(Closed) I wonder why some people love being pregnant and other hate it…

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To me, pregnancy is a means to an end. I find it very uncomfortable, painful, and nerve wracking. The only thing I liked about pregnancy was being able to feel the baby move, until they start kicking you in the ribs! I think I actually had a rib crack during my second pregnancy, and the pain from that took forever to go away. I had hypertension during my second pregnancy, and it was stressful to be worried about whether or not I would need medication for it (I didn’t), or how it would effect my baby. I got stretch marks during both pregnancies, and I don’t think anyone can love that 😕. The morning sickness lasted until I was 17-18 weeks with both of my pregnancies, although I was lucky in that I didn’t throw up that much. 

Overall, I really don’t like pregnancy, but I can do anything for 9 months!

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Buzzing bee

I didn’t really enjoy pregnancy. From morning  sickness and fatigue to sciatica, overall discomfort and insomnia. I also kind of found it a means to an end. It was obviously worth it, and I did enjoy the kicks, but it wasn’t too great in the moment.

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Busy bee

It wasn’t easy to get pregnant so I told myself I would enjoy it…but mostly, it sucked. I had pretty bad morning sickness – sun up to sun down nausea – for 14 weeks, then my acid reflux was terrible basically the whole pregnancy. I had preterm contractions and was effacing at 28 weeks, and my baby was growth restricted, so I was on bi-weekly fetal monitoring for 9 weeks. Several times I had to take this awful medicine to stop my contractions. It was definitely all worth it, but 9 months is a long time to feel like total crap!

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Personally I have really enjoyed my pregnancy so far (6 months along).  That being said, I’ve experienced minimal discomfort so far – I had “morning” sickness for about 3 weeks, just basically feeling nausious all day long, which went away.  I’ve had some sciatica pain which thankfully has been fixed with the help of stretching and massage therapy, and I have edema in my legs and feet (I can’t fit any normal shoes), but otherwise I feel pretty great! I also always wondered what it would feel like to be pregnant, and now that I am I can understand exactly why you just can’t know what it’s like until it happens to you.  Every single woman experiences it differently, and even every pregnancy is different! So while I feel like I’ve been fairly lucky so far with this pregnant, my next one could be even better, or maybe worse! I think that’s why you’ll find that opinions about pregnancy vary so much from one woman to another.  Another example, a woman who has a very short torso will have a lot more difficulty bending over than a woman with a very long torso that just has more room for baby to grow… it’s those kinds of things that make it such a unique experience for each woman every single time 🙂

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I’ve never been pregnant but I can imagine someone’s enjoyment of pregnancy highly depends on how “easy” it was. Someone who had morning sickness, fatigue, stretch marks, heartburn, swelling, etc, would probably not enjoy pregnancy very much. However, I’ve had a few friends who had pretty easy pregnancies and barely had a complaint and would probably say they enjoyed it.

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1st pregnancy – So easy! NO morning sickness at all, still had pretty good energy levels. By the end I was a bit cranky (duh, I was huge and uncomfortable), and I did wear some compression socks for leg cramps but that was it. Semi-traumatic/complicated birth.


2nd pregnancy – awful morning sickness, totally exhausted (but I also had a 10 month old to look after, lol), super cranky/emotional/mean to poor Darling Husband, by the end I was a bit better but then the last month I had TERRIBLE insomnia, like I felt like I was going crazy because I could not sleep. Totally fine after giving birth though. Super easy birth and recovery!


So really yeah it seems pretty random/luck of the draw!

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Sugar bee
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I had 3 different itching issues (cholestasis, pregnancy hives and pupps…. I got the pupps post partum, just for a kick in the pants.)  I also had nvp the entire first and second trimesters, yet somehow managed to pack on 90 lbs (60 of which came off in the first 3 weeks … I made a ton of extra blood apparently.)  And I suffered from spd from early on until after delivery. 

I hated being pregnant. And yet…  here we are going for the 2nd.  I love being a mum and I can’t even put into words how I feel about my son. 

I sometimes wonder if I’m crazy. But I know I can make it through again. 

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Things I didn’t like:  Morning sickness and feeling so tired during the first trimester.  Not being able to sleep on my stomach any more.  Having to make so many doctor’s visits.

Things I did like:  The warm, cozy feeling of the baby growing inside, especially when I started to show and wear maternity clothes.  My skin was glowing, my hair was amazing and my nails were longer and stronger.  Decorating the nursery.  Baby showers.

My baby was born on his due date, which is fairly rare, so I was lucky.  His birth was textbook and I was lucky there as well.  He was healthy, which was the most important thing to me. 

Being pregnant isn’t always easy or fun.  Your body changes and it’s weird having an alien being growing inside without your control, even if you want it to be there (which I did).  Giving birth was one of the most meaningful and beautiful things I’ve ever done and was completely worth going through the rough parts.

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I’m 6 months in and definitely not loving it despite what I would call having a bit easier pregnancy.  No morning sickness and pretty good energy levels.  It’s just really hard being concious of ever little thing you put in or on your body.  The food restrictions, don’t use this soap or that fragrance.  I’ve also had the joy of being put on pelvic rest for 8 weeks which means no sex!  

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Busy bee
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I looooved being pregnant! It started with really sore boobs, then heartburn, bloathing and fatigue, but at this point I didn’t know I was pregnant. I found out at 8 weeks. I was nautious the whole day till like 6 months, had food aversions (chicken, beef and sweets) and a nasty taste in my mounth. I developed anemia and pelvic instability at 28 weeks got a ton of (extra stretch marks), but still I loved every little thing except the nausea and the bad taste in my mounth. It was such a beautiful experience to me and I enjoyed it to the max. I never got to the point when I felt I wanted it to be over already… I gave birth at 39 weeks in less than 4 hours total, with no epidural, no tearing or episiotomy. Sometimes I think your attitude about it helps alot.

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With baby #1: easy pregnancy. Had sciatica, but it was manageable. No sickness, average weight gain (39 pounds), no Braxton hicks at all, no insomnia. I wouldn’t say I loved being pregnant, but it wasn’t bad at all. 

Baby #2: had morning sickness almost 28 weeks. Constantly exhausted. Sciatica way early. Lots of uncomfortable Braxton Hicks. Just no fun. It’s also harder because we have a toddler that is very busy!! I’m also pregnant more in the summer and it’s been 100+ degrees daily since June. Food aversions are NO JOKE and makes it hard to find stuff to eat. 

Both very different pregnancies, and even though this baby (I’m currently with #2) is a lot harder to carry, we are still considering a third ha! 

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Busy bee

I’m currently 24 weeks along and it’s been pretty uneventful. I won’t say I love it, but so far I don’t hate it. It’s been a fairly enjoyable expereince. The bad side of it is that I’m on blood thinners so I have to give myself a shot everynight, so that’s not too fun. I have on and off again back pain, and sciatic nerve pain, and the heartburn isn’t fun.

But it’s nothing I can’t handle, and it’s all worth it. Being able to feel the baby has been really cool- a little surreal, but it makes it all worth it.

I’m sure as I get further along the aches and pains will get worse and I will be more miserable, then I may start to not enjoy it. I’m planning a c section, so hopefully the recovery won’t be too bad.

I think for some people it’s just a rough time- I can’t image having morning sickness the entire time, or having to deal with PUPPS or bed rest- so for some the road is definatley more difficult.

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I had a really easy pregnancy. No morning sickness, no heartburn, etc. I had some back pain and pressure that bothered me, but it came and went. My labor and delivery however was horrific and traumatic. 

I enjoyed the excitement of being pregnant- thinking of names, buying baby stuff, getting the nursery ready, having people ask me about my pregnancy, etc. It was the most exciting time of my life and I can’t wait to do it again 

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