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  • Enforce federal paid Maternity leave 3 months minimum
  • Public health care OPTION for those you dont have or cant afford health insurance
  • Tougher sanctions and stricter laws on FDA approval process for drugs.


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Assuming the president can unilaterally do anything I’d

– Legalize marijuana and tax the sh*t out of it

– Change the tax code so that charities have to pay taxes on the portion of their budget allocated to “administrative” expenses

– Legalize gay marriage

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Fire Congress.

Fire the House.

Re-elect and somehow not allow them to spend more time campaigning for their next election (and thereby pandering and voting accordingly) than actually doing their job.

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– Save the arts. Band was a huge influence in my life and it really reached a lot of aspects of my education – math, social, creativity, performance, etc – and I hate the idea that it’s going by the wayside so we can all be science robots (ironically, I work in science now, so I also see the value of that kind of education – I just want our kids to be well-rounded).

– Legalize gay marriage – I’m personally religious, but I see marriage legally as a contractual agreement and am appalled that that option isn’t out there for consenting adults of the same sex.

– I’d also rethink Obamacare – I am involved in a health field and I want people to have fair, affordable access to healthcare, but I don’t think either the system we have now nor the one we’re putting in place will accurately depict what we need in an ideal world.

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@hisgoosiegirl:  lmao, that would do wonders for the economy 😉

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@LGenz:  oh, not everyone, just those ‘running’ the government.

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@hisgoosiegirl:  ah ok, less fun for me to imagine

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Legalize marijuana

Make animal abuse a felony.

Penalize companies that export jobs to other countries and award tax breaks to companies who create jobs in the US.

Stop lobbyists and special interests groups from participating in federal agencies.

Ban oil drilling and fracking in environmentally sensitive areas.

Stop tax breaks for the very rich.

Ensure access to nutritional supplements and alternative therapies.

Ensure the peoples’  right to choose to eat the food they want (like non-GMO foods and raw milk).



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1 – Legalize gay marriage.

2 – Protect a woman’s right to choose.

3 – Do something about the cost of college tuition/student loans.  Its outrageous. We’re told we have to go to college to be successful but many can’t afford it, take out too many loans and wind up worse off than they would have been had they NOT gone. 

4 – Try to figure out some way to implement a 4-day work week.

(ok so maybe 3 and 4 are for personal reasons…but I’m president, I do what I want, right?  lol)

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After further more serious thinking. ……

1.Kill ethanol subsidies and direct the money toward fruits and vegetables instead – making them cheaper and more affordable instead of junk like chips, pop, and processed foods.

2.Extra tariffs/tax on American based companies that export labor and re-import their products (Apple comes to mind but their are many others). Hopefully that would encourage some to bring their jobs back to the States.

3. Torn between implementing term limits or longer terms (to prevent constant campaigning/vote pandering) or killing pork. Each bill can only be about ONE piece of legislation and its related matters. None of this tax blah blah blah tax tax [random bridge to nowhere] tax blah tax blah balh.

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@MrsWrangler:  I *love* your first answer. I was in band in HS, and my husband has always been involved in music and the arts and has a music education degree. It breaks my heart that he is struggling to find a full-time music teaching job, because that means that school districts are cutting back on the arts, thus depriving students of that enriching experience.

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– legalize and tax the hell out of marijuana

– make a Constitutional Amendment that says “marriage” is a religious institution only, and Civil Unions are a federally recognized, legal bond between two consenting adults of any sex or gender.

– Fire all current politicians, including myself – and set things back to how they were intended, where people who have regular jobs/careers briefly serve political office as a service to their country – not to become rich, out-of-touch career politicians

– End all government connections to the oil industries and agro giants like Monsanto

– Make it easier to become a citizen legally, and harder to stay here illegally.

– Have at least 10 hours weekly of volunteering be mandatory to receive unemployment for more than 6 months.

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Honey bee

1. Universal and comprehensive single payer healthcare

2. Legalize gay marriage

3. Strenthen animal rights and environmental regulations 

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@KT808:  I agree with all you said, and would also add

No more anchor babies, you come here illegally and you are caught, you are automatically deported with your entire family. Also, no more tax breaks for anyone coming here legally. You come here, that’s fine, but you sure as hell aren’t going to get any special incentives that I as a natural born citizen can’t receive!

I would also require a very stringent system for any government run programs such as WIC, welfare, etc. Mandatory and random drug tests, proof of what you used the money for, proof that you are looking for a job every week, and automatically taken off the program if you get pregnant while on it

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