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  • poll: If no meds, how long was labor?
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    23 %
    6 to 11hrs : (3 votes)
    14 %
    12 to 17hrs : (1 votes)
    5 %
    18 to 24hrs : (3 votes)
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    more than 24hrs in labor : (10 votes)
    45 %
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    As the big day is approaching, I’ll be following this thread with great interest.

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    the hours of labor usually depend on if it is your first child or not.  My first child was a c-section, planned.  Second had to be induced and third, well she came in like 3 hours, so the pain meds didn’t work.

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    I had 3 out of 4 with no meds.  The one with an epidural was 13.5 hours.  Epidural was a huge mistake.  4.5 hours of pushing.

    2nd was 38 hours of labor but only the last hour was difficult.

    3rd was about 9 hours I think?  I was sent home from the hospital and he was born in my van.

    4th was about 4.5 hours.

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    Neither one of mine were pain free, but I thought I would share.

    My first was pain med free with Pitocin actually. Worked an 12 hour day Saturday with contractions on and off. Went home around 8pm and they really picked up. Around midnight my mom (I was young and lived at home) thought we should go to the hospital becase they were strong and regular, but not getting an closer.

    Got to the hosital at 12:30 was 4-5 cm. They let me walk around for a while and get in the shower. They hooked me up for moitoring and noticed a problem with baby, so I had to stay in bed. Hooked me up to Pitocin around 8 I think and I delivered at 11: 19.

    My second had contractions all day, got serious around 6 after my doctors appointment. Went to to the hospital at 7 or so.  I panicked after going from 6-7cm in half an hour and took IV pain meds around midnight. They halted my labor completely, but I did get a good nap in between contractions. Delivered at 11:30am or so. I think my second labor would have gone much more quickly had I not taken any medication. We are working on number 3 now and I intend on a completely natural birth.

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    I’ve always wondered this, too.  My mom had 5 med-free births, but she also had super fast labors.  The longest was 6 hours, and the shortest was only 3!

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    @Wigglewagon: Oh my goodness that is crazy! I would be so pissed if they sent me home and that happened.

    I was in labor for a total of 49 hours. It wasn’t so bad, just really exhasting! While it was happening I had no sense of time and it really didn’t feel like that long, (started mid day friday, gave birth sunday). I do highly recomend the tub for at least part of labor if not for birth too, it was so relaxing.

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    First baby I labored 8.25 hours pushed 4.5 hours. She had her fist in her mouth and her elbow was stuck the little stinker.  No Meds

    Second baby I was at 4 cm for the last three months. So had 4 hours labor (no meds) but pain free til I started pushing. 16.5 minutes of pain wasn’t bad! 🙂

    Hoping for the same when I try for the next one.

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    It’s hard to say how long I was really in labor for. I say under 5 hours (2:30am-7:10am), but my midwife is convinced I was in labor for the entire weekend. Saturday my contractions became regular and stayed that way for the whole weekend, but I was still able to live life through them (walk, talk, sleep). I count labor starting as when the contractions became so bad they woke me up and I had to concentrate on them (2:30 monday morning). So, you decide. 

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    Don’t hate me for what I am going to say. Instead maybe use my experience as hope that it is possible.

    With both of my children I had silent labor. That’s where you don’t actually feel the contactions, but they are happening. With both of them I only felt the last 5 or 6 contactions. Those contractions were very strong, but I also think I experienced them that way because I had no chance to work up to that level.

    For the first delivery, I went to the hospital because it was 6 weeks early and I had no clue what was going on. It never occurred to me that I was in labour- I just thought something was going wrong. My son was born about 20 minutes later.

    For the second, I was hospitalized as my waters had broken, it was 4 weeks early and the doctor was concerned . I was sleeping on the ward, woke up at midnight and my daughter was born 10 minutes later. The doctor only made it as he lived across the street. He asked me if I felt like pushing, I said no, but I would if he wanted me to. One push was all it took.

    Both babies were fine by the way. I took them both home from the hospital when I was discharged.

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    I started having contractions on July 10th, but nothing was really moving along. They started getting more closer together around the 13, and I was in hard labor from then until I had him on the 15th, so I was in labor for about 5 days! I stayed at home most of the labor, but when I went in they were about to send me in for a c section, but he ended up dropping, but when I actually started pushing he came within 10 minutes! I actually couldnt have a epidural because I low platelet count. I had an episiotomy so it did hurt a bit more, but afterwards you wont even remember the pain! I remember thinking “Ill never forget this pain, Im never having another child”, but now I cant wait! Good Luck!!

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    I haven’t given birth yet, but my mama had med free birth with my brother and me. She was in labor for about 6 hours with my mama and about 24 hours with me. 

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    My friend was adamant about a natural birth. She mentally prepared for it, researched extensively, and took classes. It all went out the window when she was in labor! But not because of the pain, the pain she could stand. In fact, they offered her an epidural several times during her labor, she denied it the whole time. But she was in labor for soooo long, they even had her walking around a few times, and in the end, she was so physically exhausted and tense, it was the only way.

    So in the end, she relented and took the epidural, and almost instantly, her baby was born! He was a healthy, baby boy.

    When she was pregnant again with her 2nd son, she didn’t bother with the natural birth.

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    How long is labor is not a black and white question 🙂

    I started feeling contractions (And with other signs know THIS WAS IT) around 5 AM…. but these were so faint it could have felt like gas bubbles or something. They very slowly got stronger… and by 3 or 4 PM I tensed up maybe a little bit as they rolled though. I’d say active labor (that made me stop walking to get through a contraction) was around 5 hours. But labor itself from the first signs was 15-16 hours.

    I can really go by my water breaking either because they had to break it when I was at 9.5 cm about 30 minutes before he was born.

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