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Honey bee
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Well I know he is going to propose soon – probably within the next few months.  I don’t mind knowing.  I will still be really excited and I got to pick out my own ring which I am happy about.  Here is what I will try to do:

1. Keep my nails looking decent.

2. Go along with whatever plans he makes for anything just in case!  Especially if they are even remotely romantic.

3. Try and keep my mouth shut about it and not bug him to do it sooner!

4. Look up ideas online for inspiration so that I will have an idea of what I want to start planning when I get engaged. 

What’s your story?  Do you think you’ll get engaged soon?

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Bee Keeper
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I had NO idea. We had been together over 4 years at the time. We had both talked about marriage plenty of times. And of course I made my little silly, sarcastic, smart-ass comments about when he was going to “put a ring on it”, but there was no decision made, no ring shopping.

We decided spur of the moment to go on a ski trip to W. Virginia that March. They had gotten record snow that year and extended the season. We both love to ski, so neither of us had to twist the other’s arm to jump in the truck and go.

We stayed about an hour outside of SnowShoe that Friday and drove the rest of the way up the mountain Saturday morning. FI’s behavior was not out of the ordinary whatsoever. I had no reason to suspect a thing. (FI had been to SnowShoe before, I had not)

So he pulls over at a lookout over Cupp Run and Shey’s Revenge (two of the toughest ski runs on the mountain) and asks if I’d like to take some pictures. Of course I do! So I get out, but the snow where I’m standing and what has been pushed up by th plows makes it impossible to to get a good shot. So I climb up into the back of the truck. I hadn’t paid too much attention to the fact that he had climbed up with me. I was fighting the blinding sun. snapping photos, and as I was looking at the screen and babbling something about not getting a good shot… I saw him on one knee.

My heart stopped. I swear it did. There he was. On one knee. With a ring. I think I got in one: “Are you serious!?!?!” before he told me that I was the most important thing in his life and he wanted me to be in it forever. Would I marry him?

Of course I said YES! And I cried. He cried. And we got to spend a romantic weekend together as an engaged couple with no interruptions. AND the ring was his great-grandmothers, and it’s beautiful! He also had it for 3 months!! Hidden in his damn sock drawer. I was never the wiser.

Shewwww…. sorry so long winded tonight! I just love that story! <3

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Helper bee
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Great story Mrs.tobe! Here’s mine:

I didn’t expect the proposal when it happened but we had talked about marriage and bought a house together so I was expecting something in the next 6 months-9 months. Anyways, we went on this big trip to Peru for a couple of weeks, we travelled round the country, saw amazing things and had a great time, eventually we arrived in Cusco for the start of the Inca trail to Macchu Picchu. The trail was hard, it was four days of hiking through the Andes, sleeping in tents, hard physical exercise, pouring rain, cold, no showers but an amazing experience. On the final day we got up around 4 in the morning and hiked for a couple of hours through the forest in the pitch dark. The last stretch was almost a run as we were so excited to get there finally, the sense of triumph when we got there was incredible, we could hardly believe we’d actually made it!  After taking in the views and snapping lots of photos, we started walking towards the old ruins. The main site is probably a mile or two from the Sun Gate where we entered so it took about 45 minutes to get there since we were stopping for pictures.

It was just beautiful, the air was so clean and we were walking in the middle of the cloud forest in the Andes just about to see one of the wonders of the world. There were colibris and orchids and llamas all around. So just before we got to the main site we stopped to take in the views, it was just before 7 in the morning and although there were some other tourists around no one was close by so it was just the two of us. When I turn around to look at my Fiance I see he’s down on one knee with a beautiful ring! I got all teary eye and so emotional, we spent the rest of the day running around Macchu Picchu with stupid grins on our faces. My Fiance carried the ring with him all the way to Peru and throughout our hike, if it was me I probably would have lost it!

It did cross my mind before we left that it’d be a good time to propose but I didn’t think anything more of it, the trip was such a big deal in itself I really didn’t expect anything else. I think it’s important to talk about marrriage beforehand so you know you both want the same thing in life, but the proposal itself can be a surprise or not, all ways are good!

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@The Unsuspecting Bride: Awww, that’s so sweet! didn’t you do a mini-freak-out in your head when you saw him on one knee!?


I <3 these stories, keep ’em coming!

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Helper bee
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Haha, you know at first I didn’t get it, I thought he’d dropped something! One second later though my eyes started welling up.

We both hadn’t had a shower for 4 days, it was 7 in the morning and we were wearing these knitted peruvian hats with tassles – very glamorous! Best day ever πŸ™‚

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The day Fiance proposed, he called me and asked if “you hypothetically were going to be proposed to on a picnic on the apartment balcony, what would you want to eat?”

That’s my Fiance, lol. He definitely cares more about good food than the element of surprise :).

That day, I put on the new dress I bought (I knew it was coming soon. I had already worn it three times at this point), and I went to my regularly scheduled massage appointment. My massage therapist cracked me up with stories of the eleven (!) times men had proposed to her, and then I went to FI’s.

It was so perfect for us. We went outside and sat on a blanket, and he said he forgot something, and I asked him to grab ketchup. He came back out with flowers and the ring, but no ketchup, lol. Later that night we played board games with my best friend and her now-FI.

ETA: I definitely wouldn’t want our proposal to have happened any other way. It was silly and goofy and totally us. Then again, I hate surprises. πŸ™‚

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@The Unsuspecting Bride: Hilarious! Like total shock for 2.5 seconds…. It is the best day ever, isn’t it?!  :o)

It’s funny, we had ZERO cell phone service on the mountain so we couldn’t tell anyone ALL WEEKEND. So when we got home we started spreading the news. I was telling the story to my BFF, and when I got to the point where I said “I turned around and he was down on one knee” She actually said: “Oh my God, did he fall? Is he okay?”- DERT! haha!


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Sugar bee
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@LadySapphire: That’s so exciting!!!

I knew he was going to propose. The problem is… he knew that I knew, so he kept trying to throw me off. (Didn’t work! :D)

I got my nails done, got all dressed up, he took me out to dinner. He knew I was expecting it so he didn’t propose during dinner *cue disappointment*. He got changed into jammies, but dammit I knew this HAD to be the night and stayed in my dress. We chilled on the couch, turned on the TV… The clock was ticking and I started getting pissed at myself for thinking this was the night. Eventually I started to doze off…. And when I opened my eyes, there he was with the ring!! 

So yes, I knew. πŸ˜‰

I thought I was going to cry, but I totally didn’t!! I actually cried the next morning when I called my parents to tell them. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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Busy bee
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I knew he was going to propose because of his drunk, think-they’re-slick-but they’re-not, big-mouth friends. I was sooo sad I knew!!

Althouuughhhh…we had won a cruise that was coming up in about a month (Dec 2, 2010), and I thought he was gonna do it then. But he came home one day (Nov 8) with a bag of Panda Express, me in my pjs holding a basket of dirty laundry, and did it right then and there. He said after he picked up the ring there was no way he could have waited another month =)

So yes, I was still pretty surprised! Plus we ended up seeing like 3 other couples get engaged on that trip.

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I knew it was coming in the next 6 months, but really thought it would be in the spring. 

He proposed by leaving me a few clues and sending me on sort of a scavenger hunt.  While I was on the “hunt” I remember thinking to myself, “OK, if this isn’t it, he’s a real jerk!!!”

The hunt ended with us meeting on a gazebo overlooking the Pamilco Sound (on the OBX) where he proposed.  I was SHOCKED that it happened – we had had a conversation a month or so prior and I really thought that it would be in the spring in the earliest (We got engaged a week before Christmas).


I painted my nails before sending pics to anyone.  Thank you Maybelline 55 second nail polish, haha! 

Oh and he had asked my parents’ blessing a couple of weeks before and they kept their mouths shut.  I think I would have been bummed if I had been suspecting.

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Busy Beekeeper
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i knew! but only a week prior – i knew we were going to get married one day. (prior to knowing it was coming, i wasnt expecting an engagement till at least the holidays 2010) he proposed in july πŸ™‚

so my story on how i found out? a lot of little things here and there gave it away.

the weekend before – Fiance and I were in the mall shopping, by coincidence, for a gift for his sister’s wedding. we were in macy’s and i got sidetracked by purses. his phone rings..he says “ill be right back, i got to take this” i continued to look, like 15 minutes went by before i went ot search for him. i didnt think anything of it.

That same night – my parents were out of town and i was supposed to watch their dogs. My phone was dead so i wanted to text my mom and see if i need to go let them out or if one of my brothers would be home to do it – so phone being dead i went to use FI’s went in, found my moms number and i see all these texts back and forth – i shut it immediately and didnt read it (i swear) i just had this jolt of excitement, like WHY would they be texting back and forth? i didnt have a birthday coming up or anything like that. there was only one good reason πŸ™‚ so that got me thinking – still i had no idea WHEN.

fast forward to Thursday the following week- i get an email from Fiance that says “pack your bags, we are going to charleston this weekend” that is not out of the ordinary – we take little trips here and there often but usually those trips would never happen if i didnt plan them so this was huge and i just had this feeling that it would happen. when i told my sister my thoughts she confirmed them -then my mother (they are terrible at keeping secrets!) but i dont think they would have said anything if i didnt bring it to them first.

Anyway – that Saturday he did it – i didnt mind that i knew – he had no idea that i knew- but it was really sweet because i knew my proposal was coming sometime that day and i just took it all in – i watched him all day and showered him with love. it was really sweet to just watch it all unfold and know that he planned this proposal wonderfully and made it as special as possible for me


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Bumble bee
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I knew it was coming (I picked out the ring,and was home alonewhen Fedex delivered it!).  I had told him that I really didn’t want him to propose while we were camping because I didn’t want the ring to get all dirty and I assumed he would listen.  He didn’t, and ended up proposing after a 5 mile hike…I was sweaty, in hiking gear, and had sausage fingers from hiking.  We, too had no cell phone service, so telling the family had to wait a few days.

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I didn’t really know, but at the same time I did. We have known each other since the 3 grade. We started dating our Senior year in HS. One day we were sitting on my love seat, when he looked at me and asked what I thought about marriage. I didn’t really know what to say. I kinda just said I would like to one day, not that it would happen any time soon why? He said that he was going to. I didn’t like that too much because I was thought well what kinda surprise would that be. So I told him I bet you won’t and he said wait till we graduate.(this was 3 months before graduation)

Well the next three months I thought about when he would do, or even IF he would do it. Eventually I forgot about its and May 26 came around. We all walked across the stage and were seated. Well when everyone went to through the hats up I threw my hat up and was waiting for it to come back down. I looked down and there he was on his knee.I think I made have had a mini heart attack. It was so sweet I didn’t expect it!!!! I loved it so much not knowing really.

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