouraging it and taking part herself in bullying you.

The thing is, the more ridiculous she behaves the greater the chance it’ll just be her, her mom and her hapless husband left after the wedding. Everyone else should be well fed up with her bullsh*t by that point. (At least that’s what I fervently hope every time I’ve caught an episode of “Bridezillas,” for which this woman sounds like a prime candidate. It might be funny on TV, but it ain’t cute in real life.)

I agree with the PPs who said NOT to give them your dress and shoes. Sell them if you can’t return them, even if you take a loss. Though I totally get if you’d rather be the bigger person. Best of luck to you!

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…Am I the only one that still really wants to see pictures of the dress…

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I am curious to see what her hair looked like in her sisters wedding?

These people are cows, you are lucky to be off the hook and not be put down by them any more. I am in the keep the dress and sell it yourself camp.

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Wow, this is beyond crazy. The fact that this person has any friends left at all is a complete mystery. Have you been in touch with any of the other BMs at all? What do they think about it all?

I say run fast! And oh, I love the trash the dress or eBay option too! 😉



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@RhondaS:  Really, she did you a favor by cutting herself out of your life. You don’t need people like this if this is how they treat you. Seriously. I know it probably hurts because it was unexpected and you probably relied on her for some form of support, but if you look at the continuum, likely it will be that she was never as great a friend as you thought to begin with.

And Mom of Bride, please grow up and focus on your own affairs.

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