(Closed) If you’re having a girl, will you get her ears pierced?

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  • poll: Are you going to pierce your daughter's ears?



    Not sure

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    I’m not sure- I don’t think babies with pierced ears are tacky or anything like that, but at the same time I think it’s a nice bonding experience to have with your daughter, so I might wait til she’s older like 10 or even 12 when she can take care of them- either that or I’ll do it when she’s an infant so I can take care of them for her.


    My mom took me when I was 6. I left with only one done. And a ton of new toys (bribes) to do the other one. I had just the one for atleast 5 years…. I think I learned her lesson.

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    Male or female, the kid can have a piercing when they are 13 and earn the money to pay for it via allowance for chores. Any piercing at all is fine if they earn it that way. For anything other than the earlobes, I’ll want them to show me they’ve done research online on proper care and risks.

    NO GUNS, either, my kids will be going to proper tattoo parlors where the friendly scary-looking dudes use an actual sterilized hollow needle to do the job right.

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    Most of your girls reaction suprised me! I was sure the answer to this question for everyone will be ” of course.. as soon as she out of me” lol.. well not that extreme..

      My parents never ever let me pierce my ears! I was 12 and i did it myself with a needle.. i know crazy.. oh and i also did few of my friends ears when i was 12 and they were 14 (with just a plain needle and lots of pain..lol) dont try this at home..haha.. Good thing none of us had any infections..

    All of my sisters babies have their ears pierced since 3 months and im gonna do the same for my child. I love earings on little girls.. they make them look sooo cute.

    I voted YES!

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    Not as a baby, I’d give her the choice on her 8th birthday like my mom did.  And the rule was if you decided not to you had to wait until your next birthday.

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    I had my ears pierced at 1 – and I’ve never had any problems with my first holes.  Now my second holes which I had done at 13 or 14 – loads of problems.  I would totally pierce my daughter’s ears at a young age.  I confess that I don’t really understand the ‘need her consent’ argument although it’s great if that’s what you believe.  Parents make all sorts of decisions for their kids – I don’t see why this one is any different. It’s also strange to me that so many people on the circumcision board are so ‘pro’ that change – but want to ask their daughter’s opinion for this (IMO) much more minor change.  Again..just my opinon.  Don’t want to start anything….

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    I begged my parents to let me have my ears pierced from the time I was 8, until they finally relented when I was 10.  I ended up being so afraid I would lose my little gold seashell earrings, that I was constantly pushing the backing into my ear tighter and tighter.  Eventually, one became retained in my ear (ew).  I had to go to the doctor to have it removed, and I still have a scar.  I eventually went back to get my ears done when I was about 13. 

    That being said, if I had a girl, I’d let her get them done around 5 if she asked.  I feel like if I had them done sooner, I would have been less concerned with losing them.  I don’t think I would have bothered with them as much.

    I think earrings look cute on little babies, but I think I’d like her to ask me and then make it a big deal/fun memory.

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    I wouldn’t pierce a girl’s ears or circumsize a boy unless asked to do so by the child.  It’s her body that she has to live with for the rest of her life.  It’s not mine to tamper with unless necessary for the child’s health.  As soon as she’s able to understand the procedure and consequences, she can have it done, whether that’s at 3 or 10.

    I had my ears pierced at age 24, just because I was scared.  I was still scared at 24.  But I’m glad my parents left my body alone and didn’t unnecessarily ram a needle through my ear without my consent as a child, regardless of whether or not I’d remember it.

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