(Closed) If it’s not a diamond, then it must be fake?

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It doesn’t matter WHAT you are wearing on your finger (or if you have ANYTHING on your finger at all)! What matters is the commitment and love between you and your SO.

I also don’t like how people assume if you have a large ring that your Fiance went into debt to buy it.

Just because you have a large diamond doesn’t mean you are a-moral or have a lot of debt.

Just because you have a mossy doesn’t mean you are trying to “pass off” your ring as a diamond or pull the wool over anyone’s eyes.

One is not better/nicer/more serious than the other.

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@Asia_Leone: wow, you missed the point entirely.

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@Miss Tattoo: Hey I totally agree that a moisonite or zirconia is not fake and I think its fab you have an awesome bling bling ring to rock. BUT

I think comments like this 

I am proud that I’m not contributing to the diamond industry and killing our Earth even further by mining. Plus, I know my moissanite didn’t kill anyone. ^_^

Anyway, I guess I’ll have to get a tshirt that says “I’m wearing Moissanite” so the diamond ladies aren’t offended because they assumed any white or colorless stone must be a diamond.

are unnessesary and mean I respect your choice to have a moisy please respect mine to have a diamond, or at least dont post on weddingbee that the diamond our fi has chosen for us to show his love has blood on it NOT COOL.

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I think the problem is that too many people assume that any colorless stone is a diamond. Why do people assume that engagement ring = diamond? We’re all different, we all like different things and there are so many other gemstones in this world (in Moissanites case, out of this world) that could be used. I know the diamond industry has swayed people into thinking that way but is it the owner of the other colorless stone at fault? Why should it be the responsibility of the owners of said stones to educate or correct those who assume? I think people, especially those who notice and have something to say about the gem, would be aware that there are other types of colorless stones that can be used. Why should anyone care if it’s a diamond or not? An engagement ring not having a diamond stone does not make it any less of an engagement ring. Why should those who own said stone assume that others assume that it is a diamond? Should they just assume that others are not educated in the variety of gemstones available and just because others assume engagement ring = diamond it now becomes their job to educate them (Captain Correct and Educate on the way!)?  Why can’t a compliment just be about the ring in its totality and not just the stone? I think all the assumptions just need to stop. As my 10th grade History teacher said, “When you Assume, it makes an A** out of U and Me.”

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I’ve been reading this and other discussions and just had to register to have my say. I cannot understand how anyone can consider a moissanite as a fake diamond when it is patently nothing of the kind. It’s a colourless stone, just as a white sapphire or a white topaz are colourless stones. Are they fake diamonds? No, of course they’re not, they’re gemstones in their own right, just as a moissanite is. A precious stone doesn’t have to come out of the earth; it can be grown in a lab and is every bit as ‘real’ as the mined variety. Since we’d have to go to another planet somewhere in the universe to find more moissanite – and that isn’t going to happen! – then the only alternative is to grow it in the lab, just as they grow diamonds and other stones. 

It’s totally illogical to call all colourless stones fake diamonds. And if someone admires my ring with colourless stones then I have to make an annoucement: ‘Those aren’t diamonds, you know. It’s most important you know that because it’s wrong if I let you go away thinking I’m wearing diamonds’ – HA! How ridiculous that sounds! Does a diamond wearer have to tell everyone: ‘Those aren’t white sapphires or moissanites, you know. I mustn’t let you get it wrong …’? What utter nonsense! 

I have a beautiful garnet ring that looks more like a ruby than the usual garnet. Do I have to tell everyone it’s not a ruby, just in case they get the wrong idea? I’m a vegetarian who tries not to wear leather, so do I have to tell everyone my handbag is of manmade material and isn’t leather? Is my handbag a fake? Are my shoes fake because they’re not leather? 

Ladies, wear what you like. I do have a diamond engagement ring but it was bought in the 1970s and we knew nothing of blood diamonds then. I would never buy a new diamond now, any more than I would support the fur trade by buying fur. If I was desperate for a diamond ring I’d make sure it was a vintage one. If I wanted a beautiful sparkling colourless stone I’d go for moissanite or white sapphire, each as beautiful as any diamond and not so common. If i wanted a more properly traditional engagement ring I’d have a coloured stone, as this is what ladies of previous centuries usually had. There’s no real tradition of diamond for engagement rings; that’s a relatively modern fiction dreamt up by the diamond industry. 

So, in conclusion, I don’t know why anyone would really want a diamond engagement ring, but if they do they should maybe have a look at buying vintage, then they won’t be supporting the blood diamonds trade. If they want colourless stones, then go for one of the other colourless stones, such as white sapphire, white topaz or moissanite. If money is an issue, consider a really well-cut cz; I have the most beautiful cz ring – sparkle to die for! My husband is going to buy me a white sapphire eternity ring in rose gold (I just love rose gold). Like many people, I love colourless gemstones because they go with everything and they seem to have extra sparkle; this has nothing to do with wanting to wear diamonds but everything to do with what I like. I also like Swarovski crystals and at present am wearing a band ring of ab crystals which is lovely and has attracted more complimentary remarks than any other ring I’ve ever worn! 

Enjoy your jewellery and ignore those who got sucked into the diamond trade’s marketing net. 

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I say whatever floats your boat and budget.  I think that Moissy is a new trend.  I got married several years ago, and practically lived on the knot at the time, and there was no talk of Moissy.  Here, in 2011, every second post is about Moissy, Asha, etc.

Even though I have a diamond (and I’m fairly certain its not a blood diamond), I do admit the Moissys look very nice.

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lab created still has same chemical compostion therefore real but not natural.. that is all, i love lab created.. they are flawless. my 2 cents

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i enjoy and cherish the tradition of diamond engagement rings that i can pass down to my children! how about yall???????? if you don’t want some poor little child to be chopped up and killed for diamonds THEN DONT GET A DIAMOND FROM A CRAP STORE IN THE MALL.

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lol what happened to the days when we were little all dreaming about our dream weddings and dream husbands when a simple twist tie from a cute boy made our hearts melt, have we really lost the meaning of what really matters in life.. we all express our love in different ways, this is why all our E-rings are beautiful and DIFFERENT! i raise my glass to the good old days when our hearts were not tainted by society… 


if you still disagree keep it yourself, what someone else wears or feels isnt anyone choice but their own

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From what I’ve seen here in Weddingbee,  moissanite is becoming a close second to diamond engagement ring stone choices.  A Large percentage of the polls are questions regarding moissanite, etc. Very soon it maybe the top choice for engagement rings due to its beauty, durability, and affordability .   I ended up choosing a natural ruby for my anniversary/replacement engagement ring but I must admit, I almost, almost, went for a moissanite.  I Think it’s a beautiful stone that is durable, and sparkles like crazy. 

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rhapsodos :  while this debate is definitely still alive and well, I think the tide has turned a bit when it comes to moissanite in the six years since this thread was active. It was definitely a much lesser known option back then, with a lot more stigma surrounding it than it has today. 

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Miss Tattoo :  Ugh, I honestly just can’t believe people care that much. My diamond is “real”, but I honestly would be just as happy if it was Moissanite. Frankly, I probably would have preferred it for multiple reasons.

I would probably just try and redirect the conversation to be along the lines of “yes, it’s a real engagement ring chosen with care and love by my fiance”. I just have a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that people actually care about this…if anything it’s the people with “real” diamonds that should be judged.

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