(Closed) I wish more people would share their birth recovery stories

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@iarebridezilla:  You are right in many ways. What’s interesting about WB is that when users give birth, they just kind of disappear, never to be heard from again. Same for other websites that I’ve been a member of but there is one site where I’ve consistently seen great postpartum information and that is Reddit’s BabyBumps. Users will come back and talk about PPD, recovery, give advice, and even post pictures of their postpartum bellies. I really love that so many users come back to give updates like this and it is highly valued there. I’m not sure what makes Baby Bumps so different but it is.

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@iarebridezilla:  No birth story here (no babies yet…) but dang is that child cute!  Love the hair!


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@iarebridezilla:  oh dear jesus, she is so effing cute, my ovariessssssssssssss…

and thank you. i am not TTCing… i’m not even married yet. but for some reason in the last little while i have an insatiable appetite for birth stories. i think i want to know EVERYTHING. every possible thing… that could go wrong and that could go right. i want to be informed… and not from some book. i wanna hear it from real moms. i appreciate it SO MUCH. so if you mommas are gonna post your post-baby stories, i will read them with fervor. please help us future pregnant ladies prepare for the road ahead!!! 

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OMG, that adorable face!  I have to say, she looks just like you, Mommy (from pics I’ve seen here of you and your avatar, of course).  She is too cute!

And I agree with your post.  Nobody talks about how much worse it is after  you get home, pain wise.  Labor is easy compared to healing episiotomy stitches, cracked nipples and hemorrhoids.  Labor is over relatively quicky, hemorrhoids are for weeks.

Your birth story was amazing and very real.

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@iarebridezilla:  She IS cute, and thank you for promoting women; momma’s-to-be, momma’s, friends and bees to share the ‘aftermath’ of the birth.  Both good, bad and indifferent.


I am not preggo, nor a mom…YET, but I have had first hand experience – in all facets – of seeing a new mom.  For my close friends, I have taken a few days off to be with them the weeks post-birth when their hubbies went back to work.  Some were 5 miles away, and some were 5 hours away.  It was my way to show support, to help with whatever they needed, to meet their babies, and to be there with them for what could be a very hard time (MY HUBBY WENT BACK TO WORK!!).


For some, they made it seem so ‘easy’.  They had a schedule, they had a good recovery.  They were just happy to share their bundles of joy with me.  For others, it was completely different.  They cried, they ached, they opened up to me on how they feel they were experience ‘identity crisis’ (three weeks ago I could do whatever I wanted, went to work, etc) and now I am sworn to this infant!!


For one friend, breastfeeding was not working for HER.  She needed or wanted the baby to bottle feed in between the breast so she got a break, and because the breast was not causing enough weight gain for him solely.  Except the baby would NOT take the bottle from HER.  It was if he knew she had the boob, and so he wanted only that.  She tried feeding behind him (arm outstretched but out of sight), she tried different nipples…she tried it all.  She called the doctor, and the doctor said that it may take him hours, but eventually he will get hungry enough to bottle feed.  As his primary caregiver she felt too bad to give him hours.  


I stepped in and offered to try without her in the room, or even on the same floor.  I told her to go take a nap, and let me see if he would take the bottle from me.  It took some time, about an hour, for him to start and finish the small  bottle, but he did.  In the meantime, she texted me ‘are you ok?’. ‘im so sorry’. ‘im a terrible mother’.  I just re-assured her that she was not, I was fine (I mean, I got to hold her sweet baby for hours!), that his crying only bothered her, but not me (I thought it was cute), and that that was why I was there with her…to help!!


It worked, and she got to rest, and two days later he was a bottle champ (not because of me, but because it took him more time).  To this day, two years later, she still thanks me and apologizes to me.  WHY?!  There was nothing to be sorry about!! I actually thanked her for showing me this vulnerable/hard side to mommyhood!!  It humbled me and opened me up for potential difficulty and hardship!  


That same week, we tried to go out to dinner, but her baby hated the car seat, and she could not put him in it ONE.MORE.TIME.  He just cried and cried.  Her sister-in-law had called to check in, and she was telling her that he hated the car seat, and she thought that was weird bc aren’t all babies supposed to LOVE IT.  Her sister-in-law told her that her daughter (at that point 4 years old) HATED IT TOO!!  And it took about 6 months before she stopped crying. She shared this hardship 4 years after the fact when someone else was sharing theirs.  


People, people…the more info we can share NOW about every tiny aspect will only help future mom’s realize that there is no ‘right’ or ‘mainstream’ or ‘normal’ when it comes to babies…they are all so very different.  But to know you are not alone in it is priceless to others!!  I know in my experiences, seeing it firsthand or reading about it would aide in my one day journey of mommyhood!!




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@iarebridezilla:  As a very newly pregnant mom-to-be… with my first… i absolutely love reading any and all birth stories. It gives me insight on options for childbirth as well as a hefty dose of things that can (and likely will) go wrong.

I would LOVE to hear more about the post-partum recovery.

Kudos for you for the encouragement.. and as a side note, i just ordered those 2 books off of amazon because i trust your recommendation =) and a side of humor about what is to come these next 7 months is welcomed with open arms.

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Come over to Hellobee…lots of mamas and birth stories. 

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@iarebridezilla:  You know what?  As someone who as NO CONCEPT whatsoever about childbirth or the aftermath of such a life altering experience, I found your post to be really interesting and kind of refreshing.  All hell broke loose in your chassy and you overhauled yourself one day at a time…I think you’re Rocket Sauce and deserve a special parking spot AND your own Coke Machine and bumper pool!


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