(Closed) If you’re paying entirely for your own wedding, what’s your budget?

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: December 1969

What’s your budget? $65,000

Where is your wedding being held? NYC, NY

 When? August, Saturday night

How many people are you planning on having attend? 125 guests

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending? Savings, including a 12 month CD

Age? I’m 24 and my DH is 26

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  • Wedding: June 2009

What’s your budget? $5000 to 6000. We’re paying for everything except my dress- my family all pooled together and gave me $300, which covered my budget-friendly dress.

Where is your wedding being held? Denver, CO

How many people are you planning on having attend? 60

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending? We’re using what little we have in savings and incremental spending. 

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$10,000—Our parents have both offered to add $ to the budget, but we’re trying as much as possible to keep it low key, and even spending that much on one day seems like a lot.  (And not taking parental money ideally means we can do whatever we want!)

Washington, DC area (=expensive!)



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Worker bee
  • Wedding: August 2020

We paid for everything ourselves….we’re both in our mid 30s and felt that our retired parents shouldn’t be burdened with the cost of our wedding.

What’s your budget? $60K (not including honeymoon – his gift to me; and rings – our gifts to each other; and my dress – I paid for that myself)

Where is your wedding being held? SF/Bay Area – we held our wedding during peak season on a Saturday evening.

How many people are you planning on having attend? ~250

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending? We were engaged for 24 months and we both put in $1000 each into a joint bank account each month for 2 years.  We put our money into CDs and would continue to reinvest them into another CD each time the first one would mature. The extra money that was spent was paid for as they came up.  We did receive a lot through monetary gifts as we’ve been living together for a few years and didn’t need any homeware or the usual registry items. 

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Helper bee
  • Wedding: March 2009 - Byodo-In Temple, Luau Reception

What’s your budget? $8,000-10,000, hopefully on the lower end. This includes our RT flight to Hawaii and hotel for 11 days.

Where is your wedding being held? Destination wedding in Hawaii, planned from the East Coast.

How many people are you planning on having attend? 20-ish

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending? Mainly savings and incremental spending. Our plane tickets were put on a credit card.

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Our wedding was paid by ourselves. My fiance (back then, now husband) have been working for about 2 years at the time. I’ve just graduated college and worked for a few months during the wedding planning. It was tough, but we didn’t want to burden our parents. They have paid for our college years.

What’s your budget?$10,000 (without honeymoon which we haven’t had yet, and without 3 airplane tickets from overseas for his parents and sister, each about $1500)

Where is your wedding being held? in a small chapel at Tulsa Oklahoma

How many people are you planning on having attend?100

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending?Mostly savings. We knew that we didn’t want to start our life together with debts, so we wanted to have a wedding that we can afford. Also, we got engaged for about a year before the wedding day and we had a "wedding joint account" where we put money every month for our wedding expenses.

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Busy bee
  • Wedding: September 2009

What’s your budget? There is no firm dollar amount, but we’re trying to keep it under $10k-and that includes honeymoon, but excludes rings since we’ve already bought them and are paying for them.

Where is your wedding being held? Suburbs of Baltimore, MD

How many people are you planning on having attend? Probably about 40.

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending?

We are not using credit cards for anything. We are using incremental spending for most things, we’re booking vendors as we can afford to pay for their deposits. I also may dip a bit into my savings, but I’m trying to keep that to a minimum. Our parents are helping, but we’re probably not going to get more than $2k combined out of them, but we’re grateful for what they can help with.

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  • Wedding: August 2007

We didn’t have a budget as we decided to host our wedding in six weeks instead of the following spring.  I spent $3500 out of pocket for our intimate wedding.  We hosted 50 guests, close family only, and held the ceremony and dinner in one location.

Our location was in Northwest Ohio, at a local metro-park.  It required a donation of $50.  We had the park to ourselves from sun up till sun down.  I hired a local cafe to make picnic boxed dinners and had a non-traditional yellow cake with chocolate frosting.  Flowers cost me $250 which included my bouquet, a boutonniere and cake topper.   Each table was covered in homemade linens and were topped with ferns and candle light.  I also hired a harpist who played throughout the ceremony and dinner.

Our honeymoon to Key West Florida cost us $5000, which we charged to a credit card.  I don’t recommend this method, as we are still paying it off 1.5 years later. We spent one week at a bed and breakfast and then did two day trips – deep sea fishing and an ultimate adventure.  This price included all meals and air fare.

With our wedding rings ($5500 for both his and hers – 12 months same as cash), ceremony/dinner $3500 and our honeymoon $5000 we spent a total of $14000. 

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Worker bee
  • Wedding: August 2020

Budget is $6000-$7000

Central Massachusetts – all in one location

60-65 attending

Savings and Incremental spending

I’m doing lots of DIY projects. Even though I could easily spend $10k on a wedding, it’d probably mean a 2 year engagement just saving the money which I wasn’t up for. Plus anymore than $6-7k and I would seriously start thinking that I’d ditch the wedding, go to city hall and spend that money on fixing those last major projects in our condo to sell and get into our first house that much sooner.

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  • Wedding: February 2009

What’s your budget? $80,000 – This does not include rings or the honeymoon.

Where is your wedding being held? New Orleans, LA

How many people are you planning on having attend? Currently at 475ish – It’s a circus I’m hosting… not a wedding!  Well, it feels like a circus!

How are you funding? Credit cards? Savings? Incremental spending?

NO CREDIT CARDS – I think this is the hugest trap, ever! You end up having all these charges and the intrest rates are never reasonable! 

We have/had a long engagement (14 months).  From the moment we got engaged, I direct deposit all my funds into a seperate checking account that has a debit card that gives me continental air line miles.   My hubs and I live off of his sole income alone (scary, but a good test in case one of us every lost our job… namely me since I sell a commodity!).  At the end of the month, every penny left in our bank account is transferred into the other account my paycheck goes into.  There’s usually not much left over.  We use the debit card to pay things for the wedding and we’ve just bought things as time progressed.  If we could swing it on our operating account, we’d purchase wedding goods there.  If not, we defaulted back to the wedding account.

Additionally, I have my bonus which brings me in almost another $10K. This gives us our $80K as well as some cushion room for last minute splurges (we’re seriously considering more custom lighting). 

And for the record, even though my hubs and I are paying for this, this wedding is ALL my parents.  My parents are making all the decisions for this big soiree and although they wanted to pay for it, the hubs has too much pride and won’t let them, thus we’re paying for it, but letting my parents have the dream wedding they never got (because they did everything the way THEIR parents wanted them to do it.  It’s a vicious cycle, but it ends with me because my kids will do it exactly the way they wanted to do it.)

I don’t recommend anyone having the budget like mine.  It originally was NOT supposed to go a penny over $50,000, but things just rolled up because our wedding is on VALENTINE’S DAY!  The worst day because florals and just EVERYTHING ELSE is way over inflated due to the holiday.  I am having two ceremonies in one day (an American one and a 100% Asian wedding) so the day will be long and drawn out and end with a 9 course sit down dinner. 

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  • Wedding: September 2009

Budget: $13,000 Includes wedding bands (not e-ring), honeymoon, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, dress, everything!

Location: Quad Cities, IL

Guests: 140-160

Payment: Savings and Incremental Spending

Date: Semtember 2009, 15 month engagement

Ages: 23 and 25

We’re having a Friday night wedding and dessert reception.


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  • Wedding: March 2009

Budget:: $15,000

Location:: Roanoke, VA

Guests:: 120-150

Funding:: Savings and Incremental Spending (That’s why we are having such a long engagement)

 Age:: 26 {I will be 27 in two weeks!} & 26

What a great post! I have learned to negotiate.

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  • Wedding: October 2008

Budget? Around $12-14K not including the rings…I kind of stopped keeping track of the little stuff, but it was right around there.  $10K for the reception/ceremony/catering (all at one place, thank you hotels!) and the suites to get ready in.  $800 for flowers, $500 for DJ, $300 for cake, $700 for my dress.

Where? Magnolia Hotel in Omaha, NE

How many people? 120 guests

Ages? I’m 27 and hubby is 25.

How are you funding? My parents paid for the flowers, and my husband’s mom paid for the Rehearsal Dinner.  Other than that, I paid for it all myself using money from my second job. 

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  • Wedding: September 2008

Budget: Our budget was 30K but we ended up spending $40,000.  This includes wedding bands, e-ring, honeymoon, dress, groomsmens’ and bridesmaids’ clothing and everything.

Location: Houston, TX

Guests: 400 for a 9 course Asian banquet on a Saturday evening. 

Payment: Savings and Incremental Spending

Date: Semtember 2008, 18 month engagement

Ages: 28 and 31

 A long engagement really does wonders when you’re saving up for something.  I already had money saved up before the engagement so that was really helpful.  Since my DH and I have been out of school for 5 years we were really lucky. 

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  • Wedding: June 2009

Budget – $10,000: Rings, Wedding, Honeymoon, and spruce up the house included

Wedding – will be in Minnesota at a wilderness education facility (totally beautiful by the way)

Guests – 50 (crowd-a-phobic)

Funding – All on our own, I saved up for about 5 years, he has some savings and were on a teeny tiny budget til the big day.

Date – June 6, 9 month engagement (not by choice, we originally wanted to get hitched in March…)

Ages – Were both 25

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