(Closed) If you’re paying entirely for your own wedding, what’s your budget?

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Honey bee
  • Wedding: January 2012

What’s your budget? $8,000 not including honeymoon or immigration (eek! that cut our budget big time…) 

Where is your wedding being held? Vancouver, BC

When? October, Sunday Night This saves us $4000 on our reception location by having our wedding on a Sunday instead! Instead of a $7500 minimum on Sat, we only need $3500 in sales! Woo!

How many people are you planning on having attend? 50

How are you funding?  Savings Galore: Personal Accounts, DIY touches & contacts in the industry!

Age? 23 & 35

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2010

What’s your budget? 20,000

Where is your wedding being held?  Deere Run Golf Course – Silvis, IL

How many people are you planning on having attend? 100-120

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending? Savings, incremental spending, and some diy!  ๐Ÿ™‚ 

We are hoping to get to the other side of our wedding with no debt.  ๐Ÿ™‚

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Blushing bee
  • Wedding: July 2009

What’s your budget?   Ours is between 7,000 and 8,000, all paid for on our own… no assistance ๐Ÿ™  This doesn’t include rings or honeymoon…

Where is your wedding being held?  DC Area (Alexandria, VA to be exact).  July 26, Sunday afternoon (REALLY helps with prices!)

How many people are you planning on having attend?   under 75… the lower the number of guests, the closer my budget gets to 7,000!!

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending?   All our stuff has been put on a credit card and IMMEDIATELY paid off via savings or just spending… there’s no reason not to get the points for the wedding.  Think about it!  Ur spending upwards of 5K, y not get all that in points??? Like I said, we’re not leaving it on the card, just putting it there for a bit…

 I’m 27 and my Fiance is 25 (well he will be in May).  We’ve been engaged for a LONG 2 1/2 years bc of the military… but it’s finally time!

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: May 2009

Budget: 10k originally – however 15k with honeymoon, rigs (not ering)..100% on our own…

Where/When: Connecticut, Saturday evening (May 30, 2009). Ceremony / Reception in sep places

Invitees: Original budget = 100… current invitees = 120 and all are so far coming!

Funding: Saving every "extra" penny, DIY like a young version of Martha Stewart, and we did use 1 CC we paid off earlier for our honeymoon at a 0% interest rate….

Ages: I just turned 30 and Fiance is 24…

Only 9 weeks left.. Oh-my-goodness-gracious!!!!!


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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: March 2021

Wow Megk we are in a very simmilar budget place!

Budget: $15K

Underbudget? I wish!

Location: Vista House Corbett OR (the castle thing in my picture)

Date/Time: 3/20/10

Attending: 88 (fire code max. we have too many people!)

Ages: 23

Payment: We make "payments" every month to the wedding fund of ~$600. I got a new job about 2 weeks before he proposed but we just live like we did before (which is brutal!) plus our house was broken into and we got insurance money and we didn’t replace everything (they stole a LOT) so that helped. Plus my mom is buying my dress.

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Buzzing bee
  • Wedding: March 2021

Also i watched ocean’s 11 last night and boy is that idea tempting, I could pay for all our weddings! anyone know how i can get ahold of brad pitt?

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  • Wedding: May 2010

What’s your budget? $4,000 to $5,000

Where is your wedding being held? Cumberland Falls at the Dupont Lodge in Kentucky. Reception will be held at our home near the barn. A fun backyard bbq!

How many people are you planning on having attend? Inviting 80 – 100…if not less. Probably only 40 or 50 will show.

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending? Probably save some money and a lot of the last minute stuff will be paid with our tax return next year.

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: February 2010

Budget:  $35,000

Where: NYC (on a Saturday night in February)

How many ppl: hopefully 100-125

Funding:  Incremental spending and some savings.  My parents are contrbuting some money, but basically just the photographer and some other incidentals.  Fortunately my fiance is intent on giving me the world, so he’s been taking on extra projects and we’ve tightened up our spending, a LOT.  We might have to put our rings on our credit card, but the miles from the card are paying for our honeymoon, so we’re okay with it.

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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

Budget: $15,000

Where is the reception being held: Waldorf Astoria in New York City

How many ppl: originally 50 –  now 60

How are you spending: savings, I’ve always lived within my means, I have always been very frugal (except when it comes to wedding reception, hey its once in a lifetime!)Im paying for the one here, he’s paying for the one in england 

age: 28 and 38 I’m 38 we’re a unique couple, he’s English I’m Asian, even more unique

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  • Wedding: May 2015

Our Budget: 8K

Location: Athens, OH 

#of Guests: 75-100

We are hoping to spend a majority of the budget on the reception. 

Things we are eliminating: Limo Service, Videographer, Alcohol (we will a champagne toast and that’s it), wedding planner, late night patry (ours will end at 9pm), engraved champagne flutes or cake service. 

Things we will do ourselves: Invitations, Favors, Table decorations

Things we will splurge on: bride’s dress, food, flowers (bouquets and church arrangements), and a good photographer.



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Bumble bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

Our Budget – I didn’t want to spend more than 15,000 and Fiance thought 18,000 would be the cost, right now we are still planning, but it looks like it will come in around 16,000.

Location – Northern New Jersey

Date/Time – 10/12/09 Saturday eve at 5- got an awesome package deal so that helped A LOT

Attending – 100-110

Ages – i’m 25 fi is 28

Payment – We have been saving our butts off, I’ve also done everything DIY, i’m making my invites, my centerpieces, my cermony decorations, my unity candle, my card box, programs, favors, and prob other stuff I can’t think of right now, my parents gifted us money for my dress thank goodness, and a little extra for whatever we want to use it on whether it be house or honeymoon. But ya save save save save save.. it’s one day, you don’t want a lifetime of debt over it.


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Worker bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

Budget – $6,000 to $7,000 which includes honeymoon, wedding attire, wedding bands but no e-ring (I’m so glad I’m not alone in this budget range! :))

Location –  South Carolina

When – October Saturday mid afternoon/night

Guests – 115ish

Funding – FI’s tax refund and a percentage of money coming out of our paychecks monthly

Ages – I’m 22 and Fiance is 24


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Worker bee
  • Wedding: December 1969

Our budget is 7500 not including honeymoon, he bought the rings before he proposed so thankfully that’s covered.

We live in LA so everything is way more then it should be, but we found an adorable venue called Swisspark Banquets

Were planning on a little above 100 people

We’re saving like our lives depended on it! No credit cards and no savings, so wish us luck! =)

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: October 2009

What’s your budget? Still working on it; right now, it’s around $1250. This does NOT include travel, etc. for our destination  wedding, or rings (which were $4k).

Where is your wedding being held? The Graceland Chapel, Las Vegas Nevada

How many people are you planning on having attend? Right now, we’re around 10. Sounds small, until you consider that it was supposed to be just the two of us…

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending? Incremtal spending. All of savings is for a house (which I am still trying to contribute to, despite wedding expenses).

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: August 2009

It’s so refreshing to read this post and know that we’re not alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

What’s your budget?- no more than $5000, and that includes EVERYTHING (except my engagement ring): wedding, reception, dress, photographer, honeymoon, wedding bands, decorations, AND our first month in our new place. His family is somewhat distant and mine can’t really afford to help financially (though they’re more than willing to do whatever they can in puting it together), so we’re funding it ourselves.

Where is your wedding being held? – Outdoors at a local metropark (Maumee, OH). The reception will be in a church gym.

How many people are you planning on having attend? – About 200

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending? – Savings and incremental spending. It helps that I had some savings left over from when I was in schoo, especially since we’re planning all this in about six months, so we don’t have all that much time to save. We have friends who are doing a lot for us for free or really discounted (music, photographer, flowers, etc.) and I’ll be doing what I can myself.

Ages? –  I’m 21 and he’s 26.

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