Ideal Shake/Other Shake Success Stories?

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I’m no expert on fitness, but I do know that the latest crazes in shakes never work long term.  I have two friends who are ALWAYS on the latest shake craze and they yo yo back and forth with their weight.  They might lose a few pounds right away but if they get off the shakes for whatever reason the weight comes right back.

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missimagination :  I’ve had great luck with IdealShape shakes & bars.  By (mostly,haha) following the IdealPlan (shake for breakfast, carrots/string cheese for morning snack, shake for lunch, bar for snack, normal dinner w/ reasonable portion size) & exercising for about 30-45 min 3-5 times/week, I’ve lost 20+ lbs and have kept it off for about 10 months.  

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My friends have had success losing weight in the short term doing Isagenix, HOWEVER, they have all gained back the weight they lost (and then some).

20 lbs in a year is easy to do, but I wouldn’t rely on shakes to get you there, especially over such a long time frame. I would invest my money in talking to a nutritionist/dietician who can offer you a meal plan suited to your goals and body type. Personal trainer is also a good investment to keep you motivated. My Fiance is a PT and I swear I would be 100 pounds heavier if I didn’t have him there to motivate me to workout and eat healthy.

I get sugar and salt cravings too and have found healthy alternatives to settle those cravings (chia seed chocolate pudding, greek yogurt with strawberries and dark chocolate chips, cottage cheese pancakes, etc.). 

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(Disclaimer – I promise i’m not trying to sell you anything – this is my personal experience and decision, so I thought I would share since I tried a few shakes). 

I am kind of in the same boat as you are… I’ve lost about 20 pounds in the past nine months, but definitely have about 30 more to go. That being said, I’ve tried a few different shakes – this was my experience:

My boss got me a bag of chocolate shakeology, and I was super skeptical. My dad is a protein shake FIEND, and was excited for me to try it. I had been doing a buzzfeed 4 week running challenge, so he thought this might help me boost my weight loss since I was trying to do the exercise part, too. 

I tried my dad’s shakes, and they were all whey protein, and made me feel bloated and were not good to my stomach. When I tried the shakeology, I noticed several things: 

  • more energy
  • more regular bowel movements
  • clear headedness/alertness (this was my favorite – I actually noticed a difference in the way I acted and felt, and especially how much more productive I was at work)

I’d like to think that this helped me get into a weight loss swing, and I kept drinking Shakeology for that month and finished my running challenge. The thing is, I could NOT JUSTIFY the price. 

So, I looked for alternatives, and found Orgain on Amazon. I bought the 2 pound jar and tried that for a month. I still felt good and kept exercising, and kept losing weight. However, I noticed a few things:

  • the brain fog/fatigue returned
  • energy fell
  • weight loss continued
  • I still felt good with my stomach/digestive stuff

I attributed the stomach issues I had with my dad’s protein shakes to them being made from whey protein, which is animal based protein. Shakeology AND Orgain are natural, plant-based proteins, so I learned that about my body, which was cool. 

The thing about the orgain, though, was that I didn’t like the taste as much. 

As a reward for losing those 20 pounds, my boss (we are very close, and she is an avid Shakeo user) gave me ANOTHER bag of chocolate shakeology. I have tried the vanilla and strawberry, and absolutely hated the taste of both. I will stick to chocolate. 

Since I went back on Shakeology, my energy went back up, and my head is clear and I feel alert and just better overall. So, this gave me my justification for spending that money on this shake.

I signed up as a coach just for the discounts. My friend is also a coach, and is one of those in-your-face kind of shakeology coaches, so she also kind of persuaded me to do it because I paid $160 initially, to include a  bunch of “start your business” crap and those portion control cups (I already have those anyway)… but I did get a year access to their videos on demand, which is what I really wanted to do. And, I get to have a bag of shakeology delivered every month for about $100, which is way less than what just ordering a bag would be if I weren’t a “coach”. 

I’m going to now try to use their workouts since I have access to them, and see if the shakes really do help combined with those workouts. Since i’ve been using shakes (not just shakeology- this includes the Orgain), I have not put the weight back on, and just generally feel better. I also cut  alot of gluten/bad carbs out of my diet, and a lot less Diet coke (my weakness). 

I found that I really don’t crave sugar anymore, but sometimes I do like salt, so i’ll have some lightly salted peanuts as a snack.


Good luck, bee! Let me know how you do with the Ideal shakes, please! 

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missimagination :  I really like the Herbalife shakes. They aren’t nearly as expensive as Shakeology (which Shakeo is great, but I just can’t justify the price) or some of the other newer brands. A 30 day supply (1 shake per day) is around $20-25 – you can buy it from a distributor, their website, or eBay (the cheapest if you don’t know a distributor that will give you a good cost). My Father-In-Law is a distributor so I order from him. The chocolate is really good, but the banana caramel is my favorite!

The biggest difference I notice when I’m consistently taking the shakes is that my sweet tooth is much more under control. I have a major problem with sweets, and the sweetness in the shakes is enough for me.  

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I started on Isagenix in April, so far I’ve lost nearly 50″ and 20lbs (seems like such an imbalance to me). Yesterday I wore a pair of pants I haven’t been able to fit into since 2014. My goal is to get back to pre-Will weight – darn the happy weight you put on when in a relationship.

With Isa, they have shakes, bars, and a few other things you take to help boost your energy. They have fun challenges where you get paid for just participating and huge support groups on Facebook that are waiting to cheer you on.

The best thing to come with this product for me is the amplified energy and the mood boost. There were a lot of days before Isa where I was just meh, but my energy and positivity  – it feels like they are coming back ten-fold. And I’m not even working out as religiously as I was pre-Isa. It kind of feels like I got my life back – no more having to slave away at the gym at lunch every day and not seeing a result. And I’m kind of crap at following the program to a T – so it’s got to be doing really great things for me!

My results were so exceptional after the first month that my boss (who doesn’t look she has any weight to lose according to me), decided to jump on the program, too. I know that having someone side by side with me on this has helped immensely, and she also sees the same results in her shape, weight, energy, and mood.

You’re not alone! You can do it! I have already found my dress, but I refuse to order it until September. I’m hoping for another 20-30″ lost by then.

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Hello bees! I haven’t tried using shakes before, and similar to the OP, what happened to me when trying to lose weight was sort of a yo-yo-ing because of sugar cravings. I love sweets and bake a lot, LOL. Any advice for the best shakes or other diets on a low budget? I just want to lose ~10-15 pounds over the course of a year, which I think? is somewhat doable. 

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My mother is a shake success story. She was doing one called Sanford Profile (based in the midwest, not sure if it’s nationwide). She lost over 50lbs and has kept the weight off. She still supplements her diet with the shakes but is learning how to re-eat. She had tried weight watchers and other diets before… would lose 10-15 lbs, plateau and then give up. She needed something more militant to really learn how to re-eat. She felt like seeing the weight fall off was motivation. It worked for her but I do know people that once they quit the shakes the weight came back on. This is the catch though– after the shakes you CANNOT go back to how you used to eat. My mother works out 3-4 times per week which she used to not do and she also has overhauled her diet with lean protein and veggies. She used to not eat breakfast and then eat junk food all day and dessert everynight. She doesn’t do any of this anymore. Yes the shakes will make you lose weight, but they won’t KEEP it off unless you really make the necessary changes long term. Either way your diet needs to change regardless of shakes. 

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sparkee:  What I have found is that you have to be flexible. Some days you just want a sausage biscuit from McDonald’s, so occasionally, you can have one. There are still days I go on my gummy soda bottle binges, but I’m not beating myself up about it. It should be more about eating correctly with greater regularity than eating crap all the time. I think any diet is going to let you down if you are hung up on perfection always.

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So I just received my shipment of IdealShape yesterday! I may have bought the same deal as you because after looking at Shakeology, the deal on IdealShape was too good to pass up. I got 2 tubs of shake mix, 4 boxes of bars, IdealBoost and the pills (which I’m not totally into either, but I’ll give it a go).

I am notoriously picky. I hate when everything has that “protein shake” taste and I was super worried about that being the case with these shakes, but honestly.. they are borderline delicious. I just got the basic chocolate and vanilla, and the chocolate one just tastes like chocolate milk powder. The vanilla has a wee bit of an aftertaste but is still very good. I’ve tried a S’More’s, Double Chocolate and a Blueberry Crisp bar so far and all 3 have been very good. They aren’t like OMG AMAZING but they are totally edible, and what I really like about them is that they are fairly small so eating one doesn’t seem like a big task if you don’t love the taste.

Anyway, it’s only been 2 days so far but I do genuinely feel more full and capable of sticking with this program because I like the taste. I have a minimum of 30lbs to lose in about a year, (40-50 would be great though). I wish you the best of luck on the program, OP!!! Maybe we can use this thread to update eachother on our progress!!! I took all of my measurements today!

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clipclop1023 :  I second shakeology! I also signed up as a coach for the discount. I’m happy with my weight but just wanted to replace my usual breakfast of tea and a bagel or english muffin with something a little more nutritious. I used to get headaches if I missed my morning tea, but that doesn’t happen anymore, which is good because I wanted to kick my caffeine addiction before TTC. I definitely noticed an initial energy boost and more regularity when I’m not slacking on my other meals (getting enough veggies), so all around, I’d recommend it to the OP!  

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