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Helper bee
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I like the Newlywed Game – you ask the Fiance questions about himself before the party and then have the bride answer one for each present she opens.  It’s fun and people in the audience can get involved.

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Helper bee
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We played “hot potato” at a shower but instead of a potato we passed a fake bouquet. It was a blast!

 It was a fairly large shower so we broke up into 3 circles and each circle passed a bouquet around the circle to music.  When the music stopped the person holding the bouquet was out of the game.  The winner was the last person standing.  

As the circles got smaller everyone got into it and was cheering each other on.  It really got everyone involved and having a great time.

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Helper bee
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My personal favorites that I’ve used at showers I’ve thrown are:

The Price is Right: have the bridesmaids (or whoever is throwing the shower) buy a couple of household items like trash bags, a loaf of bread, 2 liters or pop, ziplocs, etc. and write down the prices. During the shower hold up the items and guests have to guess how much the item costs. Go through all of the objects and have guests total their prices at the end. Closest one to the actual price wins a prize and the bride gets the basket of household things.

TP Wedding Dress: Divide the group into even teams and provide them with lots of toliet paper (the cheaper the paper, the better because it doesn’t rip as easily). Each team has x amount of time to design and create a wedding dress on one of their team members as a model. Once time is up the bride chooses which is her favorite.

Bridal Shower Gift Bingo: To me this one is a must at showers because it gives guests something to do while the bride is opening all the presents. Make a blank bingo board (use Microsoft Word and insert a 5×5 table) with a free spot in the middle (I usually put a heart with the bride and groom’s names and their wedding date). Make sure to have lots of pens and pencils on hand and pass them out with the game board before the opening starts. Instruct guests to fill in each blank with items they think the bride will get as gifts (everybody should know at least one item) and the first one with 5 in a row wins a prize. I’ve always used either colored m & m’s in the shower colors or jelly beans in the shower colors as markers. I usually make little treat bags out of these before hand to make sure each guest gets enough and we don’t waste time pouring out m and m’s.

Bride Memory Game: Instruct the bride to wear a lot of accessories (without looky tacky, of course) and make some piece of paper with the instructions on them for each guest. At some point quietly ask the bride to leave the room and then tell the guests they have 30 seconds or a minute to write down everything they can think of that the bride was wearing including how she’s wearing her hair and the color of her lipstick. The most detailed wins. This is a really quick game!

Guess the Household object: Buy some brown paper bags and put some random household objects in them (not knives or anything sharp, obviously) and have guests take turn sticking their hands in and feeling the object and then write down their guesses.

Bridal Collage: start collecting random magazines (some bridal) and divide guests into even numbered teams. Make a list of things important to the bride and groom like beaches if they met at the beach and their names and have each team look through the magazine and cut and glue together a collage of items from the scavenger list. The group with the most items found, wins.

Famous couples: take famous celebrity, tv, movie, political, etc couples and have guests match them up. Whoever gets the most wins. Make sure you only put first names otherwise it’s pointless!


Hope these helps. Let me know if you need any more info on any of the games. Also, google Bridal Shower games and you’ll find TONS of suggestions!

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Busy bee
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I also love “the purse game” where you make everyone get out there purse and you have a random list of things for them to search for within their own purse and they get a point for each item.  Of course you have to make some of the items tough…  bottle opener, pacifier, expired coupon, Susan B Anthony dollar coin, hair spray, etc.  The ladis at my shower really got into it – regardless of age. 

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Blushing bee
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eeh stole all my fav’s!  I love the TP Dress, price is right and newlywed game (i actually videotaped my sister’s Fiance then played back for people to grade their quizes)… it was a hit!

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Helper bee
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I love the purse game and gift bingo!  I am going to copy and paste your ideas into an email for my MOHs (one official, one Bridesmaid or Best Man who has surprised us all by being really into the planning, and since the two are friends too, it’s all gravy).

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Bumble bee
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My favorite game is “drink and talk”.  But for actual shower games, I went to one where you had to match the celebrity to their spouse, and the person who completed it the quickest won a prize.  That was fun!   The best though is the questionnaire about the couple.  I’ve seen it where they asked the groom a series of questions, and the bride guessed what he answered.  Also, you can have a list of questions about the couple (how they met, where they first kissed, etc) and everyone guesses and the person with the most correct wins a prize.

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