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Blushing bee
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I try to just look at it as money in the bank and that gets me through. On especially bad days I try to remember that there are many many people that cannot find employment and would be so grateful to have my job or any job. I know how hard it can be but try to look on the positive side, and if you really feel like you need a change, shop around for something else and see if you get any interviews. 

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Sugar Beekeeper
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I planned a big trip with my husband as the end point. We are both quitting our jobs to travel in about 7 months. Let the countdown begin!

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Honey Beekeeper
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I hate my job a bit too.  I don’t really have enough work to keep me busy during the day and my coworkers sometimes cause a lot of drama.  For the coworkers, I try to think about how sad her life must be that she is like this.  As for the not enough work, I try to work on training and spreading out the work I do get but it’s tough.

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Bee Keeper
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you are not alone….

Mostly i don’t have alot to do.  I have managed, over the course of two months to put our entire family tree, going back 6 generations, into ancestry.com. I’m including in that, pictures, dob/dod, fourth cousins … you name i got it in there … sighs … i would like to read but my co-worker was written up for having a book at work.  My other co-worker has watched all the Twilight Movies, and the season of My So Called Life. 

It’s terrible cause there’s like a BILLION things i can think of doing at home but here is where my happy but sits … I wish there was drama here but we’re all so bored we just don’t care.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I really, REALLY hated my last job. Came home crying some days. I felt better about when I was proactive to change the situation…at first I was just going to go back to school for something more interesting. I even took a semester’s worth of classes. But that didn’t pan out because it seemed like such a big financial mess to go back to school. I actually started looking for jobs on our internal server. Then i’d contact the hiring managers and ask about that position and let them know it sounded interesting. One guy said to come in and we’ll talk. He said he didn’t feel I was a good fit for the position, but gave me some names of other managers and told me to talk to them, that their work sounded more along the lines of what I wanted. It was like nobody wanted me to leave, they just wanted to find a niche for my skills. I also met with my assigned HR manager at work and he was like “oh crap let’s move you!” and within a couple of months I had a new desk and a new position. He explained to me that there are a couple different types of people here–people good for research and people good for production. I was a production person in a research job. And i loathed it.

But I always told myself that at least I got paid well to hate my job…the thought of getting paid less and hating it still sounded awful. So at least I was comfortable in other aspects of my life and that DID help take the edge off it. So i just used it as an incentive to get me through (gotta pay those bills! no job=no food) and it lit a fire under my butt to find a new position. A change of surroundings did me lots of good! I think just the fact that you are actively looking for a new job will help. yes it will take time, but hope is on the horizon!!

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Bee Keeper
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I like my actual job, but there is a lot of people drama in my workplace which really puts a damper on it. I don’t think you can every really avoid that.. in any company big or small there will be people you don’t like and things change not always for the better. I had a hard time adjusting to working in a new group that is a total clique and won’t warm up to anyone (including me) outside of it. Sure, they’re nice to me when we have to talk to each other, but they all go out to lunch, out for drinks, etc. quite often and I”m almost never included. It still bothers me, but I’ve managed to accept it and the bright side is that I am avoiding a situation where there is animosity among friends if one person gets promoted. They are actually dragging each other down in a lot of ways they don’t realize and I may not have a super active social life at work, but I don’t have to follow all the rules of the group at the same time.

My two previous jobs got so bad that I dreaded going into work every day so I also understand that feeling. The work was crappy, I was walked all over by my higher ranking coworkers, and in one job I was always the scapegoat if anything at all went wrong. I would have nightmares about work, it was bad. Both of those jobs I left for another opportunity becaue of how bad it was, that’s how I dealt with it.

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Buzzing bee

I don’t care for my job and am going to start looking for a new one late March/early April.

I work for an accountant and as much as I dislike the job, I certainly won’t up and leave him during tax season…I’d like his referal, plus I’m not a witch 🙂

ETA: I just realized I never answered your question. Coping wise, it really does stink. For the most part I like to keep music on in the background, and it helps to get e-mails from my mom and FH. I also take my lunch as late as possible. That way when I come back I only have to work for a couple hours before leaving. I also cry. Lol, but usually only at home 🙂

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Honey bee
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i hate my job because i don’t have enough work, and when i do have work, it’s frankly below my level a lot of the time. i’m A LOT younger than any of my coworkers, and despite being more educated than a lot of them and being in my job for the past few years, i get stuck with all of the junior work. it’s frustrating.

i have super job security and the opportunity for good pay raises, so i’m not going anywhere, even though somedays i’ve been really upset and sent out applications. i’m just putting my time in before i can transfer to another division.

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Sugar bee
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I try really really hard to convince myself that no one likes their jobs! lol

I guess I’m happy that I’m well paid to hate my job, it could be worse. I really hate coworkers more than the job though. They’re such miserable people. I’ve given up talking to anyone or eating lunch with friends. They’re so miserable they upset me so now I eat by myself. So lonely at work!

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Buzzing bee
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I loathe my job, but I work for family and it’s not a simple “just find another job” solution. I get through it by living for the weekends. Like I seriously just keep counting the hours till I’m off on Friday. Also, I cope by knowing that I won’t be stuck here forever and tell myself things will get better for me soon! I cry a lot less now that I’m not letting myself feel hopeless about the situation. I will be free one day!!! 🙂

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Helper bee

i work with my parents, ya i need my head examined:P

honestly the only thing thats stopping me from leaving this instant is that i know i wont get a job anywhere else, i have no qualifications and i feel guilty about leaving them in that position…. so ive started doing a part time childcare course, and in less than two years im going to pack my bags and move to canada:)

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Bee Keeper
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I hate my job, too :(. I apply for a ton of other jobs, and it makes me feel like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. I have a job interview on Friday, and that’s definitely getting me through this week!

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Bee Keeper
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I hated my last job.  It was my first “real” job, and my first job in my career after college.  I would truly come home and cry almost everyday, and I hated my days off because everytime the phone would ring, and I would see “WORK” calling, I felt the knot in my stomach again.  I was mistreated, de-valued, and used as a scapegoat.

I applied to several jobs, but some deranged sense of loyalty kept me there.

One day, I had a good interview for a job, and at the end, the person conducting the interview (the business owner) looked at me and said “Your employer is so lucky to have you.”

At that point I knew, I couldn’t stay another day.  I put my notice in the same day, and the next day I got offered the new job.  LOL.  I didn’t care if I got it or not, really, I just knew that my current position was changing who I was as a person, and it was turning me into a person I didn’t like anymore.  I was no fun, I was stressed out, I was retreating into myself.  I couldn’t do it anymore.

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