(Closed) I wish my family would keep my sex life out of their mouths!!!

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Blushing bee
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I really have no advice besides telling them it isn’t any of their business but I wanted to say Im sorry you have to deal with family like that and I hope they stop soon!

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Blushing bee
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Well, you could:

1. Call them out on their indescretions. For instance when your brother makes a comment you could tell him to go knock someone up.

2. Own it. When they make comments take it to the next level with some things that are tmi. For instance when your brother was saying you’re too busy doing your SO you could throw in how you’re doing it, like anal. 

I’m a huge smartass and a real life troll so this is what I’d do. But whatever you do don’t let them change you or your relationship/sex life. Stand up for yourself and bonus points for doing it in a humorous way.

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Is it possible they are trying to do it because they know it hurts you? It sounds like your brother said it because it was the meanest thing he could say when he didn’t get what he wanted. As for your aunt, given her personal history and the fact that she enjoys spreading ridiculous rumours about you, I would just ignore her.

Don’t let them shame you into feeling even a smidge bad about your sex life. They have no leg to stand on, from the small bits of their pasts you’ve shared. If anything, them trying to use it against you sounds amazingly childish. Be thankful that you’ve found an amazing man with whom you have a great sexual relationship and be proud of it!

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Busy bee
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WOW your family is acting incredibly childish and immature! I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this. I would tell them that my sex life is private and none of their concern..I’d also include that if they continue to make nasty and crude remarks (joking or not) about it, then you will be forced to cut connection with them until they get some damn class! Your sex life is between you and your SO. Period! Don’t stop the sexual connection the both of you have because people are being crass and major idiots.

Hang in there 🙂

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Helper bee
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@justagirlxo88:  +1 !!! You should totally do this! Laughing

My younger brother and I were teasing each other the other day, and he started telling me that he has a big d*ck and that it makes his gf come heaps Foot in Mouth Sooo, I said “Well, Fiance makes me come heaps!” and his face just fell!!!! It worked so well haha! 

I’m so sorry you have to deal with such a family, especially your auntie!! That’s so childish of her! 

Just reply with comments like I did, it’ll make them feel awkward and they might stop doing it!!

And be glad that your sex life has an emotional connection, because by the sounds of things theirs didn’t, and they might be jealous of you! Tongue Out

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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The fact that you refuse to talk about your sex life is probably just making things worse.  I am not someone who enjoys discussing details like that with anyone — not even friends — and if my family/friends wanted to make fun of me for such things, it would be really easy.  

The next time someone says something, maybe say, “Yeah, okay, let’s not act like we’re in high school,” and try to continue talking about the subject at hand.  

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Buzzing bee

Your aunt is a prostitute and spreads rumors about you being pregnant??

Have you ever just said that out loud? I mean really.

“___ said you were pregnant!”
“.. really? The prostitute?” 

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Busy bee
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The reason they’re so vicious toward you and connect everything with sex, is because of their own personal issues (cheating, prostitution, etc). I realize how difficult it must be for you to deal with all their disrespect, but I wouldn’t “engage” them, if you know what I mean. I would probably just get as far away as possible, as soon as possible.

Best of luck.

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Why don’t you just tell them to stop? If they don’t, tell them you don’t want to be around them.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Because of my faith and values, I cannot advocate on behalf of sex outside of a marriage relationship. However, I think the types of comments your family has made and continues to make with regard to this topic are atrocious. I cannot even imagine how you must have felt when you were still a virgin and your aunt was spreading lies about you. I’m so sorry that your family — people who are supposed to be loving toward you — would choose to say those kinds of things. It’s one thing to be unable to advocate for or support the idea of a family member choosing a different path and even wanting to share their own, opposing beliefs. Those things I fully understand, agree with, and respect. However, it’s aner thing entirely for them to say rude, obnoxious, and hateful things in an attempt to degrade and defame you. I am so sorry that you are being hurt in this manner.

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Busy bee

@ForeverBirds:  People only have power over you when you give it to them.  Do not change your relationship with your SO – by doing that you are giving them power to control your relationship.  Easier said than done but just ignore them. Don’t even bother getting into arguments with them.


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