(Closed) If you’re having a boy, will you get him circumsized?

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    Not sure

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    IrishColleen- that is very interesting… I would think it would be the other way around. I think the best preventative measure one can do to prevent the spread of std’s though is to use condoms!

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    Yes – if he gets infected as an adult and they have to circumsize him then, I’ve heard it’s WAY more painful then when he’s a baby.

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    @northernazbride: Oh, I completely agree about condoms!  I never intended on implying that circumcision was “the best preventative measure” against STDs.  I figure that every little thing I can do will help.  Trust me, my kids will get to know about everything from abstinence to condoms!  I’m sure they will be sick of hearing about all that from me, but I fully plan on giving them all the information.

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    haha, I agree… as soon as my kids hit puberty I’m going to be that embarassing mom that gets out the condoms and the bananas. They’re going to probably know way more than they ever will want to!

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    This is a really tough decision for me and I’d be willing to bet that I’ve given it more thought and research than the average woman.  I’m from Ireland, where circs aren’t routene the way they are here.  My 3 brothers are all “intact” and never had any major issues medically (I think one of them had an infection once).  My two oldest brothers (who graduated high school before we moved to the US) have sons and did not get them circ-ed.  My youngest brother was still in school when we moved here.  He doesn’t have any sons but his wife told me that he would get a son circ-ed.  (I assume b/c he felt different in school?)

    I am morally against it b/c I think it’s unnecessary and painful.  I recognize that there are some medical benefits with regards to STDs and such later in life, but I still think that it’s a LOT of pain for a relatively small benefit.  I did a hospital internship when I was in High School and a doctor started performing one while I was in the room.  We were basically in a supply closet and the poor baby got no anesthetic.  I think I have mentally blocked what I saw b/c I don’t remember how far he got before I left the room.  I really couldn’t handle it.

    However, hubby is Jewish, so we will be having it done if we ever have a boy.  I’ve read that a Mohal (Jewish rabbi that does the procedure) does it better than a doctor.  They use a different instrument, remove less skin and get it done more quickly.  Plus, they do it WAY more often and so have plenty of practice!  I’m not really sure about the Jewish rules of having it done on the 8th day of life at the bris and such and if that means it can’t be done in a hospital.  My ideal siuation would be to have the baby anesthetized so that he doesn’t feel it happening.  Hubby has agreed to doing it as humanely as possible.

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    My best friend’s husband is not circumsized, but they had it done for their little boy that they had this summer.  They didn’t elaborate (luckily) except to say that her husband not being circumsized had been “problematic”.  I had a little girl, so I’ve not had to face this myself.  But I think I would go with the- “however daddy looks”- argument. 

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    We will absolutely 100% be circumsizing our future son(s).  My brother was uncircumsized and for years and years wanted to do it but was scared to .  Than he developed a UTI, (yes men get them as well), and after doing some research and consulting with doctors it turned out that men who are are circumsized are much more likely to develope them than men who are.  He finally bit the bullet and got circumsized at age 20!  The procedure itself was not painful as he was sedated, but the after math was.  He wore a bathrode around the house for a week.  Once he healed up we had a very open conversation about it and he told me that he is SO happy with his decision.  He feels like aesthetically it is much more pleasing and cleaner.  I was also happy to hear that sex is now MUCH better.  This is a very unique perspective that he has as I’m sure we can all agree that not many men have had sex both ways.  He says that now he feels a lot more sensation and the whole experience is just way better.

    I never doubted that I would circumsize my future sons but my brother’s experience definitely cemented the decision in my mind.

    Also I wasn’t aware that there were so many people out there who were not circumsized.  I’ve been with one man who wasn’t and I was really grossed out.  And then there was that time when a girlfriend of mine told our group of friends that her new BF wasn’t and we all gasped. 

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    I don’t really have strong feelings either way. Mr. HCTS is strongly in favor of doing so- because he was/is.

    We’ll research it and decide when we aren’t busy planning a wedding!



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    I am with amandopolis. I have done some research on this is college and I believe it is genital mutilation. I am sure that all of you could agree that removal of a female’s clitoris is horrible and unnecessary. Circumcision is the male equivalent to that.

    Also, it is not more sanitary to circumsize boys. Luckily my Fiance agrees with me completely on this matter.

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    There seems to be a little overlap between this topic, and the ear piercing infants post.  Just to throw it out there, for those of you that are very opposed to circumcision, and very FOR piercing newborns’ ears, what is the biggest difference? I recognize they aren’t the same, but it’s on the same lines. The baby girl probably didn’t wake up that day deciding she wanted two holes shot through her ears. Playing devil’s advocate, b/c I don’t really care what you all do with your own children – to each their own.

    The question can be vice versa, also. 

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    Melissabegins: That’s kind of a good point and your comparison is better than you give it credit because both are cultural body modification. This isn’t just a medical decision its a cultural one too. Where I am from and I would wager generally in the U.S. circumcision is very much a cultural practice. When the time comes for us to have kids, I definitely want to know the medical info, but I also realize there’s a cultural bit to it to also consider.

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    Yes I wouldnt want him to be made fun of and I believe its normal to unless you have a religious view or something about it.

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    my brother, 3 BIL’s (plus all their brothers), 5 nephews and hubby are not circumsized so im wondering if its more the norm down here not to have it done – i could do a survey of the office but considering im a very private person usually it will raise eyebrows

    personally i prefer a circumsized penis – looks nicer but im not about to say everyone should or shouldnt because i understand those that say its mutilation, i dont think that it is but i respect their opinions

    i did work with one woman that had her son circumsized when he was 8 due to health reasons and she said she wished she had it done to him as a baby



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