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Bumble Beekeeper
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If I ruled the world, I would give everyone equal and free medical care and I would make sure everyone had a roof over their head and food in their tummies.

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Sugar bee
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LOL. All the time. If I ruled the world:

– Stupidity would be a punishable crime

– Reality TV would be banned

– People being famous without any significant talent or contribution to society would have to pay 90% income tax

– Animal cruelty would be a capital offense

I’ll have to entertain this fantasy the rest of the night and see what wonderful rules I can come up with 🙂


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Honey bee
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GREAT Idea MS.  

I have been listening to Lex and Terry (radio show) and they keep talking about why do heinous crimes where someone is caught red-handed go to trial.  Tax payer money shouldn’t be wasted on stuff like this.  If you walk into a school and shoot 10 people dead, and 100 other people SAW first hand that you did it, why do we have to have a trial to prove you are guilty??  

My husband says fast food restaurants should check your BMI before serving food.  

NY is talking about not allowing sodas to be purchased with food stamps, um hello!  Why is this allowed in the first place!  Food stamps should be more like WIC, here is your coupon for 1 gallon milk, 1 dzn eggs, and some other predetermined food.  EDIT – you also should have to take a monthly drug test in order to get food stamps! 

Oh yes, why are teachers automatically given tenure after 3 years.  All they have to do is teach for three years and they are guaranteed a job (basically).  Not many other professions have that and it creates no incentive for teachers to get better and help students.  Tenure should still be awarded if they EARN it and prove they are a good teacher.  I have talked to many of my teacher friends that say its not until the third year of teaching that they really know what they are doing (comfortable in the class, good lessons, etc).   

I’m sure I’ll think of some more! 

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Honey bee
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@caszos: FI and I were just talking about tenure the other day, and I do appreciate that it exists. Consider that if many teachers would have pursued the private sector in their fields instead of teaching (like Fiance has a degree in biology and a minor in chem), they could be making like double the money. Yeah yeah yeah summers off whatever, I still think it is worthwhile to grant tenure. I think that teacher stagnation is a problem, but I think I don’t think tenure is at fault. My bigger problem is with teacher unions making it impossible to get rid of bad teachers — they just get shuffled off to low income schools that need all the help they can get, and instead get the bottom of the teaching barrel. I support unions in theory, but I think the system needs to be changed. I saw a superintendent from a school district in New York somewhere suggest moving towards an apprenticeship program for teachers similar to how it is in some other countries, and I think that is a GREAT idea.

… end soapbox digression.

To answer the original question — I wouldn’t WANT to rule the world!

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Worker bee
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If I ruled the world, other politicians and leaders would have to undergo rigorous background checks and personality and character tests. I work for a newspaper, and could write a book about the ridiculous amounts of corruption, greed, pettiness, scandals, lies, etc I have seen. People would be AMAZED (or maybe not…obviously some politicians have been called out on it.) But seriously, why are these “leaders” collecting huge salaries and campaign funds and basically doing nothing but trying to get MORE money, when they claim they want to “help” the under-privileged, the economy, etc. If most of these politicians would take pay cuts or take a percentage of their salaries and put it back into federal/state/municipal funds…we probably wouldn’t be having the problems we are right now! End rant.


@meliss: And I agree, animal cruelty should be a capital offense!!!!

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Bumble bee
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@caszos:Ditto with the food stamps and fast food rules!!!

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2010

If I ruled the world…

1.  People would pick up their own garbage.  I would never see another cigarette butt, empty McDonald’s bag, crushed up soda can, or gum wrapper on the ground again.  Oh and people would stick their gum into the trash instead of on the sidewalk and under benches.

2.  People would earn what they have, and pay what they’re due.  That applies to money, respect, and courtesy too.

3.  Protein smoothies would cost less than $5.

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Bumble bee
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@caszos: i like ALL of your rules. Fiance and i have been discussing the food stamp soda thing a lot lately, he doesn’t like it but i 100% support it. i’d support your drug test rule too.

i’d rather vote for you to rule the world than to have to do it myself.

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Helper bee

–Licenses to breed.  Stupidity is ruining our planet.

–35 hour work weeks, 4 weeks paid vaca a year, 12 months maternity leave.

–Gas would be $10 a gallon so people would drive more fuel efficient vehicles and all electricity would be produced from renewable sources.

–Oh, and my cats’ litter box would clean itself (I know they make those self cleaning litter boxes, but they don’t work well).

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Bumble bee

@buttontoes: I was thinking along the same lines as you!

Three day weekends and 4 day workweeks (still working only 8 hours per day). I think people will learn to be more efficient with their work time, not to mention spend more time with their family and friends.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Oh gosh, there are so many…..i don’t even know where to begin, LOL

I’d institute a 30 hour a week work week in America, though. Because 30 hours would be the PERFECT of work and life Laughing

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Helper bee
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Good ideas, ladies!  If I ruled the world, after declaring world peace and mandating free universal health care (good idea, Noritake!), I’d move on to the really important stuff: 

1) No one would ever be able to vacuum within earshot of me.  (I hate the sound, unless I’m doing it myself.)

2) Any man who makes any sort of “are you PMSing?” comment would be muzzled for a day.  (Or, if I had magical powers, and why shouldn’t I, since I’m ruling the world?), I’d give him PMS.  

3) Free pandas for everyone!

(EDIT: free pandas only for exceptionally responsible people)

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Helper bee
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I second the licence to breed, 30 hour work week and the quality, free health care!

Now I will add my own 2 cents.

1) Free college eduations to all those who maintain a 3.0 GPA, I’ll work to cover my living expenses.  It’s the damn tuition thats killing me and preventing others from attending.

2) In addition to animal cruelty being subject to capital punishment, we need to add bad parenting.  You were given such an amazing gift: how dare you harm it by being selfish, ignorant or lazy!

3)  All children will attend equally amazing schools and be taught by equally talented, passionate, caring and dedicated professional educators who are paid what they are worth.   (The current salaries would be almost good enough if they didn’t have to worry about healthcare or student loans though 😉

Ok…thats my two cents 🙂


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