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  • poll: What should a voter do if he/she does not like either presidential candidate?
    Do not vote : (22 votes)
    8 %
    Write in another name : (40 votes)
    14 %
    Decide who is the lesser of two evils and vote : (198 votes)
    68 %
    other : (32 votes)
    11 %
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    If you’re not in a swing state vote your conscience. If you are in a state that matters I would vote for Hillary or Trump based on the way you want the Supreme Court to swing. I get wanting to vote for a third party candidate because they are both awful but the next president will be appointing multiple justices. I would also spend way more time deciding how to vote for the rest of the seats up for re-election. 

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    I wish Bernie won the primary. He is what this country needs. I am  #NeverHillary but more #NeberTrump. Shit election. 

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    Lokie85 :  I’m with you 100%. A vote for a third party candidate is a wasted one because the system is not currently set up for one of them to win. They just don’t have the numbers, and it’s all about numbers. As a woman of color, Trump disgusts me to no end. I’d rather have Hillary for the next four years than a man that might as well be up there in a KKK robe spewing hatred and ignorance. We’re already the laughing stock of the world for letting him get this far. 

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    larissakay :  +1

    If main parties are so worried about third party votes taking away their chances, maybe they should pay attention to the worries of those voters instead of saying get over it and just trust that they’ll give a shit later. They won’t.

    It’s always a pick your poison situation…it shouldn’t have to be. 

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    ladyvictoria :  judging by body language, I’m pretty sure that Hillary is secretly racist, too.  She always looks super odd and uncomfortable whenever she’s around non-whites, even in her own ads.  

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    Anyone who doesn’t vote doesn’t deserve to complain for the next four-to-eight years.  Seriously.  I can’t stand it when people say they didn’t vote, but then bitch and moan about politics.  You have a say and you have a voice — use it!

    Vote your conscience – whether that’s one of the mainstream candidates, a third party candidate, a write-in candidate.  But vote.  It’s a civic responsibility.  

    People died to give us all the right to vote in free elections, and our usual 20-30% vote turnout is shameful. 

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    Hate both with a passion. I would have wanted Ivanka Trump and maybe I’ll write her in haha seriously, calm, level headed, a woman, and her speech was great. 

    We have to vote so I’ll probably vote crooked Hillary over racist Trump. 

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    My fiancé wants to start a movement for people to write in Morgan Freeman on the ballot because he “kicks ass.” LOL – I might just stay home.  

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    ladyvictoria :  A vote for a third party is a wasted vote?  My how things would change if every single person who is disgusted with the two-party system, and said this exact statement, would actually vote for a third-party candidate!


    You know what I consider a wasted vote?  Voting for someone who’s foundation was supported by Trump, and who has previously been funded even politically by… you guessed it, Trump.  The “lesser of two evils” argument is an illusion when both parties are horrible with protecting and defending your civil rights.

    I’ve been voting third-party since I was eligible to vote, and I am able to look back and say “I never voted for someone who willingly sent someone else’s son or daughter to occupy another country and risk getting killed, I never voted for someone who raised taxes, and I never voted for someone who treated my civil rights like something to tread on.”  

    If that’s a wasted vote, I look foward to wasting it until the day I die.

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    I’m going to vote third party, like I always do. I vote for candidates who actually match my political ideals, not just the lesser of two evils. I wish more people would actually research who is running and not just thinks about the democrats and republicans.

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    Jill Stein and Gary Johnson. Look them up.

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     I have to vote Hillary. Trump is not an option for me, and neither is Pence! They are horrible people who stand against almost everything I stand for. Nope. 

    Triage this shiz.

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    I think you need to look at the bigger picture. The president doesn’t have as much power as we think, but one of his/her greatest powers is appointing the justices to the SCOTUS. Which candidate do you think will be more likely goal point a justice that shares your views?

    Even if you don’t want to vote for president, go vote for your local legislators. Almost 90% of congress is up for reelection. If you sit this vote out, you are missing your opportunity to influence who is voting on the bills that the president signs into law.

    It’s foolish to try to write in a candidate because those votes are not even counted unless the candidate has registered, and if you ever want a viable third party, the time to push for that is when election rules are being set, not when an election is going on. Which goes back to voting for your local legislators. 

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    3rd party. If some people see it as a waste then that’s cool. The nice thing about having the right is that I can vote how I want. As PP said, I don’t believe in choosing a lesser of evils and prefer to vote for whom I truly feel comfortable with.

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    All the best available evidence from 50+ years of scholarship in the areas of game/behavioral theory (particularly collective action problems) and the study of American elections strongly supports the contention that voting for a third party candidate in a presidential election is a pointless gesture that, in many cases, is liable to end up benefitting the very major party candidate most offensive to the third party voter.

    If you truly cannot stand the idea of Trump winning the presidency, all the available evidence we have suggests that you’re a fool if you don’t vote for Clinton, and vice versa.  

    The structure and financing of American elections is what gives whatever the two major parties are at the time a virtually insurmountable advantage, so if the two party system genuinely concerns you, your most effective move would be to get involved w/groups that support electoral reform.  For USA posters, that could include groups like http://www.fairvote.org/ or groups that support significant campaign finance reforms.

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