(Closed) If you’re having a boy, will you get him circumsized?

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    Not sure

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    @di5308 – I know in the high schools around my way, the guys and sometimes girls do shower after their phy-ed classes. For sure, I do know many of the guys did take showers after playing in a sport. So there are cases where they will be naked in front of each other but again it depends on the environment.

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    We will definitely get our boy (if we have one) circumsized. Our reasons for that are personal, but I just want to add that I don’t believe it’s nearly like what a female endures for her genital mutilation (not saying that’s what I think it’s comparable to, but it’s been brought up a lot.) Even if done in a hospital, genital mutilation on a woman/girl causes a total lack of sexual sensation. R is circumsized, and trust me, he still has lots of sexual sensation! 😉

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    I will not have my son circumsized, although I do appreciate the arguments on both sides. For me, it’s an unnecessary risk and forced body modification (for the record, I won’t be piercing my daughter’s ears either, although I consider this type of body modification to be much less invasive).

    I would like to note that I understand where a lot of women are coming from when they talk about not wanting their son’s to appear different from the other boys in the locker room, especially if your FI/DH or another male your age or older has had issues with being “different” from other guys in that area.

    With the majority of us being adults in the United States, when our SOs were born, circumcision was overwhelmingly the norm among the majority – as of the mid 2000s, however, the circumcision rate was a little over 50%. Although that percentage is different depending on where you live, overall there is no “norm” – it’s nearly a 50/50 split for circumsized and uncircumsized. So when your child is in the locker room with the other guys, chances are half of the boys are going to look like him, regardless of your decision.

    I thought maybe this might bring comfort to those wanting to make the decision to have their son remain intact but are afraid that he’ll be perceived as “different” when he’s older.

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    I had my son done. SSSOOO glad I did too. I dated a guy once who wasn’t, and (sorry if this is TMI), but it got gross, and would smell. YUCK!!!! No thank you!!! My son didn’t even cry or anything when his was done, and it heals pretty fast.

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    lol…Rosie Girl, i once was (very briefly) involved with a guy who was circumcised and he smelled anyway (ugh, i’ve now divulged being with at least four guys in this thread alone :X)! this is a matter of personal hygiene.  having a foreskin does NOT mean that you will get sick/smell funky/whatever!  genitals hide in sweaty underpants and produce waste products. when they aren’t cleaned, gunk builds up and they smell. if a man cleans his penis and foreskin properly, it won’t smell and no infections will develop.  i’m sure billions of men with foreskins have lived perfectly healthy, relatively non-smelly lives (and i’ve known two of them)! 


    @loveatfirstsightlover: can you tell me where you read about the 50/50 circ/non-circ split? anti-circ me would love to cite that for my very pro-circ Fiance.

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    @ Pom Pom, the same thing happened awhile ago with my fiance he thought he wasnt and I had to be like um yea sweety you are, awwkward!!

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    Definitely a yes for us! I am also in the group that has dated an uncirced guy and it was not appealling. It also meant that there was no oral…I realize this probably isn’t the case for all uncirced guys but he would often have pain during sexual activity as the skin pulled. He said it felt like it was ripping sometimes and at 28 yo he was considering having the surgery done. 

    Personally I’d rather have it done then risk my son having to go through that as an adult when it would be way more painful and with higher risks of issues. 


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    If I have a son, I won’t be getting him circumsized. I agree with most of the arguments above against circumsizing, so I won’t repeat all of them again.  I’ve been with 3 guys that weren’t circumsized, and for all 3, I didn’t even notice until they told me! When I did look at their penises flacid, I didn’t find anything “gross” about them just because they had foreskin… I think penises look weird regardless (haha).  I just wouldn’t want to base my decision for putting my son through a medical procedure on what looks nice when there’s no medical reason for it.  But to each their own.  It’s a pretty common practice, so I’m not at all surprised by that the majority of people would circumsize their son(s).

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    When we have kids we’re not. BF isn’t and he is strong on the idea of not having it done.  Doesn’t matter to me either way.  But I have to say I’ve been with my fair share of guys and only one was circumsized, the rest weren’t.  Maybe it’s just a geographically coincidence? 

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    Wow, I didn’t realise it was so commonplace. We won’t get it done if we have a boy because it’s not common practise here (uk) putside of religious reasons and I had never considered it.

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    No, I would not.  It is not necessary.  It’s not more sanitary (it was once thought to be, but that’s no longer the case)  Most insurance comanies wont even cover it anymore because it’s purely a cosmetic procedure.  Not circing is rising in popularity, so if your afraid he’ll be made fun of in the locker room that’s not really a concern either. 

    Circumcision is wrong.  You’re cutting of a piece of your baby.  The foreskin serves a purpose.  It also makes sex more pleasurable. 

    I don’t believe circumcision is a mother’s right.  Leave it up to your son. 

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    I am a mom and have a son.

    He is circumcized.  I believe it’s the best option medically speaking.

    He didn’t cry and they gave him a bit of anesthetic on the area.  He did fine.  If I ever have another boy again, I’ll do it again.  It is imho cleaner to have things this way.

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    No, we won’t. This is a really interesting thread to read. Up until I met my Fiance, I was a “yes for circumcision” person. Mostly because of all the things I had heard from other girls….it looks funny, it’s unsanitary, it smells, boys get teased, etc. But then my Fiance enlightened me. He doesn’t mind not being circumcised, and doesn’t belive it created any disadvantages for him. Nor has he ever had a medical issue because of his foreskin.  I don’t think it’s unattractive, and honestly, I think it’s shallow to judge a guy based on his foreskin or lack there of.

    If our son decides he wants to be circumcised, he can do so. Hearing my fiance’s point of view has made me not want to take that decision away from a son.

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    If we have a son we will definitely get him circumcised. Part of the reason is because Fiance is Jewish so we will honor his culture. Part of the reason is so that our son would look like his father. The BIGGEST part of the reason (for me) is that I have been with a couple of guys who were NOT circumcised and all 3 of them said that they wish they were circumcised and one of them was even considering getting circumcised at age 19. I feel like it would be a lot worse to go through a circumcision at such a late age than going through it very young when you wont even remember it. I really didnt realize this was such a huge debate! I also TOTALLY agree with what Melissabegins said about getting girls ears pierced and how some people are so for one and not the other. Its very interesting.

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    The boy is circ’d and he wants to get our boys circ’d (his main argument being that they will contract AIDS, or look like snakes wearing turtleneck sweaters- IE stupid arguements) I think its mostly that he doesn’t want to admit his penis is less than perfect by choosing for our children’s to look different Wink…..but I just dont see the point… I think I will keep it on the down low about when we’re supposed to have it done, and he will forget about it. I’ve never been with a guy that wasn’t who wished he was… I don’t think that many guys actually think about it, or even notice the difference either way.

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