(Closed) If you have morning sickness…and pets, a question.

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@Quietserenity:  How often does she vomit?  Is it a hairball?  If she does this often, maybe the vet should look at her and see if she has asthma (one of my cats throws up when she has attacks).  Could you change the food?  If it’s a hairball, I’ve read giving a tiny bit of petroleoum jelly will help ball the fur in the stomach and pass.

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I used to get sick when feeding our dogs.  The smell of their food would get me everytime.  One thing that helped was wearing a bandana over my nose (or I would just pull my shirt up over my nose), and opening all the windows to get some air flowing.  I also washed my hands immediately after, so I could get rid of the smell right away.  Sometimes, the smell still made me puke, though, and in that case, I just had to run for the bathroom and finish the job afterward.  My husband works long hours in the summer/fall, so I didn’t have the option of just not feeding the dogs.

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Bring a puke bucket? (sorry Im not much help)

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Lay a washcloth over top of it walk away for a few minutes to collect yourself. Spray air freshener near the area, just a mist of it. Then walk over to it & pick it up without thinking about what it is under the washcloth. Throw that away, cover your nose up with your shirt before you start to clean it & don’t really look at it while your doing it. Hope this helps!

Oh & If you can catch it in time (like I do my cats sometimes) pick her up while she is making the noise she does before she pukes & run her into the bathroom! Its much easier to clean in there.

EDIT: & If it is three certain spots that she pukes in buy some puppy pads & place those where she pukes at. Easy clean up–Just wad them up & throw them away! If she doesn’t, then still have a puppy pad handy that you can place her on quicker than rushing her to the bathroom. Good luck! 🙂

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i have an idea — maybe you can get a few bottles of air neutralizer spray (unscented, so it doesn’t bother your preggo nose) and some newspaper pages and plant them near the three spots. when your cat does the spit ball thing, quickly whisk by, armed with the spray, and spray the crap out of the hairball spot just before covering the spot with the newspaper. then try to avoid those areas for as long as possible… but if you MUST go near them, spray more spray. then it will be easier to ignore till your hubby gets home and can clean it up. eh?

smell sensitivity was THE WORST part of the first trimester for me. i got a new car and ended up throwing the floor mats in the trash because the smell of the fabric shampoo they used to clean them seriously made me want to die everyday. i feel your pain.

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Good suggestions above for you.

For the cat, get hairball gel to help her pass those hair balls.  Also, clean out her bowl with hot water and soap.  I notice that once I do that for mine, she doesn’t puke anymore (til it’s dirty again).  Make sure to clean out her water bowl the same way and give fresh water every day.

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Hospital trick that i use when dealing with smells: 

Sandwich an herbal tea bag (I like peppermint or jasmine) between two disposable hospital masks (the kind with the elastic that goes around your ears) so that you smell the tea and not the offensive odor. You can buy disposables at a drug store–or just use a bandana/handkerchief.  (Take the teabag out of the wrapper of course).  I have to do this to pick up dog poop! Technically you can just keep reusing the same disposable masks–it would seem easier than having to tie a bandana around your face all the time. 

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I covered it with a pile of paper towels and left it alone until my husband could deal with it. 

Gross, I know, but from weeks 6-14 it was not happening and has sent me running for the bathroom more than a handful of times.  We have 3 cats, so weekly if not daily someone is having some sort of digestive issue. 

Anymore if I hear a cat start to throw up, I usually pick them up and move them to a tiled area- thank goodness for tile floors!!!  Or if someone has a upset tummy for longer, they live in the bathroom until they are done. 

Wink And no even though I’m in AZ too, I won’t come over and clean it up for you, but I feel your pain…and nausea.

My favorite invention EVER is the Bissel Spot Bot.  Blot the vomit, pour in the solution, put it over the spot and turn it on.  About 2-3 minutes later, all clean! 

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Bee Keeper

I would investigate the cause of the hairballs.  You may want to try a new food.  When our friend switched our cats from Blue Buffalo to Meow Mix their fur started falling out and they had MANY hairballs.  So maybe consider a more nutritional food. 

You could also try brushing the cats every morning with a furminator comb to take out some of the loose hair. 

When my cats get the odd hairball, I give them a malt paste (something they sell at Petco, I don’t remember what it’s called).  The malt paste lubricates their system so the hair can pass.

For cleaning it up, you could purchase a SpotBot Pet.  It’s a small spot cleaner for carpets.  It does all the work, you wouldn’t need to be nearby.

I’m not sure what you could do about it making you sick, but if it’s the smell you can put a dab of Vick’s vapo rub under your nose to hide it.

My last suggestion is to spray some Resolve carpet cleaner on it and let your hubby come home and deal with it.

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