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Blushing bee

Iggies – sending LOTS of happy thoughts your way!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Blushing bee
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LOL Am I “abnormal” for stalking this thread all day DYING to hear the story of iggies engagement?!?!

Many congrats and I can’t wait to hear the details ๐Ÿ˜€

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Iggies – Wishing you early congratulations! I really hope it happens for you tonight. Let us know all the details and let us see some pics when it does!

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Please Iggies! Every engagement story makes me say, “AWE!!!!!” We can’t wait to hear!!!

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Iggie- good luck! I’m so excited for you. Just look at how much support and love you have here, it’s amazing! Have a wonderful evening, you deserve it! Can’t wait to hear the story when it happens.

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Wow, earlier this morning I was going to post a “good luck, hope it happens post!” but I had to go to a meeting and got side tracked.  So I came back and the post has totally changed tunes! 

I’m really not a confrontational kind of person so I just  want to say that I hope “engagedandnormal” has gotten some insight as to not only how most women prepare for a marriage but how to react to others view and opinions.  I am sure you’re not a mean person, but the post did kinda sting.  I am engaged and I feel offended for the bee’s that are waiting.  

That said, here’s to iggie, I really hope it happens today, I can imagine how excited you are.  And I hope its everything you dream of.  Can’t wait to read all about it!

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jennifer and others I appreciate your input and realize this post to you is in the “wating” forum, but  for those of us who stay on the “all boards” forum this stuff is flooded there all day.

Yes, we seem to have different opions and that is fine. I assume there are not too many engaged or married people replying because they feel the same as I do.

It just seems out of place that these posts are all over a wedding website.


To me, it appears that a lot of these ladies are setting up high expectations and it really comes off as needy. Just my opinion.And then the over the top mushyness of how great everyone is and how they are not abnormal for setting themselves up for heartache. IDK. Maybe I need to re-think this forum if it is full of such fakeness. If a guy was ready to propose, he would. There wouldn’t need to be emailing him to talk him into it and bug him.

I read a post here about girls who go around with their nails all done up. lol. really? really? I just don’t get this obsession.


What happened to just letting it come, naturally so that it is special?


Also FWIW I have 15 emails from engaged and married bees who agree.

Iggie. I apologize for being so rude as to start asking this in your thread. I am sorry I should have made a new thread.


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I may have missed something, and I am new here so sorry to jump in, but, to engagedandnormal, I get what you are saying and how you feel… but I think you would make more sense and be taking differently if you had a different, less offensive name.

A different area and thread not taking over this poor girls would have been better. If you don’t like the topic of their posts (like waiting) skip them?!

If I didn’t agree on something on here, I wouldn’t rain on someone’s parade just to make a point, you know?

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Wow, ok.  I’m gonna stop reading this post.  Engagedandnormal- I think maybe this forum (the site itself) isn’t for you.  Your entitled to your opinion, but the problem is that you’re opinion is coming across as really harshed and not at all necessary.  It seems malicious and I can’t understand why you feel a need to be that way.  But its not my place to understand.  I wish you well.

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@Iggie, CONGRATULATIONS!  I’m so happy for you both.  Can’t wait to hear even more about your special day.

@engagedandnormal:  I am very very soon to be engaged and began pre planning our wedding when it was openly discussed between the both of us and knew that we would indeed be marrying.  My guy also was paying off the ring he purchased, not on credit, so it took him a tad longer.  I’m cool with that ๐Ÿ™‚

That being said, I’m not having some super long engagement either, so pre planning is smart and makes sense for me.  Also with regards to logistics b/c  we have 2 households to merge which is alot.  As also somebody who loves design, knowing where we are heading in less than a year also makes sense in planning so I can have my ideas firmly in place.

The women here on waiting are fun, sweet, kind and very supportive.  And excited.  Who in love isn’t excited if the decision to marry enters the picture?  I think everybody becomes so happy and you combine that with the feeling of being in love and voila, the waiting board is here!  To incenuate that I’m NOT normal by being here before my ring arrives to me isn’t normal.  To each her own and I’m glad others have unique opinions here. 

Also, I’d bet a million bucks you were excited and ecstatic when your then bf first brought up his intent to marry you.  Being in love makes you happy like that.  And if you didn’t secretly desire impatiently for that day when he formally asked you, I’d be surprised. 

I’m happy for everybody here at the ‘Bee.  It’s such a unique place.  There’s so much love going around here because pretty much everybody has it in their lives now.  And today, that’s rare.  I hope your planning goes great too, and know that when you resume posting under your real name, you will continue to get the same great support you have received all along.

And these ladies on this board deserve support and kindness too, just as you’ve been given ๐Ÿ™‚  I wish you well!

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Some people just feed off of the drama. They aren’t over high school yet. And for that we should just ignore her ranting about nothing.


Goodluck Iggie Positive Vibes!!!!



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I completely agree with jennifer.

I disagree with you, engaged-I don’t really think you can call this site “fake” it’s all real girls (& some guys) hoping that they get engaged sometime soon & making friendships! I’m engaged & I’ve been just chatting with girls that are waiting or married! I don’t feel that you need to judge people who are looking forward to getting married to someone they feel they are ready to marry, and are waiting for it to happen. I don’t really think this is a site for you if you’re going to be judgmental.

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engagedandnormal – It’s one thing to create an extra account to speak your mind… but please don’t use your original account to weigh in.

Since a lot of ground has been covered at this point, I’m going to go ahead and close this thread.

Good luck Iggies!!!

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