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@peachacid:  nope, but not because I couldn’t have. I chose a career in motor insurance and data admin,  so a degree was never needed to get the job I wanted. I’m 20 atm, but it’s my birthday next month so pretty much 21. I’ll be 21 when I get married to a 25 year old who does have a three year university degree in forensic science.  He agrees with me on my views.

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I think that seem a little young. To me mid to late 20’s (like 26-29) seems like an ideal time to start. That way I would have time to have 2-4 kids before being well into my 30s. Part of me recognizes the appeal is starting young though. It would also be nice to be in my mid-late 40s and be empty nesters. 

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Seems sinilar to what my SO and I are thinking. We would ideally like to start TTC by 25-26. Depending on where were at financially and in our careers by then, of course. 

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@peachacid:  but if youre checking to see how educated people are, maybe widen your search beyond just college degrees? In the UK there are many other qualifications you can get. I actually have 14 GCSES, 3 A-Levels and an NVQ in business admin. Though I don’t have a degree I do consider myself to be well educated for my age. And while I’m not rich, the job I’ve got is a very good one considering I’m two years out of school and this is only my second job. Maybe take it into consideration? 


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When people say “ideal age” many are probably thinking what their own ideal age would be, I don’t imagine they are out there judging people for having kids at a different age.

  • Middle-aged show highest preference for women’s delaying parenting. The view that women should start having children before age 25 is not highly correlated with age. While adults 65 and older are the most likely to say women should start having children before they are 25 (72%), solid majorities of adults aged 18 to 29 (60%) and 50 to 64 (59%) also say this. Those least likely to believe women should start that young are those aged 30 to 49, at 49%.

    I am thinking that the older generations (adults 65 and older) did have kids much younger than today so they feel this is the ideal age. Meanwhile I just imagine that the middleaged group who was least likely to say it was ideal to have kids early may have daughters in the “under 25” range and don’t feel they should have kids until completing their education? Just a guess.
    I also feel like this:

    • Preference for delayed parenthood increases sharply with education. Some of the sharpest differences in views toward women’s ideal age for becoming a mother are by education level. Americans with higher levels of education are more likely than those with little or no college to believe women should wait until age 26 or older to have children.

      Is most likely not because you know people without degrees are dumb and don’t know when to have kids or anything. I think it’s just because degrees take a lot of time and most people who have them think “well, if I had a kid before 25 it would have been hard to finish that degree” I know if I had a kid when I was 20 I probably would have struggled to go on with my education and I may not be in the position I’m in now. However, a twenty year old who is already financially stable for whatever reason may not see the need to wait.

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“Ideal” is a unique word.

It can mean a lot of things in my mind.

Personally, I had my first child around that timeframe (under 25) and I can therefore see WHY this might be perceived to be ideal

1- The younger you are the more fertile you are (generally speaking)

2- The younger you are the more healthy / fit you are (generally speaking)

Kids take a TON of energy… and money

When I had my BA and got married not long after I was considered fairly well educated, and had a decent job.

My kids grew, my career did too.

I had more disposible income (well we both did) by the time the kids needed more things in life / were more expensive … their teens our late 30s

And by the time that College / Uni called for them we were are the peak of our careers (40s & 50s)

So all that makes sense

Then they were out of the house and My Ex and I would have been mid to late 40s

So we could enjoy… Good Health – Good Jobs – Good Income – Low to No Debt

Means that we could have enjoyed our lives for the next many years leading up to Retirement (45 to 65)… Investing for Retirement – Nice Trips / Vacations etc

All of these things make having kids in your 20s ideal indeed

Now wether all goes to plan… well that is a shot in the dark eh

Be it completing an education – finding a right mate – getting a good job – getting pregnant when you wan to – the economy etc

Lots of things can skew the mix

But still I do see where the idea that this might be “ideal” comes from

Even now, altho I do get that women are waiting longer (good thing in that they know themselves better)…

I still believe that the “ideal” time is in one’s 20s vs 30s…

I read the WBee Boards and see all the various issues that women face now, and I honestly some days shake my head.  The world has changed drastically in the last 30 years.

Back in the 1980s when we were having kids, we just “got” pregnant… it wasn’t a huge planned thing.  We were young we were fertile.  Not so much now that more and more women are in their 30s.  Truth is fertility is a something that slips away over time… no where is this more evident to me than right here on WBee when I read all the posts by women trying to conceive…

Older more knowledgeable, educated, mature.. etc these are good things.  But the trade off in regards to having problems having kids (or worse yet going without) breaks my heart.


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@This Time Round:  +10, this is my reasoning,  only typed far more eloquently than I could have done it. 

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23 and higher, I would say.

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I think the results are all over the place with that one and seem a bit flawed. Let’s look at American culture in 2013. More than ever, women are being encouraged to go to college. Consider a 4 year degree has you finished at age 22. So the ideal time to have children would be during (?) or within 3 years after school? Where does pursuing a career and enjoying yourself as a young adult fit in there? I’m not saying it sucks or is stupid to be a young mother but it surprises me how many people on this poll would go so far as to say it’s ideal.

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I was surprised by this survey, but I’m going to throw this out there…

Biologically, I think women are best suited to have kids under 25. Possibly even younger. I don’t think anyone ould argue that.

Socially, economically, educationally, even politically, I personally think it’s best to wait until you are fulfilled in all of those dimensions which would probably be around age 29/30, or even later (for me, it’ll hopefully be 31!)!

Just my belief!


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I had my son at 22, and my husband was 26 (we werent married at the time). 

Im so happy we had him when we did. I don’t have a degre so I didn’t need to wait until school was over before having children. I was already getting established in my career and I already had a home and was fairly comfortable financially. 

It also happened to work out because all of my cousins and younger relatives were having babies around the same time, so now my son has lots and lots of cousins his age, which he loves since he’s an only child at the moment. 

I really think it just depends on the couple, there’s no magic age. 

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I don’t think anyone should be having kids just because it’s ‘biologically suitable’ if they’re not with a person they see themselves being with long-term. 


If you’re in your early 20s and with a guy you want to commit to (and vice versa) then more power to you. If, however, you’re in your 20s and you haven’t yet found the right guy – well you can’t really help that and you might *shock, horror* have a child in your late 20s or early to mid 30s. 


You can’t really help some circumstances. 

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