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Blushing bee

Hmmm… I agree that it is ridiculous and unfair to compare returning pillows with wanting to (I guess) return him in the future.  That was a dumb example (IMHO).  I also think it’s condescending that he thinks you need some kind of time after graduating to become whatever it is you are supposed to become.  Yes, it’s an adjustment to go from being a student to being employed, but usually a pretty welcome one.

On the other hand…  I just have to ask – what happened that made you get the wrong dog?  I am just curious.  I do tend to be of the mind that when you adopt a pet, it’s forever.  It sounds like you guys made a bad decision and got the wrong one for you, but at the same time, I do kind of see his point about how he made a commitment to the dog.

I do not think, of course, that this is some red flag that you would give up on him in the future.  I mean, you’re already together – you’ve tried him out and you liked him enough to move in with him and move towards marriage.  It does sound like he’s making excuses.  Boo. 

I think my feelings would be really hurt that he thinks you’re unsure and just some fickle, flighty person who isn’t “done yet.”  I think I’d take a few days to cool down and then express that calmly.


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Bumble bee

It sounds like he’s not ready, for whatever reason, and he’s just using all that other ‘you have commitment issues’ as an excuse for how he really feels. He obviously is having doubts, no matter who or what they stem from, and that alone is deserving of a serious sit down talk.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but I’ve got a pretty good bs detector, and it was going off like crazy regarding what he was saying.

Good luck with whatever happens. I hope everything works out for the best!  

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Helper bee

@RenoRose:I don’t know.  My boyfriend told me he wanted me to live on my own for a bit before we moved in together… so I am for a year.  He couldn’t have been more right though!!  I needed that time to be me, figure out my routine, figure out that I am capable of being grown up.  It sounds lame, but at 25 I thought I knew exactly who I was.  Since moving in by myself, I have changed so much.  SO, I don’t think that part is BS or unreasonable.  You need to REALLY know yourself before you can commit to forever with someone.  You may think you already do, I did, but you would benefit from it.  If he just means taking a break in your schedule before getting engaged and planning a wedding, then what’s the big deal?  If you know you’re going to get married…take your time.  People who rush through life only crash and burn later.

It sounds like you tow already live together with the dog?  So how did you end up choosing this dog?  I got my pup and I was totally shocked by her craziness.  She’s very hyper and it takes FOREVER for her to get tired… but I am her “mom” now and returning her was never an option.  A dog is a life long commitment, I am afraid.  If you were to return him, he could be euthanized or no one else would adopt him, etc…

I second what everyone else said.  You definitely need to talk to your Boyfriend or Best Friend about whether or not he’s REALLY ready…or if he’s just going along to avoid upsetting you.

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Bumble bee

Regarding the dog, it sounds like you’re hurt b/c your feelings were completely disregarded. It has nothing to do with the actual dog itself, but more w/ the fact that your Boyfriend or Best Friend disrespected you by dismissing your feelings as invalid. The two of you disagreed on the kind of dog you want, and instead of compromising on a dog you could both agree on, your Boyfriend or Best Friend had his own needs met at the expense of yours. And therein lies the resentment. All of this of course, is only In My Humble Opinion.

 You could always get a bulldog and still keep the other one. Just a thought.

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Helper bee
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I do believe he is using excuses (dog,pillows,soul searching) for his commitment issues. You need to ask him where he see your relationship going in the next few years. Whether you like his response or not you have to make a decision whether you are going to stay and confront his commitment issues or leave. 

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Busy bee
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I’m sorry you are going through all of this. I just wanted to say something about “the dog”, and I’m not being snotty, so I hope it doesn’t sound this way. You guys chose “the dog”. Judging by the way you never even mention a name of “the dog” that you have to “deal with” it definitly sounds like you are resenting him. He didn’t choose you to live with, you two (or at least your bf) chose him. Animals (especially dogs) are really good at picking up on people’s energy and I’m sure he can sense that you don’t like him. Just try and remember that when you are stuck “dealing with him”. All he wants is to be loved.

BTW- the Humane Societies here require all members of the family to meet and agree on a pet before you can adopt. Does your Humane Society not do this?



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Worker bee
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While I agree that some of his excuses seem to be just that, I have to say that I would also be worried by the dog situation. Animals ARE a major commitment. Dogs, first of all, aren’t “it”s, and they aren’t disposable. Not every dog is for every person, of course, but if you agreed to adopt the dog can you really sit here and blame your FH? It sounds like your resentment is coming from somewhere else. You need to recognize that you also had a part in this. No one forced you to get the dog, if you have such strong feelings about the dog you should have made these feelings known and refused. For your part, you don’t seem too willing to compromise either, because your whole post was all about bulldogs and what you wanted. Relationships, especially marriages, don’t work like that. It sounds like you BOTH need to learn how to compromise before you can move forward.

Why not start a compromise now? He can keep the dog if he agrees to keep the dog exercised, or take him/her to obedience or training classes to reduce the stress on you. Showing him that you realize there are many options to confront hyperactivity, and that you are willing to explore them, will show him that you do understand commitment and won’t throw in the towel at the first sign of trouble. Honestly, that IS what you are doing right now. While I don’t know your FH and whether this reasoning is sincere or not, all I can say is that, from my perspective, the dog issue would raise red flags for me.

Finally (sorry I’m being so long winded), also try to see that his reaction may be a defensive one because he loves this dog. If my FH tried to pressure me in to letting go of one of my animals, friends, or family members, I would be defensive too. Again, it is all about compromise… something that both of you need to work on.

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Helper bee
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You should find that poor dog a loving home.  It is too much work for you and not fair to the dog.  Having a dog and marriage are two seperate issues.  You are totally right about finding the dog a better suited home.  Your bf is being cruel to the dog.  He cant pay it any attention but wants to keep it.  That is alarming to me.  You want to give the dog the best home possible.  That sounds responsible and like the right thing to do.

Also the soul searching thing is a bit ridiculous in my opinion. After I graduated I was job searching, NOT soul searching, and I didnt change much at all. It sounds like he is making excuses because he doesnt want to talk to you about the real issue.

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Busy bee
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About the dog custody thing, I kind of joked about it with Fiance before we were engaged. I told him I’d have custody but he’d have to pay dog support since she has ridiculously expensive food… he just thought it was funny.


Anyways…back to the real issues… Yes it does sound like he has some issues and is using other things as an excuse. I think you do need to do some thinking. I’m not sure how getting the dog went down, but it would be enough reason to  raise a red flag on both of you:

Red flag against him because this dog clearly wasnt what you wanted, and it doesn’t seem like it was even a half compromise.  Furthermore, he’s not even taking responsibility for the dog he wanted, and left it with you.(think what it might to be have children with this guy)

Red flag against you, because I’m assuming you gave your ok on this decision. I mean it’s pretty well known that you can’t just get rid of a dog, that’s it’s a forever commitment. So it does make you think about how long did you think about this before you committed to it, and are how you work through tough issues.

So have a heart to heart with you SO, figure out what to do with the dog, and your relationship. Good luck!

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Helper bee

I am very sorry you’re going through this. Your feelings are obviously being hurt and your boyfriend needs to sit down with you so you two can discuss what is really going on here. I feel like it is unfair for your boyfriend to compare your home decor decisions to your commitment to your relationship and readiness for marriage. He is making excuses.

I may be in the minority here with what I’m about to say, and I absolutely mean no disrespect. However, I am a little alarmed about your behavior associated with the dog. I have to agree with your boyfriend on this point alone. I feel like he was a bit justified in his curisoity in regards to you wanting your OWN dog, just in case things between the two of you don’t work out. Perhaps I’m strange and being slightly naive, but when my SO and I make life decisions, we commit to it together, no exceptions or questions asked. Also, I agree with the PP that stated that this dog is not an “it”, he/she is a living being, and while not human, has feelings.

I know this is going out on a limb here, but in order to be a good pet owner, I believe you need to look at your furry companion a little like you would a child. You can’t exactly choose what your children will look like, or the way in which he/she will behave. You may dream about a blue eyed daughter with a quiet demeanor and a love for the arts, and end up with a brown eyed son, who is rowdy and likes to play baseball in the house. However you obviously love them just the same. But overall, I agree that your dog needs a loving home, and if you don’t feel that you and your boyfriend can collectively provide him with that, then surely do proceed in finding a family that can.

Good luck to you!

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Blushing bee
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Find the dog a nice home and deal with your bf later.  He is being unreasonable.

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Buzzing bee
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First the dog issue: I agree with PP, please, please find Jackson a new home asap.  You are smart to realize you made a mistake and want to correct it.  From what you described, your Boyfriend or Best Friend could not have picked a dog with a worse disposition for your living situation, expecially if you wanted a mellow English Bulldog, which, in his defense, is really is expensive and definitely requires certain surgeries for breathing problems and ingrown eyelashes, of all things.  I really wanted one too for the exact same reasons you did and then realized it would just be too expensive (ended up with a resue Pug).

But you will just get more and more resentful of Jackson as time goes by and it isn’t fair to either one of you. If you don’t remedy the dog situation now, it will just compound the error. Been there done that.

Which brings me to the Boyfriend or Best Friend issue:  He is way off base by suggesting that the dog is a symbol of your committment to your relationship.  Agree with Mrs. Candy:  He is being unreasonable.

p.s.  English Pointer fans:  Please don’t jump all over me.  I am a total “dog” person and religiously watch Westminster every year only to fall in love with a different breed every time 🙂 But *treading lightly and not casting any blame* a lot of dogs end up in shelters because people don’t thoroughly research the breed before adopting.  It really isn’t the fault of the dog at all-they do what they are bred to whether it’s herding, hunting or lying around your house in your lap.  But there is someone who would love to have a dog like Jackson.  Someone who lives in the country (really!) and has lots of room and the time to exercise him properly. 


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