(Closed) I wish people would stop saying my ring is cute!

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i think there so many ring designs out there these days its a bit overwhelming when you see someones particular ring.  

a woman i know has a 3ct sized stone… notice i didnt say 3carot ring… its a fake stone but she wanted something that posh spice would wear but theres now way her hubby could afford it

do you love your ring? thats all that counts. yes, one day you may choose to decide to upgrade but thats your choice and ignore the others

edit: when i got my ering my Future Mother-In-Law said “its so big” where my mum said “oh thats nice” so cant please everyone.

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Mine is less than a carrot by a bit. .85. I think it also kind of depends where you  come from. To my family, that seemed like a big diamond and my small fingers help make it look larger than it is. There is no “bad” in rings anyway! Some people don’t have any stones at all, some dont have diamonds, some don’t have a “center stone.” If you love it that’s what is most important! If it really bothers you, then  think about upgrading it later but I know personally my ring is so sentimental that I wouldn’t want to change it!

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I guess I’m kind of on the other end of this, my stone is pretty big and boy do I hear it all the time–so I know how you feel. You just want people to say that it’s pretty, or nice! You really can’t please everyone, so just remind yourself: your fiance picked it out. It’s probably gorgeous and it’s a reflection of your love… and 1 carat isn’t anything to sneeze at, either. Good luck to you!

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That is so obnoxious of people to say and you know what’s funny? I’ve heard the same thing! I think it’s all relative to the environment the people are in but it’s pretty rude…People get wierd about diamonds tho…

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Mine is 3/4 of a carat, but I have small fingers so it looks a bit larger.  Small fingers and all there’s no mistaking it for something over 1 carat.  Between the small diamonds that wrap around it and the wedding band there are 1.25 or so overall.  I think it’s far more embarassing to have credit card debt than a smaller ring.  No one has said anything negative to me.

Even though I’d love an upgrade, I also want the sentimental value of the ring we bought together when we were young and in love.  So, so far, I’m not planning on it.

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Well, no. If people don’t think you have enough bling (or on the flip side comment on you having too much bling) then they are pretty shallow and materialistic in my mind. It drives me so flippin’ crazy that people assign extra meaning to the size of the rock. Its SOOOOOOO petty in my mind. Like they don’t have enough confidence in themselves or have high self worth and get off by picking on others.

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If it isn’t “cute”, it’s “gaudy”. You simply can’t expect everyone to have the right manners to say the right thing unfortunately

Consider it a flaw in their upbringing. Or, call them out on it! =]

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that’s the exact same size of my ring and I haven’t had any “cute” comments.  A lot of people are kind of mean to me when they see my ring and don’t say much at all.  I think they are mad that Fiance probably spent so much money on such an extravagant ring.  My ring is bigger than any of the other rings his family members have so I think they get jealous or think poorly of me.  It’s not like I was trying to one-up them or something!  I just wanted a three stone ring and I wanted a nice setting.  The setting was more important to me than the diamonds themselves.  So I think people get upset when they see my fancy setting next to their plain bands.  


I don’t know!  People are weird when it comes to rings.  Just ignore it.  I don’t really care what they think as long as I like my ring, which I do!

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Just try to ignore it the best you can! My ring is just a simple tanzanite, no diamond accents or anything, and I love it. I finished describing it to some friends before I got it back from being re-sized, and one friend immediately asked how many carats it was. I think I just said, um, I don’t know… (seriously clueless about jewelry), and my other friend kindly cut in and said that it sounded perfect and just like me. Which it is. 🙂

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Someone will always have something to say that will bring you down… I’ve had about 3 people ask “Is it real?” when they saw mine. I wanna be like, “Come closer so I can leave my diamond imprint on your face!”

Also society has given everyone a skewed sense of what is an “acceptable” size. There’s nothing wrong with the size of your diamonds! As long as you’re happy with it, who cares!! 

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My mom’s ring is 1/3 of a carat center stone and she loves it. She suggested I consider nothing much bigger than 1/2 carat but I really wanted at least a carat because I have very long fingers. At the same time my Future Sister-In-Law wanted me to get a ring that was like hers a band with a 1/10 diamond fleck in it. My friends stuck with 1/2 carat solitares but I know a group of girls who say it isn’t worth getting engaged for less than a 2 carat stone.

Get the ring you want and love it. Each ring is perfect for the girl who wears it – forget everyone else.

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Ha! I remember getting a “your ring is very cute” email from someone. Now when I see her (very, very large) baby, I am always so tempted to say “wow, your baby is … really big.” Laughing

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If you love your ring, then it is the perfect size. The size shouldn’t matter. What matters is that you have a fiance that wants to marry you.

Honestly, I’d be tempted to tell all of the debbie downers to bug off. But that wouldn’t be nice of me. Just smile and change the topic.

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I am on the opposite end of this problem too. And yes, it can be a problem. I get comments daily… often from complete strangers. In elevators. At the grocery store. Everywhere. For me, it is as if people’s focus is always the ring – women swoon over it… but I cringe because I want the focus to be on my extraordinary relationship and not always the extraordinary ring. Don’t get me wrong, I really love my ring. But it’s awkward to have people feel the right to always comment on it. Co-workers would stop by my desk to “visit The Ring” and bring people by to see it. It has spectators and its own fan club. I should charge tickets. One grumpy man shopping in a store told me “I hope you don’t go off into the big city with that ice skating rink on your finger… someone will hurt you for that thing” Yikes. So, point is… love your ring. Love your relationship. It’s symbolic of your love, and don’t worry about what other people think. Your ring will be with you hopefully for the rest of your life. (in a perfect world). I get sad when I hear people don’t like their ring. Size doesn’t matter. I would have married him if he gave me a candy ring. It’s the love that you have that matters.

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