(Closed) Ideas on making your house sell quickly??

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We’re in the home buying process and I wish that:

All the walls were always a neutral color.

Obvious problems (like missing closet doors or carpet stains) were fixed.

Pet dander and smells were gone.

The home was priced at what it was worth and not what the seller paid.

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Clean away all clutter, and make the closets look clean and big

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Chocolate cookie smell….it works! I will be doing that when we sell our house.

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Fresh (neutral/white) paint makes a huge difference!!! (: and I agree with the PP about clean closets! Try to make them look as big as possible!

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Neutral colors, and getting rid of as much stuff as possible!  You don’t want it to look like you live there, you want people coming in to imagine that they could live there, and it’s very hard for people to look past your personal style and your personal things!

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I’m a person who can see past paint, I like color and it’s the easiest thing to fix. The two most important factors for me are price and making sure the place is decluttered. 

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I agree with the cookie smell. I swear we almost bought a house because they left out cookies for us and my Fiance was so impressed.

I agree with the decluttering and make sure the air/heat is set at a comfortable temperature. We were almost sold on a house but we had heard that due to the floorplan it costs a fortune to heat/cool and then when we went to see it the air wasn’t working and it was 85 in the house. We decided not to bother with it and went with our other favorite.

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Price is key to getting people in the door.

However, once they are in the door, that’s where you can help. Do you have a friend/family member/colleague who hasn’t been to your house before or hasn’t been over often and has a reasonable eye for design (or at least watches a lot of HGTV)? If so, invite them over and ask what their impressions are and what can be improved quickly and cheaply. You see your house every day, they will come in with fresh eyes.

Here are things that I noticed in my brother’s house when he couldn’t get any offers. They lived there for 14 before selling, so they really could not envision any new ideas or even consider what perks the house offered. Obviously, these exact things may not apply to your house, but it’s just a way of thinking about the issues of showcasing a house.

  1. They had a fireplace. It was dated from the 80s, so not quite the normal selling feature. Ever since they moved in, they had the same mirror hanging horizontally over it so that it showcased the dated fireplace. They didn’t have money to update, but moving the mirror to a vertical position would have drawn the eye up the wall to the extra high ceilings and beautiful crown molding. Same issues with their window treatments that framed out the windows exactly. The windows were old and nearing replacement age, so why focus on them as opposed to moving the curtain rod up to the ceiling and doing long sheers that emphasized the height of the room?
  2. Their master bath was very spa-like. However, you wouldn’t know it with the way they kept it “decorated.” It was very practical to have the laundry baskets lined up on the steps up to the whirlpool tub, but it sure as hell didn’t lend itself to a vision of relaxation. A few candles, rolled up towels, and some cheap decor – along with putting the laundry baskets away – would have made the room feel very different. They also didn’t have a door on the master bath. A quick install of a little French door with a sheer hanging off of it would have gone a long way toward adding privacy, but also the spa-like feel.
  3. They needed to replace their carpet as part of general home maintenance, but they took the attitude that they didn’t want to pay for someone else’s carpet. Eventually, they replaced it with the cheapest, non-commercial quality they could find. It was bad. It really detracted from every room. So if there’s something that it’s simply time to upgrade or repair as part of home ownership, just do it. It sucks that it’s timed to when you’re trying to sell, but otherwise you send the message that you might have been ignoring the rest of the home repairs, too.

I think the most frustrating thing for me watching them put their house on and off the market in an attempt to generate interest was that they never once thought back to what made them want to buy that house. Think about what appealled to you the most and then do what you can to really emphasize that feature and make it stand out in the minds of buyers.

In case you’re curious, they only ended up selling the house when my brother decided to take a second job so he could just earn most of the $30k they dropped the price by just to undercut all of their neighbors.

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Remove all pictures of you and your family, anything like that. 

Look for dated items and if you cannot afford to upgrade, think of spray painting them (ie that gold chandilier may look more updated if you just spray paint black) also depending on how your kitchen cabinets are, consider updating them with paint and new pulls. Also put away any kitchen gadgets so you display all the counterspace you can

Yes definetly make sure if smells nice and please fix any obvious problems 

Make sure all lights and curtains are drawn anytime you show the house. The more light the better!

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As much as you can, remove ‘personal’ items such as lots of pictures, clutter etc. It helps when the potential buyers and can picture their “stuff” in your home, and not just see your stuff everywhere. Clean counters, some pictures removed, minimalistic so they can envision what they want and not just see what you have. ๐Ÿ™‚ Trying to remove personal taste and leave a ‘clean slate’ for them to work with.

They always say a house smelling like freshly baked cookies is helpful! I always found that funny. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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My fiance and I have been looking for a house for the last several months (and finally found one!) but most of the things that have turned us off of houses have been things that you can’t really change – like ceilings that are too low, yard too small, rooms too small, house right next to a marsh (mosquitos), house on a very busy street, etc.

That being said, the house we finally decided on, there were some things that definitely made it shine, including nice paint colors, updated bathrooms, and the fact that the owner had cleared the very tall trees out of the backyard, making it into a much bigger, sunnier space.  The house had also been staged, which helped, I’m sure.  No clutter around fools you into thinking that it won’t be cluttered with your stuff either.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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@waxbutterfly:  Our townhouse is being listed today! We have animals that we have to take with us for showings, too. It’s going to be a pain, but worth it! We removed over the last month all clutter and staged it nicely and will keep it clean daily. (That’s the part I dread the most!) The best and fastest way to sell, though, is reduce the price. Especially in a buyer’s market. Have you compared your house price to those in your neighborhood?

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Price.  Pure and simple, price it competitively.  That means looking at not just how much you paid and want to sell for, but the 2001-2003 price median income for your area.  If you price it competitively, you will get people in the door, sell it more quickly, and may get multiple offers.

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Stage the house, even if it means putting some furniture into storage for a while to make it look more spacious.  Things like work desks should have ONLY a computer, no papers etc.  It shouldn’t be very livable for a temporary time (it helps to throw any clutter into drawers not attached to the house, like dressers and desks, so they aren’t allowed to open them.  keep in mind cabinets are fair game) Also when you leave and know the house is going to be showed, turn on ALL of the lights!

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