" If" you could change one thing about your body…

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Sugar bee
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The only thing I like about my body is my height (I’m 5’8″).  I’d love to change everything else.

Yes, I realize I have a problem.

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Blushing bee

Easy – my nose! I have a lot of self confidence and am comfortable in my body except for this! I have hated my nose since I was 13. I finally worked up the courage to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation. 

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Bumble bee
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SisterJude :  Me too! I am sooo nearsighted and the past few months I’ve been battling dry eyes to the point I may not be able to wear contacts anymore 🙁 🙁   And they won’t do Lasik if you have dry eyes because it makes your eyes dryer.

One time in high school I expressed to a friend that I was jealous of this other girl’s “perfect” figure – she was waif-like but with probably a C cup. My friend looked at me and said “you know she has cystic fibrosis, right?” I did not know and it really threw me – here I was coveting her figure and she’s got a life expectancy of about 40, not to mention the health challenges she had to fight constantly as a kid. It was pretty eye-opening and helped me be grateful for my body, which hasn’t done me wrong – gets me where I need to go, and I know if I put my mind to it and were more dedicated to exercising and eating right, I could drop the 10-15 lbs I’d like to lose. But my eyesight won’t get better by me being dedicated!

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Blushing bee

I actually plan on changing my thing next year.

I have UK size 32HH (US size 32L) breasts. They cause severe upper back pain, some neck pain, skin irritation underneath them and they affect my posture.

They also look ridiculous on me as I’m only 5’0″, but if this were the only down side then I wouldn’t care about changing them.

I wanted to wait until I’d had children to have a reduction, but the pain has become too severe so I’ll have to do something soon, or by the time I have kids I may no longer be able to even pick them up. 

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Blushing bee

veganeh :  I have permanent dark circles that are definitely hereditary 

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Helper bee

Stop aging. Im in my 40’s and i have all these lines and wrinkles around my eyes and crepey skin around my eyes and i HATE it. My boyfriend is 5 years younger than me AND looks even much younger than me, and before he and I started dating, after his divorce, he dated 30 year olds for 3 years, so it makes me feel even more self conscious of my age. He constantly tells me how much he loves me and how gorgeous he thinks I am and how he doesn’t want a 30 year old, that he couldn have been with them, he broke up with them, that he actually broke up with all of them and then did an online dating profile setting the age 35-45 (he was 39 at the time) because he didn’t WANT way younger women but that’s just what people were setting him up with or who he would meet, so it’s ALL my own insecurity about aging. I could have surgery to fix it but he would never want me to because he thinks Im “perfect” and its joint finances so I feel like I cant do it. But I totally would if I wasn’t with him

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Sugar bee
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I already changed my thing. I got a nose job about 7 or so years ago. I had a gigantic hump on the bridge of my nose that I was really self-conscious about ever since I was a kid. Best decision ever!

Other than that I am okay with my body. However, I am pregnant now so who knows what I’ll think after the baby is born. tongue-out

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Blushing bee

I didn’t read all the comments so sorry if this has been touched on already- but did op seriously say she’s scared of going under and not waking up, or worse waking up deformed?!! Yikes…

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Sugar bee
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allthingsshiny01 :  in a perfect magical world where it could all be done without cutting, anethstesia or recovery time I’d get slightly bigger boobs, my puffy eyes fixed and something done to make my leg and butt look more seperate, if that makes sense, and maybe male my nose smaller. But anethstesia doesn’t  work right for me and I don’t really trust doctors so it’ll never be done

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Sugar bee

Overall, I’m really happy with my body and my looks.

But I think if I could change one physical thing, I’d give myself really beautiful clear glowy skin. My skin isn’t bad thankfully (I struggled with acne as a teenager and was on meds for it but as an adult it’s been mostly clear) but I have larger pores and my skin is oily, and I feel like I have to use BB cream or foundation daily to even out my skin texture. I also tend to get body acne. I’d love the kind of clear model-y skin where I could go without foundation and feel hot. 

If I’m listing all the things I’d potentially change, I’d also make my boobs a little perkier and more symmetrical, and give myself smaller areolas. And maybe make myself a couple inches taller. And get rid of my hereditary undereye circles. 

All that said, I am okay with my flaws, realize I’m overall really lucky, and wouldn’t go in for any elective surgery to change my looks. I would like to do laser hair removal at some point if I can justify spending the money because I’d love to never have to shave again, and I see that as not only cosmetic but also a practical investment since I would save SO much time getting ready every day if I never had to worry about hair removal. 

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Busy bee
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The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve come to love my differences and body, even at my heaviest now. However if I could change one thing, it’s have to be my skin. I have eczema and adult acne (though not as bad as when I was a teen) and it can be quite painful at times during flare ups of both. But I wouldn’t want to change ever having acne–it shaped me growing up and gaining self confidence–but I wouldn’t be sad if my skin suddenly became perfect now. 😀

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Busy bee

I’d keep my head and exchange the entire body, unfortunately!

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Keep my ears and change everything else! I’m not happy with top bottom or side to side. :/ 

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