If your 1st baby was an IVF baby, what did you do for 2nd?

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    I have no personal experience with this. But my good friend TTC for 7 years for her first and ended up finally getting pregnant through IUI. Had that baby and then got pregnant again naturally when her first child was about a year old. It was the shock of her life as they weren’t even trying and she figured they’d need intervention if they were to conceive again after everything they went through the first time. She’s in her late 30s fwiw. 

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    I’m in several fertility tracking related groups etc, and there seems to be a general consensus that a pregnancy often can “reset” your cycle/body. In fact, for women who are charting their cycle to avoid, most methods have rules about completely restarting after each pregnancy because a pregnancy can change your cycle so much. 
    So all in all, I wouldn’t spend too much time on it because of your age and you know you’ve had issues in the past, but it can’t hurt to try and TTC naturally for a few cycles before jumping right back to FET, just in case something has changed for you

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    One of my good friends had IVF for her son after trying for about 10 years and then conceived naturally less than 2 years after her firstborn and now has another boy. 

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    We had unexplained infertility with our first. We were super lucky in that we got pregnant naturally the cycle before our first IVF round. 

    when it came to number 2 we had already made peace with our son being our one and only. We tried naturally but had agreed that this time we’d do no testing or treatment if it didn’t happen by itself. It took 6 months to get pregnant.

    if you’re ready for number 2 there’s no harm in NTNP until you can book in your IVF round. I think if we’d been diagnosed with an actual problem we might have approach number 2 differently 

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    It can happen. Hasn’t happened to me personally, but a good friend had her first with IVF after about a decade of trying (in her early 40s), and then got pregnant naturally less than a year after she gave birth (the second pregnancy wasn’t planned. I don’t think she thought it was possible!)

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    My son took us almost a year and a half to conceive, and we had been diagnosed as unexplained. We ultimately did conceive “naturally” (I hate that term).

    However, after he was born I saw an ob in the hospital who was an re, and she kept pushing me to get an iud asap. I brushed it off and was like “trust me, it took long enough to get this one, I doubt it will happen from a slip or two”.

    She told me she’s been an re for 20 years, and while medicine may not be able to back her up, she can’t count the number of patients who even had severe mfi or issues on the woman’s side requiring ivf the first time, and then POOF the second. 

    So I say definitely at least try while you schedule your fet. 

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    pinkshoes :  I needed ivf for my daughter and after her birth we didn’t bother with any form of birth control – we were basically abstinent for months anyways. I got naturally pregnant the first month after my cycle returned having only had sex twice the entire month! It ended in miscarriage but we were pretty shocked it happened. We weren’t quite ready for a second yet so we switched to pulling out (which I don’t consider reliable but we were also ok with an oops again – just wanted to make it slightly less likely lol). 

    I’m pregnant with my second and once we decided it was time we just scheduled the fet. It didn’t seem worth the potential heartbreak of our past experiences and one of the issues prior to my miscarriage was overwhelming guilt of not giving the frozen embryos a “shot”. As it is we still have two in the freezer and I’m already not looking forward to deciding what to do with them as this is likely our last kid. 

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    We spent about two years trying to conceive our son, 3 iuis and then ivf.  He was a successful fresh transfer.  We were male factor. We did not bother with protection after having him because we didn’t think we could get pregnant and I ended up conceiving naturally when he was 9 months old.  Very surprising and we for sure weren’t ready.  So I’m another it’s possible.  But I don’t think we ever would have “tried”. Now we have one remaining frozen untested embryo and aren’t really up for three kids so eventually have to decide what to do with the embryo so that might be another consideration for you.  But it does seem like weird things happen after a pregnancy.

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    pinkshoes :  We did ivf to conceieve our first are planning a fet later this year to try for our second. We havw male factor so chances of us getting pregnant on our own is slime. Chemo destroyed my husbands sperm count…but his doctor did say the longer he has been off chemo the longer the more of a chancw bis count could return to normal. They dont know if or when that could ever happen. Long story short we have not been preventing because we know the chances are so low! It is kinda a joke between us that we can see us getting pregnant when im like 40 and we weren’t planning or expecting it at all! 

    Anyways….long story short..I dont know what issurs you and/or husband had in the past……but i have heard having a child can somehow fix some issues. I certainl dont think it would hurt to try naturally! I would maybe do what others have suggested. Try naturally while you are waiting to scheudle your fet! You never know you could get lucky!! Fingers crosses either way!

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    It took us 12-14 cycles and 3 IUIs with our first (I was 36). To my utter and total shock, we conceived our second baby naturally on the first try. I’m 39! She’s due the day after my 40th birthday.

    Like a PP mentioned, I’ve heard that sometimes a pregnancy can “reset” your body, so maybe that’s what happened. I don’t think there’s any harm in trying naturally for a bit. Even if time isn’t on your side, it might take a little while to be seen by your RE which might give you a cycle or two. Good luck!

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    candy08 :  just a warning we also had male factor and had an almost instant oopsie! I miscarried but I remember being in just total awe because we only had sex twice that cycle and even my midwife pulled out the Jurassic Park quote. Sometimes – life finds a way lol. Bodies are weird and crazy!

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    I had my daughter via ivf in 2017. I’m currently 27 weeks pregnant with my second after a FET. 

    I had always said even if I could somehow conceive naturally I would still choose to use my embryos. My thought process was that they were technically younger than me, we were paying a substantial amount monthly for them and after so much medical intervention for my daughter, I would have been an anxious mess had I gotten pregnant on my own. 

    As hard of a process ivf is, I did like getting more care from the start of my pregnancy. More ultrasounds and things like that. It helped my anxiety a lot.  



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    we started trying when my first IVF baby was 6 months old with no luck.  then we did an FET 2 days after his first birthday and were successful.

    from the resolve support group,  i’m in the IVF month group.  there were 5 of us that were successful almost 4 years ago and we still keep in touch.

    i needed an FET for my 2nd,

    1 had an FET and it failed and she hasn’t tried again. 

    3 got pregnant naturally within a few cycles of trying for number 2

    (one of those had 7 transfers and miscarriages before being successful with #1, then trying for #3, she used her last embryo and it was negative)



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    I don’t have personal experience but my old boss tried for several years to get pregnant before having her son through IVF and then a little over a year later found out her she had naturally conceived twin boys. I think its definitely worth trying for a few cycles.

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