(Closed) If anything, what was the biggest thing that went wrong at your wedding?

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  • Wedding: October 2014

I was lucky and my day was perfect. To my knowledge. I later found out that my husband forgot to bring the cake from our house, the limo was broken and almost didn’t show up, and something else I’ve already forgotten. I wasn’t a huge fan of our DJ though. 

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ElleWoods:  Dunno about Aussies, but I did, walked right up inside the front of it,  lol. Good job  it  was  heavy satin  not  fragile tulle or something   !!

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  • Wedding: August 2015

The main thing that went wrong was our own fault. Our wedding was 2 hours from home and we spent over four hours decorating the venue the afternoon and evening before the wedding and were exhausted and stressed. The best man suggested having a drink or two to relax but two drinks turned into 4 or more, so almost the entire wedding party was hungover the morning of the wedding. I remember the dread my husband and I felt that morning when the alarm went off at 7am knowing my sister, mom and one of the bridesmaids would be arriving at our room in an hour.

Wearing 5-inch wedge heels while hungover, trying to walk down a hill to see my husband for our first look was difficult. As soon as we saw each other the first thing we both said was “are you as exhausted as I think you are?”

Luckily we both felt better by the time of the ceremony and much better after dinner!

Other than that…we had only small things go wrong. Our bagpiper forgot how to play the song he was supposed to play for bridesmaids to walk down the aisle but he covered it up by playing another song I really like so it was no big deal at all. A friend was supposed to start a particular song to play as the entire wedding party was announced into the reception room, but he only pressed play as my husband and I entered the room. Again really no big deal.

I invited my sister’s in-laws so that they could take her children (who are ages 2 and 4) up to bed and allow my sister and her husband to stay at the reception and to basically keep an eye on the kids as my sister was Maid/Matron of Honor and her husband was our MC. Instead, my cousins girlfriend had to watch the kids throughout the ceremony as sister’s in-laws arrived right in the middle of the procession. Then my sister’s husband had to leave to take the kids to bed (even though he was our MC) because his parents decided to stay at the reception. A bit disappointing but what can you do.

One of our neices who was also a flower girl (age 7) got severe stomach cramping and had to go to hospital in the middle of dinner. We had no idea this had even happened as no one told us until later. Luckily, the doctor thinks it was just gas. 

Nothing else went wrong at all and I was glad to hear great feedback from our guests who had a great time.

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Bumble bee

Darling Husband broke his foot the week before our wedding and had to wear an orthopedic boot the entire time. Also, after he arrived at the venue, one of his tires went flat…but the groomsmen came to the rescue and fixed it. But neither of those things took away from it being a wonderful day! 

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  • Wedding: September 2015

The only wrong thing was: we wrote our wedding vows as an addition to the ceremony.  On the day of the wedding i printed them and gave  a purse with my wedding vows to the photographer to give to me when i arrive at the ceremony location,  but she forgot to give it to me,  and I also forgot about it until I realized that I have no words when I was standing at the altar with groom.  He spoke his words from the paper,  and I had to quickly scramble.  I started by saying “because I can’t find my written vows,  I’m just gonna say this from my heart (followed  by whatever I was saying)” people told me that my vows made them laugh and cry and were so touching,  even better than written ones. So that was my little huge mishap that day,  but it made things even more special.  People are still texting me telling how much fun they had,  even now a week later. 

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BlueRose426:  Very much so. If you knew my Dad you not be suprised at all. My Mom calls him a cake mouse. We have to hide his birthday cakes.

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  • Wedding: September 2015

Our biggest issue was our DJ – he basically did the bare minimum and didn’t properly introduce some particular moments I’d asked him to. But people were dancing and had a good time – I was just a bit disappointed! 

Of all the other things (the oppressive heat for our outdoor ceremony, the caterers’ sloooow dismissal of tables for dinner, the button I popped off my bustle on the way to our First Look) were pretty small to me.

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  • Wedding: October 2012

Umm, lemme think… Our white fabric drapes couldn’t be used for our ceremony space because I didn’t take the wind into account, so they ended up looking like sails, so we nixed them. The floating monogram for the pool was not at all what I had imagined, and we had to scour for some fishing line because the florist forgot to send anything to anchor the piece to the pool as discussed. My twin sister had some sudden major allergy problems, with crazy red, runny eyes, so I got her some allergy meds and eyedrops out of my emergency kit. One of our 7 cameras overheated and shut itself off right before the wedding began – unfortunately it was the one focused on the groom for the ceremony, so we had to use other angles as filler. The button that my bustle looped onto snapped right after our first dance so I held onto the train of my dress while I boogied all night. My heels ended up hurting my feet, so once we finished the after-ceremony pictures, I kicked them off and went barefoot for the rest of the night. One of our guests’ daughters (whom we had never met) and her boyfriend came uninvited and she ended up catching my bouquet toss. 

But really, on the day of the wedding, every single one of those things rolled right off my back and I took care of them without a second though. The only think that still bugs me is the woman who was not invited to our wedding catching my bouquet, and having to take pictures with her.

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  • Wedding: July 2012

First wedding:

1) a bridesmaid made us late to the venue because she was too self-absorbed about how she look while getting ready at the hotel – therefore we didn’t get any before pictures of myself with the bridesmaids

2) nephew cried during the entire ceremony

3) video of ceremony portion was completely blurry

4) mother’s wallet was stolen!!!

5) my crappy college car wouldn’t start when we were leaving. 🙂

Even so, none of it was that big of a deal, except my mother’s wallet being stolen (still have no idea what happened).

This marriage:

We eloped, so everything was PERFECT. 🙂

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  • Wedding: August 2016

208bride:  I laughed out loud reading that he dismantled the gate. That is so something one of my Portuguese uncles would do.  How did the venue expect guests to enter without knowing the code?

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  • Wedding: August 2015

there were a few things that went “wrong” – most of the guests never noticed or if they did, i guess it wasn’t that big of a deal but the biggest thing that went wrong was i fell in my dress during my “first look” pictures. after getting ready, i dragged a plastic bag underneath my dress and i tripped over it. luckily, i was fine and so was my dress – my bouquet got kind of smoosh but it was was still presentable. lol

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  • Wedding: September 2015

My attitude. I was PMSing hardcore and wanted people to stop asking me questions while my hair and makeup was being done. If I could redo anything, i would limit the number of people allowed in the room, appointed someone to make decisions for me, and not been so snappy with mom. The wedding itself was perfect. The song I wanted to walk to wouldn’t play so we went without music which was fine. It was at a beautiful waterfall so music really wasn’t necessary. Oh yeah, and my brother (the bridesman) missed the entire ceremony and didn’t show up until 8 hours later.

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  • Wedding: October 2016

ElleWoods:  I’m not getting married until next october but my brothers wedding was a pretty big disaster (she planned it the week before it happened)

She wouldn’t let him invite any of his friends (but all of hers got to come) so he invited them anyway so there weren’t enough chairs and some people had to stand.

The candles she hung from the tree for decoration were falling off the whole time during the ceremony

Her grandpa officiated the wedding and called her by the wrong name and he also asked them during the ceremony if they could just finish pouring sand later as they were “taking too long” and he was tired of sitting on a stool.

Her dress was so short that when the wind blew we could all see her butt (it was a VERY windy day and it took place in a mountain-y area) not to mention it was FREEZING and outside the whole time. It was June and no one really expected it to be cold so hardly anyone had jackets or sweaters.

They didn’t have rings and so when her grandpa got to the exchanging the rings part he just stared at them in confusion.

They didn’t even have their marriage certificate. They went and got it two days later so their anniversary of their wedding is different than the date on the certificate.

They didn’t plan any seating for the reception so people just stood with their plates of food and tried to eat. so awkward doing that.
No sound system or anything. We could barely hear anything. She also walked out of the house and down the aisle unannounced so we had no clue that she was even coming. Everyone was just sitting and talking and there she was up at the front and we all were clueless.


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  • Wedding: September 2015

My wedding and the days up to it were easily the best and funnest days of my life but a few things went wrong. It POURED the day of the wedding which was supposed to be outdoors so we held the ceremony in an ugly hotel conference room. We didn’t have time to decorate because it started raining about half an hour before the ceremony was set to start so my husband and his groomsmen had to dismantle the soundsystem and take it inside. We all stood in front of doors and an exit sign for our ceremony. Turned out the doors led to the kitchen and apparently no one told the kitchen staff that there was a wedding going out right outside the doors so people kept trying to open them and our officiant kept sneakily trying to close them lol.  It even happened when I was reading my vows, it was really funny. All of our pictures had to be taken in front of the doors too because it was still pouring after the ceremony, oh well, our photographer did a really good job anyway! There were also a few other minor hiccups, my mom was out of the room when her and my dads wedding song played during the reception, so I had to run to get her. But it turned out my dad was happy about it because he didn’t want to dance to the full song anyway lol. There was a lot of confusion about the cake cutting so the song was played wayyyy before and no song played while we actually cut the cake, but it really wasn’t a big deal. We also had some wedding crashers! There was a class reunion being held down the hall and a group of drunk ladies wandered in. It was fine because it was late in the night and me and my Father-In-Law ended up doing the chicken dance with them lol.

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