(Closed) I wonder why some people love being pregnant and other hate it…

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kaitlynaubrey01 :  I am sorry you are feeling the insomnia and anxiety…that is not fun. I can relate as I have had the same for years. I have taken ambien for years to sleep, and I talked to both gp and fertility specialist, and both said that ambien is ok to continue taking in pregnancy. It used to be category B (safe) and only got changed to category C after extended release version came out (I always took regular). They both said numerous studies did not show any teratogenic (meaning birth defects) effects, and only concern is slightly lower than control groups birth weight (but not by much) and to stop taking it 2-3 weeks before delivery. I also did TONS of reserch myself into studies on ambien and did not find anything alarming. Maybe talk to your dr about it.

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Well….I had a large baby, my ribs kept popping out of place…I had kidney stones….and I had bleeding on and off which sent me to the hospital every so often. Definitely not as enjoyable as I thought it would be! Which all ended in a c section which was no picnic either!


ETA: I should say that I still loved being able to be pregnant. It took a long time for us to get there and I never forgot that. And now we are trying for #2. It’s all worth it to me 🙂

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solnishko1186 :  thanks for the tip! I go in for my first appointment tomorrow and I will ask about that 🙂 

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Simply because everyone has very different experiences. My pregnancy has been fairly easy so far but, I’m sure if I was having lots of problems, I wouldn’t enjoy it that much.

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I had HG, I began throwing up all day every day from 3-4 weeks until 35 weeks and I had my son at 37 weeks so I didn’t have much relief. You literally feel like you are dying because without treatment you can die from HG. I didn’t enjoy any part of my pregnancy. Those little flutters and movement? Caused me to throw up even more, it got so bad that I was throwing up blood because I shredded my throat. My stomach didn’t grow much either because I was severely under weight. 

Along with all those vomit issues you get depression as well. I had such bad depression and broke down crying several times, if you don’t have the right support you can feel very alone with this disease. Not to mention all the comments people give you at your lowest moments. 

I wish I could say there was some good moments but there weren’t for me. I had a terrible birth as well and didn’t bond with my son until almost a year postpartum. My son is my world and I wish I could have another but without the proper care I don’t see it happening.

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HG is Hyperemesis Gravidarum.

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 I did not enjoy being pregnant very much. I didn’t necessarily have morning sickness, but food aversions. The entire first trimester all I could stand to eat was plain white rice or macaroni and cheese.  Since I was slightly overweight prior to getting pregnant, I had to really do my due diligence in eating the right things so as not to gain too much weight. When I would get cravings for junk, I would eat something that was healthy in the place of it.  For example, I wanted donuts every day. And at one point I was eating them. I finally started making smoothies in the morning’s with Greek yogurt and lots of fruits and some vegetables and was able to kick my cravings.  I would still have one here and there but it never became an issue because I focused on eating the right foods. I also made sure to have a lot of the lean meats, like grilled chicken or turkey burgers. I would eat a salad  every day either for lunch or dinner. At the end of my pregnancy I actually started losing weight. My doctor was not concerned, because my baby was a healthy weight and was still growing. I ended up only gaining  16 pounds. I had a healthy baby boy who weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. so I am a perfect example that you do not need to worry about gaining too much weight. You can watch your weight and eat the right things.  Support your baby, and afterwords you’ll lose all of your  baby weight very quickly.  My son is now eight weeks old, and I weigh less than what  I did before I was pregnant. I believe this is due to my healthy eating, drinking nothing but water, and of course breast-feeding. it’s OK to hate being pregnant if it happens to you, it’s all worth it in the end when you get that cute little bundle of joy!

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jetsetbee :  Your attitude probably needed improvement.  I can’t say that I can feel much for you as you are too defensive.

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Prettysmile40 :  i am lucky. 35 weeks pregnant and no morning sickness. I just felt like i was getting fat and hungry lol. I do have a hard time sleeping but nothing crazy. Im tired a lot but that makes sense. I dont know that i wiuld say i love it. Maybe a differebt story when she comes out. I havent been able to nest and i think that would help me love it a bit more. It is special to feel your baby inside of you but also strange lol. Im pretty lucky that pregnacy aggrees with me

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I’m 22 weeks and so far the only things that are really bothering me are the difficulty sleeping and getting used to the lack of control over my own body (which is a pretty big one, actually!)  I’m going to go out on a limb here, too, and say that certain challenges are heightened/exxagerated with age.  I just turned 38 and this is my first pregnancy, so in addition to being a little freaked out about going through everything for the first time, I also have all the added fears of extra age and just knowing that metabolism, etc. might make it even more difficult to get my body back in shape.  It’s a magical experience that I’m very grateful to have; there’s just also a lot of fear and adjustment that go with the territory.

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Love my children. HATE pregnancy. First time around had really bad morning sickness to the point where I had to quit my job (pretty sure it was HG, but never diagnosed), also had cholestasis and pre-eclampsia. Feeling sick, not able to eat and having insomnia were not fun. I planned and all natural water birth that I didn’t get and had to have an emergency c-section after 4 days of induced labor. All in all first time around sucked, but it was totally worth it in the end.

I’m now pregnant again and have an over 70% chance of both complications coming back. I’ve already been to the ER twice for issues and have been diagnosed with HG. I spent 3 weeks is bed because of how ill I was. I have very bad insomnia (recently went 4 days with like 3 hrs of sleep) and I’m having a ton of pain in my low back and pelvis and the doctors said there’s really nothing that can be done and expect it to get worse (awesome!) I feel practically disabled which is ridiculous because I’m only on my late 20s and I have a toddler to take care of too. 

I have anywhere from 12 – 16 weeks left depending on whether or not I need to be induced, counting down the minutes lol.

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