(Closed) I wonder why some people love being pregnant and other hate it…

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Sugar bee
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I was thrilled to be pregnant, but for me it was incredibly uncomfortable and at times really unbearably painful. I had awful morning sickness (not HG, but throwing up daily) until 14 weeks with lots of food aversions and smell sensitivity, then around 20 weeks I started developing sciatica and back pain that eventually became so severe, I couldn’t walk three blocks without crying. I had crazy heartburn, insomnia, carpal tunnel – it just felt like I’d be in pain forever. 

But I loved having the bump, feeling my son wiggle around and getting the occasional seat on the subway. 

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Prettysmile40 :  Well, I enjoyed being pregnant, but I didn’t enjoy the crappy symptoms. I mean, who enjoys puking and all day nausea? And exhaustion? And back pain? And watching their ass get bigger? But I loved the magic and awe and sense of aniticpation that came with pregnancy- hearing the heartbeat for the first time (and all the times), seeing the baby sucking it’s thumb on the ultrasound, feeling kicks, deciding on a name, the incredible feelings and special moments my husband and I shared after our son’s birth, and so forth. But yes, it is a means to an end. It’s not about the pregnancy, it’s about the baby and becoming a parent and raising a child. 9 months can feel like forever but it’s just the blink of an eye in hindsight. Everyone’s experience is different and complex- you can love it but feel like crap the whole time or you can have an easy, symptom-free pregnancy and still not like being pregnant. Good luck to you!

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Honey bee

Some pregnancies are harder than others, but I also think a lot depends on how you feel about your body. I lost a lot of weight as a young adult and being pregnant and gaining so much really terrified me. I also had a hard time “sharing” my body and feeling like I had no control over it. I still loved feeling my little guy kick and was comfortable for the most part, so I feel like no matter what you’re going to have some positive things and some negative things about it. 

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Bumble bee


I’m in the first trimester of my first pregnancy and I love reading these responses.

On one hand, I’m so super excited (and so is Darling Husband, who says like 10x a day how excited he is). But I am overwhelmed by the constant feeling of sick some days (morning sickness is NOT named correctly lol) and lots of doctor appointments (speaking as someones who NEVER goes to the doctor unless absolutely necessary) and the double checking of what I can/cannot, should/should not be eating. I also feel like I shouldn’t complain at all because we’re so blessed to be having a child and I know there are so many couples out there that struggle with it. 

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Im 8 weeks & this morning I was really not loving it- mostly because I woke up with a horrific migraine (I get chronic migraines) & I can’t take my prescription for it so I have had to suffer all morning.. Its much better now but I can still feel it lingering.. That was horrible! I also hate that I can’t take my sleeping pills anymore, I also have chronic insomnia and I have spent MANY nights awake until 4 am until my alarm goes off at 6 am. 🙁 

But overall, through the nausea, constant tireness and the horrible anxiety, I am so so so blessed to be in this position and I wouldnt give it up for anything in the world! It really does depend on the person and the pregnancy.

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Helper bee
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I LOOOVED being pregnant 😀

To be fair I had hardly any morning sickness and I think that, for the ladies that really suffer with it for weeks/months, it has to be hard.

Besides that I think is about attitude. You’ll have a whole lot of uncomfortable/embarassing symptoms but you need to take it in your stride and do your best. Is better if you have the support of your family/friends/other half but also you need to be open with them (with at least one of them).

Btw, don’t even think about the weight gain! Eat well, exercise how you can, and you’ll be great! Just think: you’ll be PREGNANT, not FAT. The big belly feels hard, not lumpy soft.

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Busy bee
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I was very uncomfortable my entire pregnancy and had “all day sickness” until I hit 30ish weeks. I had migraines the entire pregnancy, and pelvic dysfunction beginning at 27 weeks which meant my only remedy, excercise, was very restricted from then on. Heartburn began about 30 weeks and it was so bad it’d keep me up all night, and let’s not forget to mention how gross and swollen and swampy my crotch was. Things like tiredness and food aversion wasn’t that bad, and actually I loved having my little guy all to myself safe and protected – I was in no hurry to get him out until I hit 39 weeks. When I hit 39 weeks 1 day I had a discussion with him that it was time and he was born the very next morning with no complications other than some serious PP complications on my part, hemoraging and a uterine infection that almost put me back in the hospital.

For the most part my pregnancy was not enjoyable, but like others for me it was a means to an end. It was hard on my physically which was a surprise to me because I’ve always been a fitness and health fanatic – but it did take its toll. I think it was my positive “attitude” that helped me to keep a sense of humor through it all. I’m still On the fence if I want to endure another pregnancy but I love my now 1.5 year old so much I just can’t see any way around not giving it at least one more round 🙂

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I didn’t “hate” being pregnant, but I absolutely didn’t enjoy it. I had a relatively easy pregnancy to boot. No morning sickness, at least, but I did have wicked heartburn.

I hurt, all the time. Going to bed was the worst as I was slammed with the Insomnia/Restless Leg Syndrome combo, so when I was tired, I couldn’t rest at all.

When she got bigger, her kicks hurt and she would kick my right hip and it was a searing pain. Sleeping at night would be uncomfortable with her kicks, bumps and hiccups.

I’m happy to (mostly) have my body back.

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Sugar bee
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Overall I love being pregnant because I find it amazing what my body is doing in creating a life, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be fun. It’s kind of like a hard job that has a wonderful reward at the end.

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Sugar bee

You couldn’t pay me a million damn dollars to do it again. Everything about it was gross.

Well, maybe for 5  million + I’d have another run.

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Sugar bee
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I imagine that people who enjoy being the center of attention love pregnancy.  As I want to be on the far outskirts of attention I did not dig it.

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Honey bee
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I am nine weeks pregnant and so far it has been rough. Growing up I always imagined pregnancy was this magical time in a womans life. I’d see countless blogs and vlogs of women who described it as just that. 

For me however, it’s been more ‘battle’ than ‘bliss’. I have ‘all day long’ morning sickness that is so strong it actually keeps me up at night. I was put on Diclectin, but even that only takes the edge off. I am constantly feeling tired and weak. Thank GOD I only work part time. If I’m not at work (suffering) I am in bed. Everytime I bend over I get dizzy. I can’t get through a shower without throwing up and feeling ‘wonky’ to the point where I have to lie down for at least 30 minutes afterwords. I am severely constipated. My doctor keeps assuring me I am fine, I just happen to be one of the ‘unlucky’ ones. I have been joking with my Darling Husband that I hope it’s twins so I dont have to go through this twice!

My Father-In-Law and I are close and he keeps telling me over and over again that the first pregnancy is always the worst. That’s how he says it was with my late Mother-In-Law at least. I can’t wait until March when I give birth! Forgive me for sounding dramatic, but to me I feel like this is war.

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Sugar bee
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I think whether someone loves or hates being pregnant has to do with the symptoms one has or doesn’t have. One of my coworkers had virtually no symptoms, just a little morning sickness during the first trimester (with no vomiting, just felt a little nauseated and low appetite) and frequent trips to the bathroom during the third trimester. She worked right up until she went into labor and only took 6 weeks of FMLA before returning to work looking like she had never even been pregnant. I still kind of hate her, haha. 

Me? I was projectile vomiting everywhere until Week 24, getting sick due to a weakened immune system every three weeks, weekly migraines, tendinitis, swollen hands and feet, round ligament and leg cramps, itchy belly and breasts, spider veins in my legs, back and foot aches, shortness of breath, weird food cravings and aversions, heartburn, sleep disturbances, being bladder kicked and kidney punched every night… it just feels like a miserable slog towards meeting my lovely baby. I’m 33 weeks and am trying so hard to stay healthy and be patient. 

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Bumble bee
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I’m not enjoying it. I had to tell my boss at 4w b/c the nausea was debilitating. I couldn’t eat or work. It went on all day and all night. It lasted till I was 13w. Then the headaches, sciatica, and round ligament pain. Those symptoms have lasted a while (I’m 20w). 

I am not a fan of hte weight gain. Mostly b/c I haven’t been able to do anything about it. I can’t exercise – I try walking and what not. I also have trouble sleeping at night and getting comfortable. People have remarked how small I am, but at night I feel like I’ve gained a million pounds – everything hurts.

We are contemplating one and done.

I have enjoyed purchasing things, our gender reveal, and all of those things. It is a means to an end, but it’s not something I’m ready to rush out and do again anytime soon. I’m afraid for the 3rd trimester …  

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