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Lol, seeing as I am a Newlywed (Mr TTR & I Eloped and got married over the Christmas Holidays)

I’d be taking / using that $ 100 K wisely… Lol, no elaborate Wedding for us, the one we had was perfect


$ 10 K for a nice vacation … cause well Mr TTR and I just L♥VE to travel

(I’m thinking a trip to Europe)

The other $ 90 K would go right into the bank… towards our Retirement Savings.

We are busily saving at this point in our lives…. so we can quit work sooner than later, and enjoy our “golden years” together while we are both in good health

$ 90 K would go a long way to making those dreams a reality !!


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Oh my goodness, I don’t think I could spend that much on the wedding. I know, I’m being just like the posters who said the same thing in the $10k ring game, to which I thought,”oh, stop pooh-poohing the game, it’s just a game.” Now I’m doing it. lol!

I’ll try to rephrase it in a way that works for me. If money were no object, I still wouldn’t increase my guest list. I’m having it very intimate, because that’s what we truly want. However, I would pay for all their flights and accomodations, and accomodations would be spared no expense. And dinner would be one heck of a feast…I’d absolutely spoil them. Except, everyone still has to travel economy (including bride and groom) because I just don’t believe in business class or first class airfare, on principle. lol! Hopefully that would all still come in under 100k. I don’t know, and if it doesn’t…I don’t really wanna know 🙂

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Um, if I had 100,000 i’d take about 30k and buy a house, take another 13k and buy a moderate car, and bank the rest for my retirement.


But, since you specifically said weddings, I would have a serious all out ballroom must be there type of wedding.

I wouldn’t change our guest list – we’re inviting around 65, but only expecting 30-40. I invited everyone I talk to on a regular basis. I didn’t bother with third cousins and people I haven’t seen or talked to in 10+ years.


You know, david tutera style [obviously, it would be on the lower end of things].


I wouldn’t be doing nearly as much, and I could get my dream invitations [$17 each is just insane.. I love them but I just can’t do it].


I would pay for everything for everyone – lodging, flights, hair & makeup. Everything for anyone who wanted it.


I would have better food . I would prefer very much to have a waitstaff and a formal meal, but it’s just not in the budget.


I’d also hire waitstaff for drinks – nobody would have to move their butts for anything, unless they wanted to dance.


I’d get a more expensive dress – I’m on a budget so only looking at dresses in my budget.


More expensive favors, like something that people might actually use.


I’d provide transportation for all my guests via limo to and from the wedding/reception.

I would have a reverse bridal shower. It would be for everyone whos helped with all of the planning. It would be like a mini celebration of our family & friendships.

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Assuming it all comes together the way I want it to, I’m already pretty happy with the way my wedding is now. I’d really only spend the money on the things that would make my life easier. I would:

-Use a rental company for decorations instead of wading through etsy listings looking for milk glass and DIYing everything

-I’d hire a florist since I know it would make my mom happy to have flowers everywhere even though I don’t care for flowers and would rather do non-floral bouquets and centerpieces. 

-I would hire a really good DJ instead of doing the iPod DJ I am considering right now

-I’d book more hours of photography

-I’d have an even more tricked out bar than I already plan on having

-The rest would go to having the most awesome honeymoon ever

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;_; I’d cry if I wasn’t allowed to spend that on my student loans.

But I’d probably expand my guest list to about 125 (it’s below 50 now) and get fancier food and really really kickass live music… and a craaaaazy dress, and make the reception longer. Maybe hire fireworks?

I would NOT make it more formal, I’d just make it a more awesome party. 

@novacaineandlaughter:  I’m not the only one ipodding it! 🙂 

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  • Wedding: May 2013 - Kempinski San Lawrenz, Gozo

omg 100,000 for a wedding. I’d have a hard time spending all that money!!

Hmmm come to think of it, I’d probably leave everything as is, except for:

  • an AMAZING honeymoon. We’d go to paris, ireland, then south America.
  • more flowers. i’m talking LOADS, TONS of flowers 🙂
  • a personal trainer (and maybe surgery) to help me lose weight so I could get this dress:


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Ooh that would be amazing! My wedding is over, but if I had somehow came across this amount of money while we were planning and HAD to spend it on the wedding, we would have a Disney World wedding. That is/was always my dream, but it never would have worked because all of our family is in Michigan and the people important to us could never all afford the trip. But with that amount of money, we could pay for flight and accomodations for those people, which would basically be immediate family, aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, close friends. Heck, I’d probably cut my guest list down to just those people and give them an amazing experience! It would probably be about 50 people. We’d fly everyone down and have them stay at the Contemporary Resort while we stayed at the Polynesian. Rehersal Dinner at the California Grill, which is our favorite restaurant and the guests can watch Wishes, our favorite fireworks show, from there. Ceremony IN the Magic Kingdom early in the morning, then we’d pay for tickets so our guests could enjoy the parks during the day, reception at the backstage prop shop at Hollywood Studios, then move to Epcot for a dessert party where our guests could watch Illuminations.

I’d estimate 10k for transportation, 13k for accomodations, 4k for the rehersal dinner, 5k for park tickets, 3k for the dessert party, and 20k for the ceremony and reception. Which still leaves me about half the 100k budget to go nuts on my dress, photog, flowers, etc.

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  • Wedding: October 2013

Could I use it on a honeymoon?

We are having a small, intimate wedding by choice so I wouldn’t increase the guestlist. Because of our small guest list we are already spoiling our guests, but I would try to add in some other additions.

We are already covering everyone’s accommodations, but I would definitely pay for everyone’s travel (most will be flying or driving 15+ hrs).

I’d LOVE to have a really good 7+ piece band.

I’d put all of the rest toward our honeymoon. I could easily plan a $70K trip.

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Assuming I only get to spend it on wedding and nothing else….


I’d pay for everything for my Bridal Party and my parents and in laws.


Guestlist would stay the same


I wouldn’t have DIY’d the invites


I’d of had real or real-touch silk flowers


Upgrade to the primo-bar from the mid-bar


Opt in for the dry ice for first dance and other misc DJ upgrades


Do better guest favors


 And I’d keep guestlist the same since we’re inviting 250 but only expect 200 to show


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I would have still eloped & then gone on a baller ass honeymoon.


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  • Wedding: April 2015

I wouldn’t use it on my wedding. I would pay all of my student loans straight up and pocket the $650/month towards everything else.

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  • Wedding: September 2013 - B&B

I agree with PP’s, it would be REALLY hard for me to use more money for my wedding and not for other stuff! But I will play!

First, I would hire more servers and staff. I mean I think we’re going to have enough, but more couldn’t hurt, like 2-3 more?

I would rent one of those awesome bathrooms that come in the trailer… the B&B has one bathroom, and they will also get a porta potty. Its kind of a men use the porta potty women get the bathroom kind of thing when you get over 125…

I would pay for everyone’s hotel room and gas to come!!!

I would have a bigger/better bar.

We would get real glassware… we’re looking at the very very very nice plastic stuff, like from Smartyhadaparty.com. (It’s a cocktail reception, not a buffett or sit down dinner. I’d keep it like that because cocktail hour is usually my favorite part, for my wedding its just extended!)

I would SPOIL my girls and our guys! Buy them alllllll kinds of gifts! And our parents too!

I think my favors would be hundred dollar bills lol. Not to show off, but because I would really really like to give it away and give my guests a little something for them.

My guest list couldn’t get any bigger because the venue has a 200 person limit.

My Fiance and I would have an AWESOME honeymoon.

My engagement ring is very symmetrical, and my wedding band will be a very very thin micropave half eternity band. I would get the other one for the other side instead of waiting for it for an anniversary gift!

I would totally pay more to have the tent that’s clear on the top (theme is Starry Night) and then have draping all around the tent walls! And I’m already trying to have tulle and twinkle lights, but I’d have MORE. I’d probably upgrade seriously on the table linens somehow, but I think I’d like to keep my centerpieces the same!

Phew that’s about all I can think of for now! Fun!

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  • Wedding: September 2013 - B&B

P.S. I did think of one more! I would tip all of my vendors like a BOSS.

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@KingsDaughter:  Pay down my student loans and go on an awesome month-long vacation.  I would keep my $5K wedding.

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