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Helper bee
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I have the same issue but I have learned to snack all day….. I eat alot of fruit, veggies, nuts (unsalted mixed with lightly salted), and garnola, You would be surprised how full you get eating fruits and veggies.

Good Luck

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Bee Keeper
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I eat a lot of protein and that helps me feel full longer.  It doesn’t always have to be meat like chicken.  I also eat peanut butter, Slim Fast protein shakes, and Special K protein bars.

I also do better if I eat several smaller meals throughout the day, so it cuts down on snacking.

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Buzzing bee
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Load up on protein! It’s impossible to feel hungry when you’re full of eggs, yogurt, or cottage cheese!

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Sugar Beekeeper

When I started down my path to a healthier me I was miserable for about three months. I was craving all those naughty things I knew I shouldn’t be eating and I felt really guilty about it. The solution, give yourself one day (mine was Saturday) where you could eat anything you wanted without feeling bad. All the other days stick to your healthier options and save the splurging until Saturday.

What I found was that after about three months my body craved those fatty/oily foods less and less. I was replacing my cravings with healthier options and fruit with some whip cream or yogurt became my sinful splurge over a massive cookie or bowl of ice cream with toppings.

Also, as the previous bees suggested you need to eat foods that are filled with protein AND fiber. Foods lacking these important nutrients will leave you feeling unsatisifed and you will eat more. If you want something with chocolate eat a Fiber One bar with chocolate etc. If you are going to invest your calories might as well do it wisely and leave yourself feeling full.

Best of luck to you!

EDIT: Oh and embrace oatmeal….it is your weight loss friend!!!

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Honey bee
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Lots of protein, that helps me a lot.

@Treejewel19:  agreed, after a while you crave less and less of the ‘naughty’ food.

Make sure you are eating enough. I know so many people that when they lose weight, they totally cut out too many calories….and are hungry all day…so then they splurge. You still need a decent amount of calories, the trick is replacing the calories wasted on foods that are not as good for you with ones that are. Make sure you actually get enough to eat!

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Bumble bee
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Read the book Intuitive Eating.

Changes your life.

Diets don’t work, they make you crave more crap and binge!

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Busy Beekeeper

I get like that too from time to time.  It’s a vicious cycle because I think sugar is so addicitive and the more you eat, the more you want.

The only thing that helps me is to focus on my goals and ask myself:  if I eat that, will it help me reach my goals.  

Obviously, it takes a little bit of time.  Do whatever trick you need to.  Maybe count to 10 before putting the food in your hand.  Then ask yourself the question.  (Hey, I just made that up and will start doing it myself!)

Then, remind yourself of your goal.  

I also had a rule that I must guzzle 16oz of water when I craved something (although, I never really do this anymore) – but, I think it’s a good rule!

I also don’t bring it in the house – that seriously helps!  If it’s there, I will eat it! ALL!

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Sugar Beekeeper

@soyjoy222:  Agreed. I eat ALL day long.

I have small snacks and meals all day to keep my metabolism going. I am never hungry and always satisfied while maintaining my calorie goal. It is so nice to never have to stop eating as long as you are eating the right things. 😉

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Buzzing bee
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Look up power foods from weight watchers and try to eat as much off of that list as possible. Those foods are meant to fill you up faster. And I agree with PP to eat all day long. I’m sitting here with a bag of grapes right now. HA!

Another thing is that you have to clear our environment from temptations. Buying doughnuts will not stop you from eating or craving those doughnuts. Shop only for healthy food that you can eat. Meal plan in advance. Be minimal and creative.

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Helper bee
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I echo the eat-more-protein sentiment. Protein keeps you full longer. 

You’re craving those foods because it takes some time to ween off them. It’s also likely you’re missing some nutrients that prevent cravings. This chart outlines some better options for when you’re craving sweets or other bad foods. 


My best advice is to cut out your trigger foods cold turkey. It will suck, but you will stop craving those foods. Those “healthier” diet sweets just keep feeding the craving and have a lot of bad ingredients. 

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Buzzing bee
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I once read that it takes three weeks to break an addiction. I can’t comment on cigarettes or drugs, but as a constant yoyo dieter, I think it does apply to food.

Protein is your friend. I’m a veggie, but lean, low fat meat, cottage cheese, spinach, mushrooms, fat free yoghurt etc are all great tools for keeping you full. The first three weeks are hard, but after that much easier.

Also, the more exercise you do, the less likely it is you’ll relapse; you won’t want to undo your hard work!

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Bumble Beekeeper

“You can’t eat it if you don’t have it.”

So a) don’t keep junk food in your house because you WILL eat it!

and b) Make sure you have healthy stuff on hand so that when you’re feeling snacky you CAN eat it.

I can’t tell you how much planning ahead helps!

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