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Sugar bee
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@MrsPanda99:  I don’t snoop, but if you have terrible styling/fashion sense, I’ll judge. I’m sorry, but if your couch looks like my father would have been lounging on it in the 70’s, you need to have someone else do some interior designing for you. (all “you”‘s here are generic, haha)

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Sugar bee
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@boogiewoogies:  even if it’s pictures of them with family/friends?

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Buzzing bee
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Smell for sure. And legitimate dirt. I dont mind clutter, especially if there are babies or young kids in the house.

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Busy bee
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@MrsPanda99:  I notice the decor, the smell of the house, and how tidy it is. Like you I don’t mind clutter (especially if the person has kids) but I don’t want to stay in a house that’s dirty or smells bad. It irritates me when a persons house is so perfect I feel like I can’t do anything in it I’m not the type to traipse muddy shoes over your floor or fling myself onto the couch with a glass of red wine, but if I can’t do anything but perch awkwardly on the edge of your pristine snow white couch then I don’t want to spend 3 days at your house. 

I don’t ever snoop. Sometimes I kind of want to but if a person is kind enough to invte me into their home I’m not going to invade their privacy like that. 

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Sugar bee
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@mrspinesol:  No. Pictures of themselves. Or if it’s a couple, pictures of the couple all over the house.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Smells! That’s number 1. Next, dirty walls, gross. I notice dust on the ceilings and on ceiling fans/light fixtures. Also a huge pet peeve of mine is if the house is either overly cuttered or completely empty. I’ve been to a small house where there was literally a path made thru piles of shit elbow high!! I’ve also been to a house so gynormous that the owners didn’t have the time (or maybe money) to furnish a good 1/2 of the house. Granted this “house” had separate maid and butler quarters, but if you can afford a house that big I expect more than 1/2 of it to be furnished! They had 3 livingrooms and 1 was completely empty and I would guess it was probably a 25’x25′ room, if not bigger.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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If there’s clutter that doesn’t bother me.  Messiness does (although if it’s recent it’s forgiven in the kitchen).

Smells bother me – scents, cigarettes, etc.

If there’s cat dander around, I won’t enter.

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Busy bee
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I don’t pay attention to people’s decor or personal belongings. What gets me is smelly fridge or trash, grimy trash cans (like with old spills all over the lid or sides), and dirty bathrooms (especially overflowing trash bins and hair all over the floor). Oh yeah, and cat litter tracked all over the floor is pretty gross!

I hate to say I “judge” these things since they don’t make me think any differently about the person, but I definitely notice!

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Bumble bee
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I always notice the smell, and if you smoke in your house, NASTY! On that note, I always notice nicotine stains. In general, I always notice unfinished paint jobs or walls that need drywall putty. I check out the floors/carpets and notice dirt/stains. I check out your furniture (and most of my own is from IKEA so yours is probably a step up, lol). If I happen to look in your fridge or cupboards, I look at the kind of food you buy (health nuts? Junk food junkies?) and see if stuff has gone bad, lol. If I go in the washroom, I see if it’s clean.

I always notice photos and can learn a lot about you based on the contents of the picture.

I definitely don’t go into medicine cabinets or peek through closed doors or bedrooms (unless I’m staying over in one of your bedrooms).

@Future_Mrs_Dr_I:  LOL! I used to do that as a kid too. I had absolutely NO FILTER when I was younger.

I wonder what other people would judge or notice about my house. Hmmm. Like if you came to my house, what would you think kind of thing.

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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@MrsPanda99:  I don’t mind clutter, but if the house is filthy, I wonder if something is going on.

Smells I will notice but I don’t comment on unless it smells like a sewer.
I do not snoop in medicine cupboards. Anything that isn’t necessary to me (Like hunting for toilet paper for example) gets ignored. I do notice cheap toilet paper — If I can see my hand through it, I secretly dislike you.

I don’t mind dirty dishes (My house always has dirty dishes), I don’t mind pet messes (Like cat hair or dog hair or if there is litter around the litter box)

I won’t notice your decor: It just doesn’t matter to me.

None of this really makes me think of the person less, I don’t really judge them.

If your house smells like cigarette smoke, or if you or someone else smokes, I probably will not enter the house. I have a nicotine allergy and it makes me very, very, very sick.

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Buzzing bee

I am a nanny, and I also babysit on the side, so I end up going to a lot of homes of strangers to work in, and sadly I do always end up judging them. The biggest thing is the smell. I can’t stand when someone’s house smells terrible. I know every house has a distinct smell, but that smell shouldn’t be pee, poop and cigarettes. I also notice if there are empty beer bottles or just alcohol in general everywhere. I’m not against drinking, and I drink myself, but I’ve been into some houses where it’s like falling out of cabinets and stuff, and there are just empty beer bottles lined up along the counter that weren’t there the day before. I notice if someone never dusts even if the rest of the house is super clean LOL.

I think the biggest thing that I notice about a house/judge people on is if they have absolutely zero books in the house. This is more in terms of books for children to read due to the nanny thing, but I have worked in houses where you can’t find a single book, and it just makes me sad inside LOL. 

I’m just a very observant person in general, and I’m super picky about houses. I am starting the process of becoming a real estate agent, and I’ve always been obsessed with houses, so I’m totally that person that thinks houses should be at least semi clean and shouldn’t be decorated horribly. 

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Buzzing bee
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@boogiewoogies:  Don’t come to my house, then! We have mostly only pictures up of us together – at karaoke, Disneyland, halloween party, etc… we don’t have a lot of frames up in the house but the ones we do have are mostly of us (there are a few family ones in there).


I notice cleanliness. Smell, too, but that usually comes with cleanliness. I cannot handle dirty floors/bathrooms/etc. Grosses me the hell out.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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@MrsPanda99:  How clean is your toilet?

Really, that’s the #1 thing I judge people on! I have NO idea why–but I can forgive a DISGUSTING house if the toilet is clean, and a spotless house means nothing to me if you have hard water stains or (God forbid!) questionable brown build-up!

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