(Closed) If you’re having a girl, will you get her ears pierced?

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  • poll: Are you going to pierce your daughter's ears?
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    I had my ears pierced when I was a baby, probably at the very hospital shortly after I was born. I’ve always hated wearing earrings (I do like how earrings look, but I hate how they feel), and the last time I wore earrings regularly was more than 15 years ago. Therefore, if I ever have a daughter, I am most certainly NOT piercing her ears. I’ll leave the decision up to her. If she wants to, then we do it.

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    I had my ears pierced at 2 months old in the Pediatrician’s office. Let me explain that I am Cuban and it is standard cultural procedure to mark your female baby as female with earrings. Because it was done in my pediatrician’s office there was never any problem, no infection nothing because he went over the care very well with my mother.

    I would be happy to get my future baby daughter’s ears pierced in a similar manner, but not by someone with a “gun” in the mall. So yes and no :o)

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    If I have a daughter I plan to pierce her ears when she’s still young enough that I would take care of them for her, but old enough that she chooses to get them pierced. I got my ears pierced when I was 9 and I’ve always had issues with them, even after letting them close up and getting them pierced again around 13. I hope that if I take care of her ears then they’ll be more likely to heal correctly. And hopefully she just won’t have issues like I do.

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    My husband would kill me… lol.  It’s actually a joke in our household because he is so against it.  I think it’s cute when babies have thier ears peirced but I wouldn’t want to risk infection and I agree that it should be her choice. 

    I, however, will not let her get them pierced until she is older (maybe 10).  My stepdaughter is 6 and her mom let her get her ears pierced back in October because she was begging.  A month later I was cleaning up an infected ear from which pus was oozing out of the back.  It was HORRIBLE.  And my stepdaughter was balling!  I felt so bad. When I put her earring back in (her choice I wanted to leave it out) my husband had to hold her head still because she was so afraid of the pain she kept jerking her head as soon as I move my hand towards her head. 

    She was just too young to take care of them and I definitely learned a lesson from her.  I know that if I am attentive that I could likely keep my daughter from facing the same issue but I would rather my daughter be responsible for it without my nagging. 

    Additionally I think there is a huge risk with metal allergy.  I can barely wear earrings because of my allergies (even with hypoallergenic earrings) and I don’t want her to have to deal with the same level of discomfort.

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    I’m really unsure how I feel about the piercing issue in terms of what the right age is. Certainly I’d wait until my child was old enough to express her own desire to want a piercing.

    I’d also want my daughter to be old enough to take care of the piercing herself as it’s a big responsibility. I have several piercings myself, but I got them all in my early twenties (except for the main lobes, which, interestingly enough, my mom had done when I was four).

    Here’s my hang-up at the moment – if I let my daugter get pierced at say, age 10, is it just the lobes that I allow at that point? Or, if I’m allowing piercing, is it at her discretion what she gets pierced?

    I’m completely in favor of allowing my children to express themselves through their appearance – makeup, clothes, piercings, etc., but of course there are limitations that I would have to set on clothes and makeup since I am in favor of having a certain level of control over my child’s appearance to keep her from appearing suggestive at an age where she wouldn’t fully understand what she was doing. I know so many pre-teens these days wanting to wear suggestive clothing to get boys to like them and they’re just too young to understand completely what that all means.

    But with a piercing, there’s nothing really suggestive about it, so if I allow her to get her ears pierced, how can I limit it to the lobes? Despite my own piercings, I admit it turns my stomach a little bit to think of my daugther with her tragus pierced at age 10, but I don’t have that same reaction to the lobes, and I know it’s because the lobes being pierced is socially acceptable for someone of that age and other ear piercings are not. But how could I say no to another type of ear piercing simply because it’s not common for someone that young?

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    In my family, culture (I’m Cuban) & area (Miami) growing up, everyone I know got them pierced usually by their pediatrician between 3-6 months (closer to 6 I think). So I never thought there was any other way and maybe came upon one girl whose parents did not let her pierce her ears until she was in middle school.  Only then did I realize that some people’s parents did not let them.  I definitely voted yes. I moved when my doctor did one ear so it was not centered and my mom had to let it close to do over but of course I have no memory of it.  I think little girls with earrings are adorable and would do it if we had a daughter. Yes, I would be responsible for cleaning them but you are able to monitor if there is an infection.  I can’t remember if mine ever got actually infected, but there was a time when I was like 9-10 where I had to put neosporin on them and they were sensitive so maybe that was it.  Getting them done later doesn’t necessarily mean there will never be an infection.  Regardless though I would have not wanted to go through life without earrings up until I decided I wanted them and I think they are so stinkin’ cute on babies!

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    I remember begging and beggin for getting mine pierced from the time I was 10 years old, but my dad said no until 13.

    Now, as an adult, and also somebody who works in medicine, I agree w/Mrs. DG in that there’s a reason possibly my dad denied my wishes for so many years.  He was afraid I’d so something kid-stupid and rip them out of my ears or get them infected until I was old enough to understand how to take care of them.

    Also, I think maybe not every girl might want that.  I feel its best left up to the child.  I’m a mom now btw, and also going to be the mom of a very lovely, downright precious, dangerously cute (she has me wrapped around her little finger!) stepdaughter who’s five.  she’s not getting them pierced until she’s old enough to ask and understand how to take care of them.  And when she gets it done, it will be somewhere reputable and using aseptic technique with only the best instruments.

    I love her and yes, I’m picky like that because that’s how my dad was with me and my sis.

    When you get older sometimes the silly stuff our parents did REALLY does make sense.

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    As someone that had her ears pierced as an infant, I actually loved having them   pierced at such a young age.  I don’t remember any issues with them, I never had to deal with infections or pain (that I personally remember).  Sure it might have been difficult for my parents if they got infected (I don’t know if they did), but I don’t remember any of that, hah.  The earrings that I used to wear as an infant mean a lot to me and I have them as a keep sake.  I used to never understand why some girls didn’t have their ears pierced and why some parents wouldn’t let them get it done at all.  I understand about wanting to give you daughter a choice, but if I have a daughter I will get her ears pierced young…if she doesn’t want them later in life, she can take them out!  I am really happy my mom got them done for me.

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    I’m just wonderin’

    For all those that say they want piercing  to be a choice- what are you’re feelings on male circumcision? Do the same feelings apply? Why or why not?

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    If I have a daughter, I will probably get her ears pierced at an early age.  I don’t feel the need to hear her say “mommy I want to get my ears pierced” or give me “informed consent” haha.  If she doesn’t like them later on, I won’t force her to wear earrings… it’s no big deal to go around with pierced ears and no earrings IMO. 

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    Even though ear piercings are so so common, I still think it should be the child’s choice.  There is something creepy about little babies in earrings to me!!

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    I think babies with pierced ears is the tackiest looking thing, so absolutely not. When I have a kid, if they ask for it one day I’ll let them do it.

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    MightySapphire, AGREED.  If we are going to avoid the mommy wars here, we have to keep some ground rules in mind in our comments.  One of the reasons I was so happy to learn that there was a baby board on weddingbee was because I spent some time on some other baby boards and what I found was despicable.  I love “the bee” because of the fact that I know I will get constructive criticism and advice, without being unnecessarily insulted and berated. 

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