(Closed) If you had a mouse living in your garage, would you trap it?

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Bumble Beekeeper

I don’t think there’s much harm, although I’m sure someone will disagree with me.  What if Spencer turns out to be Spencette and has lots of tiny, pooping babies?  I know mouse poop is toxic or something like that.

I’ve used humane traps before (mouse walks in, door closes behind it) and taken them on a short drive to relocate them at a park.  Good luck!  And thanks for not using sticky traps, those things make me so sad.

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Blushing bee
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even if he is a dude, all it takes is one female mouse to move in and BAM! hundreds of little mouse poopies. don’t feel too bad, he’s probably not going to return your kindness once he finds a way into your kitchen!

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Honey bee
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Juliepants brought up my concern.  One mouse is just a mouse, not a big deal.  Multiple mice are definitely an issue.  I would relocate him to a park or something and find a spayed or neutered dog or cat to share life with.  I am sure that the comfort of an actual pet will be far more gratifying than the comfort of knowing Spencer is in the garage somewhere.

Also, I am sorry to hear of your recent loss of your furbaby.  They really are part of the family.

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Sugar bee
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I don’t think it’s that big of a deal as long as you know he’s in there.  I had a box of stuff in the garage once that a mouse made a home in and ruined all the stuff.  I think it might be worth a shot to catch and release him though as long as you didn’t release him right outside the garage door.  

If you end up looking for a humane way to trap him my sister did this and it worked better than anything.  Take an empty toilet paper roll and put it on something kind of high up like a shelf the mouse gets to (if you have anything like that in the garage).  Make sure half the roll is hanging off the ledge and put some cheese or peanut butter or whatever in that half.  Place a tall garbage can underneath.  

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I love mice and had some as pets before so I wouldn’t mind them in the garage, but I do mind them in my kitchen!  We use homemade humane traps if we spot them.  Take a paper towel tube and put peanut butter on the inside of one end.  Place a tall garbage can next to a stack of boxes with the paper towel tube balancing off of the boxes and over the garbage can.  The mouse will climb up the boxes and into the tube to get to the peanut butter, the tube will over balance and mouse and tube will fall into the garbage can.  You just have to make sure the garbage can is tall enough so they won’t jump out.  Put a cover on the garbage can, stick it in your car, and drive over a mile away from your house and release.  They won’t be able to find their way back if you’re over a mile away.

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Buzzing bee
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I cannot sympathize with this as I HATE mice. If it was me, I would set up a trap to kill it immediately. However, as that seems to not be in your plans I do suggest a humane trap and release as there is possibilty of babies and you don’t want any sort of infestation. Also, perhaps a new pet?

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@UpstateCait:    Haha!   That’s adorable, you softie.

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Bumble bee
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@Juliepants:  those sticky traps are HORRIFIC!!! i had an old coworker who used to always laugh about throwing live mice into the trash because they were stuck to those things :/ so cruel!


@UpstateCait:  spencer is lucky he found such a gracious host! i grew up in the county so mice dont really phase me. i dont think there is anything “wrong” with letting him stay put, but i do think that it would be better for all if you brought him to a woodsy place to find a new home to avoid one turning into an infestation. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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Sorry mice are dirty and can cause many problems. If your garage has wiring which most garages do they can chew on them and you have frayed wiring which can cause a fire. I would either kill that thing or get rid of it by relocating. 

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Busy Beekeeper
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@Juliepants:  YOU”RE BACK!!!! and a MRS!!!! Congrats!!!

Sorry I didn’t mean to threadjack hihi but just had to 🙂


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Sugar bee

I’d trap him. Too many germs and he might bring friends and babies.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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One mouse is never one mouse for long! They can bring in really dangerous bacteria, as well – drug resistant staph, E. coli, among others. It’s really best not to let the situation linger, although I agree – they are really cute! Our cat looooooves to kill mice, so it’s never been an issue for us. They are usually dead before we even know they are there!

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Sugar bee

@UpstateCait:  Let me tell you a little story. A lady I use to work with lived in a new construction home. Well a lovely little mouse found a hole in the foundation, flattened it’s little body like they are so good at, and made her home in this woman’s crawl space. Well this little mouse had babies, lots of them. Through this the mouse and all of her babies found their way into the woman’s home. She found them everywhere and would see multiples at a time. They got into her cupboards so she was forced to spot clean every inch of those. One died inside of her refrigerator and she couldn’t find it for at least a week. They pooped in every area of the home and her and her daughter were forced to kill all of them because there was no way to trap 20-30 mice terrorizing her home.


I would not allow Spencer to be left to live in my garage. For me that is a serious no no. Even if he is a he there is always the possibility that he could tell all his friends about the great new pad he’s just got and they could all come live with him and make a nest and give you lots of little baby mice. Trap him, drive him several miles from your home and release him there. Do not allow him to live in your garage.

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