(Closed) If you’re having a boy, will you get him circumsized?

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    Not sure

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    This topic freaks me out. Do some people really do it just so the penis “looks better?” Eesh. Time for me to snip off my labia so my boyfriend doesn’t have a heart attack when he looks between my legs. OMG TOO MUCH SKIN! (/immaturity)

    I’ll let the SO decide, since he has a better idea of the pros and cons than I ever will.

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    I really don’t know.  My first bf that I dated for three years was not, and I never had a problem or thought it was unpleasant to look at (or unpleasant in any way, sorry if TMI).  But Fiance is and he is glad that he is.  I will let Fiance decided when and if we ever have a boy and I will support whatever he decides. 

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    no way. We’re are not jewish and aside from religious reasons I haven’t seen a single argument that would convince me other wise. I am in complete agreement with Amandopolis on this.

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    I’m not pregnant yet but eventually want boys!  hehe

    I think if you’re going to say that people can’t call it “mutilation” and it implies that people are calling moms who go through with it “mutilating their sons” then you also should complain about those who say not being circumcized is “gross” and thats saying that those boys are “gross” down there.  I dont remember who said that but anyway..

    I think the “its the social norm” argument is weak because as we all probably know, a lot of social norms aren’t what’s best or right.  and if a girl is close enough to my future son(s) (if I ever have one) to sleep with him then she should be able to deal with either, in my opinion, because sex is an act of love.  Then again, our social norm for my age group is a heckofalotta sleepin around, which I also don’t agree with….(edit- meaning to say that although I may not agree with it, my future son may and at that point I can’t control his decisions, but the decision on circumcision will still affect him..)

    On the other hand, I haven’t done enough research to really make a complete decision and I won’t until I’m pregnant with a boy, IF I ever do have one.  The bright side to not doing it is that he can always do it later if he really wants it, despite the pain…  And the bright side to having it done is that it IS harder to clean an uncirc penis, and I think it would be less worrisome while the child was young and learning hygiene…and in all of life in general. 

    Lots to think about, CONGRATS to all those welcoming baby boys into the world, I hope that you can all agree with your families/fiances/husbands/SOs on the decisions that come with it 🙂  Good luck!

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    @Pom Pom – omg, huge LOL from me on that one.

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    @Minutiae- that is an actual type of plastic surgery that women undergo (albeit they decide it for themselves)

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    @JoesWifeySurprised YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME.



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    @JoesWifey: I had a hard enough time reading this topic. I don’t think I can go into labialand without permanent damage. Are there before and after pics?

    …Eugh. OK. There are. Sorry to threadjack.

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    I did a ton of reading about this after I found out that Swedes sport a turtleneck every season of the year. There’s a lot of research stating it’s merely cosmetic and if you make sure your little one knows how to properly clean down there, it’s not unsanitary. But at the same time, I think it’s very important for a child to fit-in. We’ll likely settle down in Sweden, so my future son(s) will fit in with all the turtleneck wearing Svenssons Smile

    I have to add that my Fi is the most hygenic man down there. He also takes quick showers, so it doesn’t take special techniques to keep it clean. This is a man that sometimes uses body wash as shampoo and claims there’s no difference … he’s nowhere near metro – it must not take much to clean!

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    We will because I am Jewish.

    But I probably would anyways.  I have dated a guy who wasn’t, and to be honest, yeah I found it really unappealing.  I would prefer my son not to have to deal with feeling self conscious, he will have less issues with keeping it sanitary and if you have a good doctor, the risks are quite minimal.

    I think the comparisons to female genital mutilation are a bit much.

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    Because of this topic, I decided to speak it over with my hubs last night since we are destined to have at least 1 boy. So I asked him if he wanted our boys to be circ’ed. His answer: “Hell Yeah”.

    Since he is the man and can only understand this, I wanted to make sure I knew how he felt. As you can see, he didn’t have to say much for me to figure out what he wants.

    When we had talked about it we had both mentioned that the only person that we know that hasn’t been circ’ed was my father.

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    I’m not yet expecting, but Fiance and I had this discussion not long ago. I’m still researching it, but I think it’s interesting to hear the arguments for and against.

    I think it’s interesting that so many people cite teasing and fitting in as reasons to do it. When I was in school elementary through high school, I never saw classmates naked. We didn’t shower communally and it didn’t seem like teasing was an issue, at least not for that reason. I guess I’ve been under the impression that there would very rarely be an occasion for my future son to be naked in front of his classmates. Maybe I’m wrong?

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    No, Fiance isn’t, as is the case for most European men…So I really see no point in doing it.  Fiance is perfectly clean and I’m sure he’ll know how to teach our son to take care of himself.  I also really don’t understand the aesthetically pleasing argument, I don’t see much of a difference and let’s be honest, how often do you really look at your FI’s flacid penis? 

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