(Closed) If anything, what was the biggest thing that went wrong at your wedding?

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I have told this one before. My fathers third wedding the bride had a fit before walking down the aisle because. I looked better in my dress than she did in hers. She had sheath dress 4 sizes too small and looked like a stuffed sausage. Mid way through the ceremony a 3″ chuck of roof beam fell on a pew. I almost wet myself laughing! God was distroying his own house! Yeah, they divorced 6 months later.

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Luckily, nothing went seriously wrong. Part of my dress turned charcoal gray from walking down a paved walkway while taking photos. My cousin (maid of honor) held the back and I held the front, but part of the side was dragging. My awesome bridesmaids were ready with club soda when we got back to the hotel, and they were able to blot out enough of the stain that it wasn’t too noticeable. 

Unfortunately, the microphone we were supposed to hold while exchanging vows didn’t work, so I’m not sure what audio we will have from the ceremony that can be used in our video. 

My dress wasn’t bustled correctly and the crinoline kept pipping out when we were taking photos after the ceremony. Our photographer took beautiful photos but I keep seeing the crinoline and it really buggs me! It took three videographers (all guys), one photographer and my husband to fix the bustle after we finished with photos. It was kind of funny and I appreciated their efforts!

Overall these were minor issues and I’m really happy with how everything turned out!

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  • Wedding: June 2015 - Historic house and gardens

The only thing that went wrong was the Celebrant’s assistant played the wrong song for our signing. We had chosen to play the song that was playing when hubby proposed, and had picked another random song just incase the signing went longer than planned

He played the random song instead. Then when i said something, he replyed the same wrong song. He got it right eventually, but it had lost it’s impact. He also forgot to play our announcent song, so announcing us as Mr and Mrs lost it’s impact too.

He had one job. One job.

Oh well, the rest of the day went amazingly. I stepped on my dress lots and got mud on it, and my hair wasn’t the way i planned, but I really didn’t care because I was having so much fun and I married my amazing man.

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  • Wedding: December 2016

My Mother-In-Law stopped the ceremony right before the kiss so she could get her own picture and her camera had jammed or something, I still don’t know.  When I asked why we had stopped ( I hadn’t initially heard, I just knew we were stopped and I didn’t know why) his father’s sister snapped at me to, “go with the flow” and when after the ceremony I told dh I didn’t appreciate being yelled at in the middle of my ceremony, I guess Mother-In-Law heard or something, she sidled up to me and said, “I didn’t yell at you!”   Um, how about, “CONGRATULATIONS” five seconds after I get married, not everything is about you!! (And on and on, that’s just the most important part) Worse day ever. Now we renew our vows on a different day every year so I don’t ever have to think about that horrible day with his horrible selfish family again. (But his family doesn’t know this, we’ve kept it secret)! 

Fun Fact: dh only has one sibling and he chose to get married 4 days before we did (the first time) this year.  Only 1 brother to work around and 52 weeks and he chooses the same one.  Turns out when we said we weren’t going to the wedding (because along with work, to their knowledge we were celebrating our own anniversary) everyone had completely forgotton we had gotten married that week.  These people ruined my day and don’t even remember! haha!

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  • Wedding: June 2015 - Rustic barn/ pavilion

DJ has an interactive website for names of Wedding Party, parents, entrance songs, requests, do not play list. I gave him enough “please play” songs for over 3 hours of music and told all my friends we we’re having an 80s dance set. DJ even came over to the house to go over everything 3 days before wedding. Last thing groom said “If our guests make requests, as long as it’s not on the do not play list, play their requests.” Last thing I said to him “Please play the songs I asked for BUT if people don’t seems to be dancing, and my songs aren’t working then mix it up a little to get some people on the floor.” DJ pretty much played what he wanted with some of my playlist thrown in. Friends told me they made requests that he said he couldn’t get to because he had to “stick to he bride’s playlist”. Whaaaaaat??!! Anyway hardly anyone danced but everyone looked like they were having a great time and told me later they really had fun. DJ did get my ceremony music and entrance to the reception music perfect though… and I probably should have rented a “dance floor” instead of just expecting people to dance in the middle of the pavilion on the cement floor.

What was worse than that though was I put contact lenses in (I’ve worn them in the past many times) to enhance my eye color which Darling Husband and my BMs said looked great, but my eyes got really filmy and my vision got cloudy. Then between the contacts and the false eyelashes/ glue I ended up having a full blown allergic reaction and my eyes were pretty much swollen almost shut by the end of that night and the next day. Lol…. doesn’t matter, we had a beautiful day.

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  • Wedding: September 2013

ElleWoods:  my sister had a seizure! There were some other things that happened but they were minor compared to my sister. She was fine! Thank goodness. She refused to go to the hospital, I had no idea that any of this happened until I saw the paramedics leave. And thats when I put two and two together. I ran to my bridal suite that everyone was trying to keep me out of. 

She laughs about it now, she pointed out that she has had a seizure at almost every important event of mine, my enegagement, my bridal shower, my wedding. Now she jokes saying she will have a seizure the day I give birth but that thankfully she will be in a hospital. 

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  • Wedding: October 2014

Two minor things- We had a friend man the music for the ceremony/reception from our ipod and he played the wrong song as we exited. Not a biggie, and only we knew. 

Second thing was the kitchen people blowing a fuse to our reception and the power going out for about 15 minutes right before we were to be announced, and my dad and a cook had to go downstairs to flick a switch or something, luckily no one knew about that thanks to the many many candles we had in that place. 

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  • Wedding: March 2015 - City, State

I forgot to bustle my dress before the grand entrance! Also, Darling Husband stepped on my bustle and it broke about an hour into the reception. I didn’t want to take the time to go fix it so I just held on to it throughout the night!

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  • Wedding: June 2015

My Maid/Matron of Honor was late with my dress, apparently the order of events at the ceremony was shot to heck, the pastor forgot to stop so we could light the unity candles, we started 30 minutes late, and (I realized this several days later) we didn’t have mics on so nobody actually heard the ceremony except those at the front. Despite all this, it was a perfect day! 

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This was my sister’s wedding that was largely planned and organized by myself and our mom:

1) My aunt gave my sister a very special ring to wear as her “something borrowed” and my sister lost it at the wedding.  Everyone is past it but it still makes me ill to tell the tale.

2) The centerpiece flowers never showed up (ordered from Sam’s Club) so the day-of planner had to figure something else out . . . I couldn’t even bear to look so I don’t really recall what it was.  Not peach roses, that’s for sure

3) I was sick when I got to town and didn’t get a chance to do the seating arrangements- this resulted in a massive seating disaster and some of my grandmother’s friends got angry with me and left the wedding in a huff (the groom’s mother had selected a table for herself and after she walked away for a moment, they sat there.  I had to ask them to move to another table and it was like I asked them to sit on my face.  I was as courteous as possible but by the end of their tantrum I didn’t care anymore.)

4) The photo booth broke about 1/2way through, which wasn’t fatal because the operator gave my mom the usb with all the photos on it.  Oh, except she lost it.  So no photo booth pics for anyone.  Oops.

These are some of the many reasons why I plan to elope : )

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  • Wedding: February 2015

Our wedding was so much fun and I couldn’t be happier with how it went. It was a perfect day and we were so glad we did it.

But if I had to point out a couple of things that went “wrong,” first, I had a brief moment of panic about 5 min before the ceremony was supposed to start when I realized our caterer (food truck) hadn’t arrived yet. I couldn’t remember if they were supposed to be there 30 min or an hour before and had been busy taking pictures and talking to family and friends that I didn’t notice they weren’t there yet. Turns out they had called 15 min before to tell me they were running late but I didn’t have my phone on me (as I was in a wedding dress). It was no big deal, I called them back and they were literally 2 minutes away. We just waited a few minutes so they could pull in before we started. It actually worked out nicely because several people were running late so it helped a few late comers attend the ceremony.  However, I wish I had given my phone to my husband or someone to carry for the day – if your vendors have your phone number just make sure someone has your phone! Wasn’t something I thought about.

Our officiant used the wrong vows. He had some very modern vows and I just wanted the traditional. I had emailed him a couple of times to clarify exactly the order and what we wanted to say. Including a confirmation email 2 days before the wedding once again stating exactly what we wanted, he confirmed we were on the same page. We were not…still not sure what I said to my husband. In hindsight, not the end of the world, just a funny story

Then one of the guests brought a dog to my wedding…yup showed up with a dog. And not a little rat dog in a purse…a big old bassett hound. We didn’t know what to say so we just put him in the backyard (granted it was a fairly casual wedding on our property but still! We don’t have dogs, not sure why the guests thought bring a dog would be ok). He HOWLED the entire ceremony, while the same guests’ 3 month old cried in the seats and the mom never got up to step away to calm her. Again, I didn’t even realize these things until people told me about them after the fact, because I was just stoked to be standing up there marrying my husband. In the end, its just kind of a hilarious story.

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  • Wedding: September 2014

A few things …

The table runners weren’t the right shade of purple.  It really upset me at first, then I got over it, but I got sad again when we got pictures back.  I have done a pretty good job of letting it go though!

A bigger thing … The venue’s driveway had a gate with a code to get in.  We got to choose the code and it only worked for the day of the wedding.  We posted a sign with the code next to the gate for our guests, but the venue freaked!  We didn’t think it was a big deal since it would be changed at midnight anyway?  But they didn’t want just anyone to come in (even though it was a super rural and secluded area, no one would just stumble upon it, but okay, fine).

So we asked my DH’s uncle to hang out by the gate with a cushy lawn chair and a cooler full of beer to punch the code and let cars in.  We thought everything was taken care of.  We found out after our ceremony that DH’s uncle decided he didn’t want to sit there for half an hour to let cars in, and instead DISASSEMBLED THE ENTIRE GATE.  The venue was FURIOUS with us and almost kicked us out.  Once we explained that those were absolutely not the instructions and that we knew nothing about it, they tracked down DH’s uncle, who then had to spend the rest of the evening re-assembling the gate and making sure it worked to avoid paying for a professional to come out and fix it.  Then he was mad that he barely got to enjoy the wedding.  Sigh.

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  • Wedding: February 2013

The mayor (our officiant) wrote the wrong year on our marriage certificate. We had to wait a week for the state to issue a new one.

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Our wedding day went smoothly, but I would have hired a second photographer or had a guest take photos too as many guests were missing from photos.

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  • Wedding: July 2014

biggest complaint – my uncle didn’t do a great job of videotaping.. it would have been better if I had just left the camera on a tripod or sitting on a table recording everything. He mostly recorded the audience, haha. And he tried to get different shots, but as he was moving, he shut the camera off, and we lost pieces of the service (officiated by my dad) as well as the music (performed by my husband’s grandmother).

my only other complaint is with photos. Photos were actually beautifully done (by both my BIL’s gf and my brother) but since pictures were taken simultaneously, not much planning at all, our eyes are not looking in the same direction most of the time. :/ I also wish we had more photos but I knew the people at my wedding didn’t feel like posing forever :b

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