if I die, will you remarry?—I asked this to my fiance

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Busy bee
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I promised this life to Darling Husband so no, I wouldn’t remarry. but date others? maybe! but maybe not. who knows if I can get over the funderal, ever.

Darling Husband already adamantly says he would never date again, no way. hahaha. but I hope he does, and has a nice rest-of-life-without-me.

ideally though we just die together at a ripe old age. woohoo

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Busy Beekeeper
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Darling Husband and I have both told each other that if one of us were to die, we would want the other to remarry.

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Bumble bee
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@stephanie2013: I made a poll about this a few days ago.

This is a very deep topic, it always makes me cry when I talk about this with Fiance. I love him so much, I don’t think no one ever will make me feel like he does. But I know he wants me to be happy again if he dies, I dunno how that could be possible.

I tell him the same, if I die, I want him to marry (but keep a picture of me with him forever eheheh). I don’t want him to shell up and hide his true feelings, I couldn’t live with the thought of this.

He says he prays for me to die first (lol, that sounds wrong), because he doesn’t want to live me like his dad left his mom (his father died in a car accident when her mom was about 30 or something).

:C this is a sad topic. 

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Honey bee

We would both consider re-marrying if/when one of us dies. Our vows are until death do us part (though we didn’t technically say that in our actual vows). 

Life is about seeking contentment. For us, that both means companionship. If we lose each other, then I see no problem in seeking another. I have told my Darling Husband I hope he would be able to find love again, he feels the same.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Neither of us would remarry, we will love each other until the day we die. For me it’s a lifetime commitment, you are committed to someone for your whole life, not just until the other person dies. 

ETA: I first asked him this question early on in our relationship and he at first said he would probably date someone else after I died. That did upset me. But over the years and as our commitment has grown and we have talked more about it he has changed his view and wouldn’t be with anyone else after I die.

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Bumble bee
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@Cory_loves_this_girl:  +1

I’ve never asked him if he’d remarry. I told him I would want him too. FI’s happiness is really important to me.

I told him he can’t forget about me tho! and she can’t be a bitch lol

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Helper bee
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I would want my Fiance to remarry, and I myself would want to find love if he were to pass on. We both feel the same way.

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Busy Beekeeper
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He said “life would go on” and you’re upset? What exactly do you expect? Life will go on. It’s surely a hard topic, however, I have told Darling Husband that I absolutely want him to remarry if that’s what makes him happy. I would also remarry if that’s what makes me happy. I would obviously never forget him but I wouldn’t swear off other men.

To us, “until death do us part” means that if one of us dies, the other is “free” to do as they wish. I certainly would not want this man who I love to sit around lonely for the rest of his life.

My grandpa remarried because my grandma died kind of youngish (late 50s). We all remember my grandma and still speak about her, however, I’m so happy he found a companion as I think he would be very lonely on his own.

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Buzzing bee
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Just recently lost my dad, so I said to my Fiance that I’d be completely okay if my mom started dating others — even though she is waiting for her time, so that she can join my dad in eternal after-life.

My Fiance wouldn’t want me to remarry if he were to die before me. (To which I said, well.. we’d better have kids by then, cos I will definitely remarry without any kids!) However, when I reversed the question on him, he didn’t have a definite answer at this time.

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Bumble bee
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@stephanie2013:  Ugh. I dont even know. I can’t think about that. 🙁 I do know i have told him to promise that if he died first, he would “Wait” for me – wherever it is that you wait…. that way we wont “go on” without each other. 

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Sugar bee

@stephanie2013:  I want my Fiance to have other significant relationships with other women, absolutely. He can choose not to marry again, but it’s my life that will be over, not his. If he feels ready for it, I would want for him to love and be loved again, as it is the greatest feeling in the world, and I love him so much that I only want him to be happy after I’m gone.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@stephanie2013:  I agree with all of those. Fiance and I are each other’s One. So neither of us would remarry.

We want each other to be happy of course, but you can have a happy life without dating! I would think it would be unfair to both Fiance and the new guy if I dated someone after Fiance passed. Unfair to Fiance because he is the One and I committed my life to him. Unfair to the new guy because I would know he was wrong for me and I was the wrong one for him, and would be keeping him from finding his One by dating him. It would also be unfair to him because I would still be in love with Fiance. And the same things apply in reverse, if I died and Fiance started dating someone else.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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I discussed this with my husband just the other night.

I told him I’d want him to remarry if I died. He responded, “I never could. No one would be you.”

If he died, I don’t think I’d remarry. No one can compare to the love I have with my husband.

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