(Closed) If a flat belly is all diet based what kind of a diet do I need?

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jpalm13:  I believe smaller/flatter anything comes from two parts:  1) Proper diet and 2) Exercise.

The diet will aide in getting rid of fat, and exercise will tone up.  Diets full of lean proteins, veggies and healthy fats/carbs will work wonders.  

You must ensure that you are eating enough of those things to maintain calories (so you are not starving yourself), and having balance too.  And then, add in exercise as well.  

My sister eats ‘clean’, and is very toned.  Sure, she has her cheat moments, etc, but maintains a clean diet for the most part.  She saw a difference immediately from moving away from processed foods, and into a diet of fresh ingredients – cooking meals with them, etc.  She pushed me to do the same, although I am not a clean eater all the time!!  For me, I started shopping around the outside of the grocery store aisle, where the fresh foods are, and less in the aisles.  I also started running distance, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.  I definitely saw a difference, both in weight, and my overall tone.  

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jpalm13:  I know “bad” carbs can really contribute to belly fat. If you try to stick to “good carbs” (think whole wheat, quinoa, etc.) it can help flatten a tummy.

A lot of people get the best results in that area cutting out carbs almost completely, but for some people it feels too depriving and doesn’t last, so that isn’t always the best method but it’s not bad for you.

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OUgal0004:  +1 to all of this!

I try to have lean meats and veggies with every meal.  Also, smaller portions.  I used to eat a few servings of meat and veggies and wondered why it wasn’t working. 🙂  But smaller portions of the right foods with a little exercise is wonderful for slimming a belly!

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Before looking at what you put on your plate, you need to watch how much food you put on your plate and how often you eat.

Then, as for what you put on your plate, everyone reacts differently to different foods. So the best is to start with a diet that is restrictive but allows you to bring back one food group at a time to see how you react to different stuff. Everyone’s different so cut everything but meat and veggies, and try things one by one to see how your body reacts.

I lost 8 pounds so far this month, lots of belly bloat and inches off my thighs/butt (and I don’t have much to lose, was at 138, now at 130 and trying to get to 125):

1) drinking water with apple cider vinegar before each meal (apparently it prevents fat absortion)<br />2) having 3 meals per day, no seconds, no snacks and no sweets except on weekends for a treat (after having 2 kids in 2 years, I was still eating on my “pregnancy/breastfeeding schedule”, which was way too much but I did feel hungry all the time. after about 10 days, I had no more cravings in between meals).<br />3) eating mostly paleo – I am intolerant to gluten and apparently lactose makes me bloat like crazy so paleo is one of the best diets for me. I suspected a mild lactose intolerance for a while now, but to be able to really identify it changed it all for me. I still have beans, corn or rice every once in a while4) having 2 vegan days per week. this is for reasons other than fitness, but I believe still very healthy. I have beans (black beans, chick peas, kidney beans, etc) for protein which is not paleo, this is why I said “mostly paleo” at #3.

And you do need to exercise as well, of course. But yeah, abs are made in the kitchen. I had them before I popped out kids, and am well on my way to getting them back.

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like said here “eating clean”. I train hard and eat well but for example i cant do even good carbs (quinoa etc) it goes straight into my belly… So o say try to take everything off incl dairy and slowly introduce back and you willsee what is the thing your body cant handle

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Count your macros! If you don’t know what it is, google it! It’s a method that a lot of fitness people are doing now to achieve their goals! 🙂

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For me, “flat belly is diet based” just means that I’m either eating and exercising the right caloric amounts to have my stomach be flat or I’m not. There arent specific foods that make my stomach be flat or big, if I weigh 155 or less I have ab definition,  if I weigh 160 or less, my stomach is flat. If I’m 170, I’ve got a small belly. There’s no magic fix for me, my stomach being flat just depends on my weight, so if my diet/exercise routine have me at my flat-stomach weight, my stomach is flat. 

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Fat or flat anything is down to fat distribution and how much fat there is to distribute…one of those factors is effected by diet, the other is sadly down to genes and other hard to change things. Take it from a girl who is always flat chested 😉

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