(Closed) If I don’t make it through this, I’m not sure I can have a baby :-(

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I have no words for you, but with all the hormones running through your body, it makes it even easier to get depressed. Hugs. I hope you can get through this.

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I would talk to your dr about alternative treatments, acupuncture might help- I’m not sure about that while pregnant, but he might have other ideas too. Yoga might help as well. A lot of people in my family have terrible migraines, my sister especially and she had them during her first trimester and then 0 the rest of her 1st pregnancy and I don’t remember her having any during her 2nd pregnancy. I feel so bad that you are having to go through all of this pain. I had a problem with a medication I had to take that caused my to miscarry, then I had to have my ovaries removed to prevent more health problems for myself. It’s terrible when medication that you need won’t allow you to have babies. For me I have had to accept that I won’t be able to have my own child and thankfully my Fiance is very open to adoption. I just hope you can find a way through this so that you can have the family that you are hoping for.

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@Phofe2774: acupuncture is totally fine while pregnant. That’s a great idea. 

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Maybe you could look into massage therapy, too?

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I had a friend who had chronic pain who’s OB put her on pericet. She was told that she could take it up to the begining of the 3 trimester without any negative side effects. I would talk with you ob about putting you on something for pain management. 

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Op, I am so sorry you are  in so much pain….  I get chonic migraines also and have been put on sumatriptin and maytraxal to cope….
I’m not pregnat, and I have no kids, but if you ever need someone to talk to PM me.
Love your way dear.

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I am so sorry – this is a huge fear of mine. My migraines were finally pretty much under contol after trying at least a dozen preventative meds. I finally got relief w/ nortriptyline as a daily preventative and imitrex injections or maxalt for the hormonal headaches I was still having. I had to come off everything to TTC. So far I’m doing okay but if/when I get pregnant I am really worried I will have those ridiculous migraines like you are describing.

Does ice work for you? I have a ton of those soft ice packs in the fridge to use whenever I have migraines – it helps some. Also sometimes laying in the bathtub and pouring ice water on my head. A vibrating massager sometimes helps a little… I take Zofran for nausea and know thats ok during pregnancy… I also think there are some dramamine/benedryl meds ( stronger though) that help with headaches beyond the nausea – mainly cause they knock you out – i will try to look it up. Hmm, that’s all I can think of right now. I don’t agree 100% with Bucholtz’s “Heal your headache” book but I did find his explanation of triggers helpful and the elimination diet helped me eliminate some triggers. You might look at that book if you haven’t already.

Good luck! Maybe your hormones will level out a little as things progress? My neurology practice has a gyn nurse practitioner who specializes in hormonal headaches – your post reminds me to schedule with her. I’ll let you know if i find out anything. I’ll be thinking about you.

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I am so bummed out for you.  It’s impossible to tell how your body is going to react to all of the pregnancy hormones.  Some people experience complete relief from their migraines.  Some people experience debilitating migraines during pregnancy even though they’ve never had one before  in their life.  You just never know how you’ll react until you’re there.  The only advice I can give is to try to make it through your first trimester.  A lot of symptoms tend to get better around the end of trimester #1.  During my first trimester I had debilitating nausea, and I couldn’t fathom making it through another week let alone another month.  Yet things did eventually start getting better.  Unfortunately it didn’t happen overnight.  I think the worst part about it is that you don’t know if and when your symptoms will start to improve.  That was the piece that was the most difficult for me to handle mentally.  For your sake I really, really hope that you manage to get some relief sooner rather than later!!

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This is going to sound odd, but bear with me! I get awful migraines, and nothing short of a dark, cold cave to pass out in usually helps. I’ve not been pregnant long enough to know how my migraines will end up during pregnancy…but I use this stuff called “Head On” when I getbad headaches. It is topical…you just rub it on your forehead (looks like a tube of Chapstick) and it gives a cool, tingling sensation that somehow redirects your nerve endings to pay attention to the coolness instead of the pain. Yeah, the commercial for it on tv is SO dumb/annoying, but I swear by the stuff!!! Good luck sweetie…you’ll get through this!!!

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I’m so sorry you’re having such an awful time. My pre-pregnancy migraines were no where close to how terrible yours sound, but chiropractic care helped reduce the frequency of mine. Maybe that’s something to try that will cost less than a trip to the ER (my insurance covers adjustments with a small copay).

Other than that miniscule tip – just hang in there. It seems really dark right now, but hopefully there’s some good news coming your way.

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I get migraines too, but I don’t think I’ve gotten them as bad as you. (My vision gets messed up, I can’t read, I throw up, sometimes I can’t even think of words. At the tail-end of the last one I had, it was almost completely over, Darling Husband took me to Chipotle and they people probably thought I was learning disabled because I couldn’t think of words like “black beans”, “gaucamole”, etc.

I agree with the bees that mentioned accupuncture, it’s worth a try.

Also maybe think about a chiropractor. My SIL started going to a chiropractor, and without her telling him her medical problems (high blood pressure, out of whack mentral cycles, etc),  he told her what each vertebrae affected and the ones out of place matched up to her other health problems she’s been having. She only just started going, but so far, the first vertebrae he’s fixing is the one that controls blood pressure, and her blood pressure has dropped more in the past 3 weeks than the past 6 months of diet/exercise change.

Eating ginger daily can help as a preventative measure. Most health-food stores or specialty food stores sell candied ginger, or you can make you own with recipes online.

Good luck! I hope it gets easier!

Also remember that each pregnancy is different, even for the same woman. Some may be miserable for 9 months one pregnancy and feel great with the next.

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Have you tried Botox?  As weird as it sounds my Mother-In-Law was able to get Botox prescribed for her migranes.  It did not work for it, but it works for many.  It’s worth a shot!  Sorry you are having such bad migranes.  You can do this!

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I have had migraines in the past and some headaches during this pregnancy and it’s not fun. But I have discovered something amazing, homeopathic! I can’t quite explain how it works exactly but it’s all natural, totally safe. My homeopathic consultant (they’re not doctors, but they are certified in homeopathy) has helped me with my headaches and other ailments and she’s been working with my husband to help his hearing loss improve. Check out her website here where she addresses what homeopathy does. She does chronic care as well (which it sounds like you may need) and is willing to do care for out-of-state people (though it’s a little more difficult). The cost isn’t THAT bad (initial fee for chronic care is $250, then $100/mo and care lasts 6 months). Acute care is $50/case. 

I was super skeptical of it at first, but the first time I tried it I was amazed. I had been getting UTI’s really badly and ever since taking the remedy she recommended, I’ve never had another one. I was shocked but completely converted! Now I never take meds or go to the doctor for ailments ever, just her. It really works. I hope you can find something that works for you! Pregnancy is really hard but you can do it!!

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