(Closed) Icebreaker: Who are you….REALLY?

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sankwa :  I am Trinidadian and LOVEEEEEEEEEEE roti and Callalloo. I could eat this.every.single.day. I love my roti with curry chicken and peas but it has to be super spicy!

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1. I always have a smile and kind word when I meet strangers – cashiers, someone walking by, etc. – and do great with small talk. When it comes to talking about myself to friends, I clam up.

2. I had an abusive childhood (dad was an alcoholic) but feel like the motivation to prove him wrong made me the successful person I am today.

3. I do not have much sympathy for people. I will always choose an animal first because they have never let me down. However, I am a bleeding heart for old people alone in restaurants.

4. I am the first person in my or my Dh’s family to be earning a Master’s degree.

5. I am prideful. I do not like to show anyone weakness of any kind.

6. I was diagnosed with epilepsy and the thought of people pitying me has made me an emotional mess. The only people who know are the absolute needs.

7. I judge people based on how they treat animals. I will also openly defend animals to the point people think I’m a bitch.

8. I love Christmas time as an adult. My Darling Husband allows me to give all my heart desires and to decorate until the house looks like Santa threw up.

9. I get very attached to things and do not do well with change.

10. My work nickname is the cartoon Badger because I have a squeky voice

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broccoli2309 :  It’s too late for me to think of ten things that wouldn’t bore the snot out of you, but when I read your point about your music tastes, I thought “We’d get along if she likes anything like A Perfect Circle.” 

Not to be sycophantic but your list reads as though i wrote it. Except the butt-birth. I even had my heart purposely stopped to fix a valve when I was younger (preemie baby with lots of complications down the line)

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I feel very uninteresting comparatively, but here goes:

1. I talk a lot and WAY too fast, so people have trouble understanding me. My friends joke about interpreting “LadyBear”  if they haven’t seen me in a while.

2. I come off as very confident and outgoing (most people would label me as an extrovert), but most of my confidence comes from pretending to be confident for so long that it became real. I’m still pretty insecure and afraid people won’t like me.

3. I write with my left hand and shoot pool left-handed, but I’m right-side dominant and do everything else right-handed. (I’m almost ambidextruous in that I CAN do most things with either hand, but right usually feels more natural.)

4. I’m very decisive, so once I make a decision, that’s it. For example, I decided I wanted to repaint our family room/game room and picked the colors in a span of about 30 minutes and within a week, it was painted.

5. I’m very bad at being wrong… but I’m working on it.

6. I LOVE spicy (hot) food. I think I’m just not sensitive to it, though, because what tastes painfully hot to many people is my happy level of spiciness. I also add hot sauce to almost everything. 



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broccoli2309 :  I paid three times the original ticket price to go to Soundwave (music fest in Aus) just to see Maynard perform with A Perfect Circle. It was perhaps the best performance I have ever witnessed. Everyone else was at Cyprus Hill. Cannot understand those folk. 

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Butterfly6 :  Oh I know allyuh like the pepper but I can only handle a little lol. I need to learn how to make Roti because life is so empty without it. 

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1) I love bluegrass!

2) I will almost always choose the back roads over highways.

3) My high school mascot was the unicorns.

4) I am a highly sensitive person.

5) I am a huge church geek, so much so that I did my undergrad in theology. My husband and I both grew up as Lutherans but now we are UCC members.

6) I can sneeze with my eyes open. I can’t do it on cue, and I haven’t done it on a few years though.

7) I am an INFP and my enneagram is a combination of the individualist and the peacemaker.

8) I am working on my 5th run through LOST and have also watched most of the episodes out of order a few times.

9) I’m really not into girly stuff but am really really not into guy stuff either.

10) I live a few feet away from the eastern edge of the Rocky Mountains.

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1. I used to ne tri lingual, but I wanted to fit in when I was younger and purposely lost the languages. I hated being centered out in French for being fluent and I even changed my very exotic name to something basic so people wouldn’t ask if I spoke the language my name was attached to. In hindsight, I regret the desire to want to fit in so much, but I was just a kid. I can still read them, I just can’t put sentences together well.

2. I’m a lucid dreamer. I have minor control over my dreams and it’s fantastic. I can literally get lost in a fantasy world. I kind of what to be apart of a sleep study, lol.

3. I have somewhat of a photographic memory. It made school a breeze because even if I didn’t understand a concept I could easily regurgitate it.

4. I could eat chips every day. They are my favourite thing to eat and I can’t figure otu what. I’ll pass up a teak dinner for chips and will cut what I eat in half for the day if I know I’m going to have a Netflix fest and engorge in chips.

5. I have a dark past.

6. I’m really good at predicting social behaviour to the point I borderline on judgmental, but I’m rarely wrong in my observations/judgments and it’s made relationships either really easy because we mesh or really difficult because I have a hard time staying close with someone when I know the way something is going to turn out, whether it be between us, their personal life, etc.

7. I’m a terrible singer. My dog will howl if I try to belt out a tune and Darling Husband has politely asked me not to sing in the shower if he’s home.

8. I’m an extremophile. Nothing I do is half assed. I can be VERRRRRY intense. I say things like they are. TRULY how they are. Think Cordelia Chase from Buffy. I’m not always likable, lol.

9. I hate stupid humor. Like slapstick. I feel myself losing brain cells and get no enjoyment out of that type of funny. 

10. I honestly believe I was born in the wrong time frame. I don’t belong here, lol.

Cute thread!

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This is the coolest thread, love learning more about the bees…

1. I seem outgoing but I am inwardly shy. Being around huge crowds or at parties makes me uncomfortable so I overcompensate and talk more than I should.

2. I am so fickle, I constantly change my mind or ruminate over a decision for far too long.

3. I used to be late everywhere I went and it would annoy people. Now I am always ridiculously punctual.

4. I’ve become very emotional the older I get, I can pretty much cry at the drop of a dime now and I never used to be like that!

5. I am tough as shit and I know the perfect way to insult you with my words where it will cut very deep, this is usually where I end up feeling regretful after I do it.

6. Despite the above, I hate a bully and I will defend someone, even a stranger being picked on, to the death.

7. I became a teacher because I had the worst teachers growing up who used to assume I was dumb and never gave me a chance.

8. I love the Dallas Cowboys and I got to see them play for the first time in Texas when I turned 30.

9. I hate the state that I live in and I want to move so badly.

10. I am going to be a godmother soon (my best friend from college is giving birth to a baby girl in January and already asked me) and while I am on the fence with having a child, being a godparent is warming my heart…


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misskate18 :  Hell yes, I’m a rabid Rammstein fan! I saw them twice this past summer, once in Germany.

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Interesting thread. 

1. I’m one of five kids. From first to last, 6.5 years. My poor Mom’s clown car vagina. surprised

2. I’m also a twin, I’m older by 10 minutes and we are very, very fraternal. Not even the same blood type or eye color. 

3. I moved my senior year of HS to the Pacific Northwest. I also was a radio dj… hence me being a super music snob. 

4. Been dealing with metastatic thyroid and neck cancer for the past 14 months. Yesterday I got my first ever negative biopsy. Oh yeah, fuck you cancer! 

5. I swear a lot. 

6. I have a son who’s a Freshman in High School. I had him in my early 20’s. I never married his father, which I’m very thankful of. 

7. I’m dealing with some anxiety/depression issues finally. After the clusterfuck of health issues this past year I’m overdue to deal with this shit. 

8. I’m heavily into genealogy and family history. All my siblings look more like my Dad’s Spanish/French side. I’m pale as milk and very Irish looking. 

9. I was/is a Snoopy fan. As a kid I found out that Charles Schulz was sick, so I wrote him a letter. He wrote me back. I cried and visited his study the day after he passed away. 

10. My husband and I want to build a home someday. I like people, but I crave silence and nature. 

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Ok lemme try!

1. I am from the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago to be specific and I love love love my little island. I have traveled quite a bit and always love to be back home.

2. I still don’t know what’s my life’s purpose. I’ve been involved in many things but none has hit the spot for total happiness and contentment.

3. I don’t believe that anyone is completely happy. Which hinders my outlook on life.

4. I think about the negative before the positive in every situation.

5. The love I have for my Fiance is very frightening. I am Buddhist and in Buddhism, attachment is a very dangerous thing, which is usually the cause of our unhappiness.

6. Many assume I have a life to envy because I always seem to be having fun, doing things, holding down a job, having a man and a supportive family, traveling etc.  But as we all know, you just can’t be happy and grateful for what you have. I keep Reminding myself to be grateful.

7. I had no fear for death. However after meeting my Fiance, all I want is alot of time. Now every little pain or discomfort I go running to the dr.

8. Doing new things, being in one with nature truly makes me happy. 

9. I live for culture and history.

10. I’m a mix of Trinidadian, Tanzanian, Dominican, Barbadian, Amerindian and Scottish. And now my kids with have some Jamaican blood in them too. I love my bloodline and my heritage. It makes my family ever so interesting. 



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