(Closed) Icebreaker: Who are you….REALLY?

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Helper bee
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1. I am really very clever with a high IQ but I always worry that I come across stupid after a science teacher once told me that I was ‘as thick as two short planks’.

2. I love my husband, kids and my life.

3. Sometimes I worry that I am not fulfilling my potential but then I look around and remind myself that I love my life. 

4.I am sensitive and prone to anxiety. It runs in the family.

5. I am a girls girl. I have always been part of a close group of girl friends. I enjoy female company and I have never had a real male friend.

6. I love dying my hair blonde and my favourite colour is pink.

7. I am a painter and a creative writer.

8. I love horses. I have been around them all my life. Spending time with my horse each day soothes my soul, eases anxiety and brings me perspective.

9. I am a magpie, all that glitters catches me eye.

10. I am very comfortable with myself, I am honest and sincere. I am happy to be me. I don’t have to hide behind make up or a false persona. I don’t ever pretend to be anything other than what I am.

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Blushing bee
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This was really hard!

1. I’m a medical nightmare. I’ve had RSD/CRPS since I was 15. I’ve also got POTS/Ventricular Tachycardia, CFS/ME, Osteoporosis, Hypotension, Hypoglycaemia and a few other things 😉

2. I love coffee, but not when I make it at home. It’s so weird but I HAVE to get it from Tim Hortons or Starbucks otherwise I won’t drink it. It just doesn’t taste the same.

3. I don’t understand people who don’t order dessert after a meal. It’s dessert! How can you not want dessert!

4. I hate talking on the phone. My last 3 jobs consisted of a lot of phone time, and I despised it. Email all the way! A good majority of the time I’d let my work phone go to voicemail… I know, I’m horrible. If I have to make a phone call, I write out a script for a good hour beforehand- even if it’s just placing a takeout order.

5. I am all about that hockey life. You know that match.com commercial where the guy is ignoring his date and watching the game behind her then cheers loudly in the middle of the restaurant? Yeah, I’m that guy. I don’t mess around with sports!

6. I’m a natural redhead. Ginge for life!

7. Because of my neurological diseases, I have hypersensitive hearing and sense of smell. It’s both a blessing and a curse.

8. I crave the weirdest foods all the time. Peanut butter and dill pickles on a hot dog is one of the best creations in the world!

9. I refuse to use a pen if the ink isn’t black. My writing just looks so sloppy in any other colour!


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Bumble bee
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SmartCookie1 :  I would challenge you to that red thing, there’s a running joke in our house “does it pass the whoswho “does it come in red” test

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Bumble bee

whoswho :  A fellow red lover! How awesome! I mean, I know things are made in other colors, but really….. why? 🙂

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Busy bee
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1. I get along better with guys than girls. I have zero tolerance for cattiness or drama.

2. I’m left handed so I wear my engagement ring on my right hand. 

3. When I was younger my life plan was to go to San Diego State, be a collegiate cheerleader, work at Hooters while in school, graduate at 22 and get married at 24. I have no idea who that person was ha ha.

4. I am very outdoorsy and love hiking, backpacking and mountain climbing.

5. I have 2 dogs, 2 cats and 6 chickens.

6. My work life is my alter ego. I travel frequently, only fly on a private jet, stay at 5 star hotels and regularly drink $100+ glasses of wine. I am on a first name basis with many high level executives, Board members and insanely successful people. The complete opposite of my personal life. 

7. I didn’t graduate with a bachelors degree until I was 29. My degree is in Government with a concentration in International Relations. I wanted to be a Federal agent.

8. I was raised by a single father because my mother was too selfish to raise 4 kids. I am thankful to have one amazing father rather than 2 good parents. 

9. I am very independent due to #8. My father raised me to never be dependent on a man and again, very thankful! When my Fiance asked my dad for his blessing to marry me, he of course said yes but warned him that I need to be with a strong and independent man ha ha.

10. The worst day of my life was when my younger brother was paralyzed at the age of 17. I was there when it happened and would give anything for him to walk again. 


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Helper bee
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Beegritte :  Thank you. I still have to get checked every 2-3 months, but looking forward not not dealing with some of this shit for a few months is awesome. 

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Helper bee
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1. I’m ambidextrous 

2. I’m a closet dog-hater and it really irks me to have to pretend to like the pooches of friends and family while they’re sniffing, drooling, and licking all over me…UGH! 

3. Even though I’ve been a devout Christian all my life I curse like a sailor and oftentimes worry that it ruins my witness to those around me. 

4. As an adult I was diagnosed with Aspergers but have never told anyone else. Even my Darling Husband doesn’t know, and 99.9% of the time I can pull off being a completely “normal” person when I’m around others. I think Darling Husband has Aspie tendencies as well, which is probably why he never notices anything odd about me on my “off” days.  

5. I love a good conspiracy theory, and regularly watch conspiracy theory and alternative news videos on YouTube. 

6. I HATE to travel and will avoid it at all costs. 

7. I’m a die-hard caffeine addict.

8. I have a dirty mind and the sense of humor of a 20 year-old frat boy even though I’m a woman in my 40s. I sometimes catch myself pulling a Quagmire and saying “giggity, giggity, giggity” to my Darling Husband or my BFF. So sad, lol. 

9. I’m from the south but hate almost everything that is associated with southern culture…except sweet tea, I LOVE me some sweet tea and can drink it by the gallon. 

10. I’m a huge trivia nerd. 

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