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    throwaway9404:  OMG I had the same issue with a Bridesmaid when I got married. Almost exact!!!!!

    She is my husband’s cousin and I asked her to be in my wedding because I liked her and needed even numbers (cultural thing). 

    She bitched about EVERYTHING!!!!! The dress? “it is for old people” (She was 21 and I was 28 at the time of my wedding). She made it known she absolutely despised the dress even though all other 9 girls loved it. She bitched because I asked them to wear whatever black shoes they had (notice I said HaD. I didn’t even ask them for another color because we all own black shoes). She wanted to buy silver shoes instead. 

    She bitched all throughout my bachelorette weekend. We went to Vegas and to give them a little treat and make it insanely cheap for them, I booked and paid for a 4 bedroom penthouse in a Hotel on the Strip. She bitched over food, over the clubs, over pool parties, even transportation. Ungrateful bitch I swear.

    And finally…… hair and makeup. I, like you, wanted them to have their hair up. No specifics (go wild! as long as it is up I don’t care what you do!) and to make it even more convenient, I booked all their appointments and paid for it all. Well, she REFUSED to wear her hair up and she absolutely HATED the makeup artist I paid for. She said she was going to look like shit and everyone would laugh at her. Wtf? She ended up doing her own makeup even though I had already paid for the makeup artist. She decided this on the wedding day. So I had to eat the cost of that…. whatever. I had Maid/Matron of Honor pack bobby pins just in case she decided to show up with her hair down too. Because at this point I had it with her. Thankfully she followed through and she actually looked beautiful. 

    To this day I hold a grudge over this. I’m nice to her when I see her but deep down, I will NEVER forget the bullshit she put me through. I may wear white to her wedding just because PAYBACK!!  lol

    Take a deep breath, if you can, get rid of her now….. and make those 2 glasses of wine count!!!

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    I have had my hair decided by two brides and it was awful both times and I didn’t say anything. Please get over it, BMX. lol. 

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    This seriously made me LOL.


    Hopefully you’re enjoying your 2 glasses of wine!

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    throwaway9404:  how about two glasses of wine and a slice of cake.. Who says they don’t want to walk with someone because they’re too short..? Also, just by reading your story I can tell BMX is totally the type that would pick out only the tight dresses. 

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    Haaaaaa. She can keep her butt at home in her new red dress with her hair down. Nerp nerp nerp… Sounds like the girl who wont just get a little tipsy, but drunk and make a scene.

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    skunktastic:  I think I misread that part, and I thought that she was done with the dress, not the friendship. In that case, yes, I agree, and just kick her out, tell her not to even bother showing up that day.

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    throwaway9404:  You’re pretty flipping rad, lady. Seriously.


    THIS! EXACT! THING! Is why I am having a family-only wedding with NO bridal party of groommen.

    All the people I know are too opinionated, too difficult, and too selfish.

    I can deal with some people in doses. I can deal with other people all the time…. But once I am put in charge of something (like, uh, my wedding) I am a control freak and I just cannot put people through the torture I would be to deal with. I, too, am a people pleaser. It’s a equally a gift and a burden.


    Get rid of this pyschotic b_tch, seriously. She just wants to feel important and pretty for a day now. Don’t share the spotlight with the monster. It’ll tarnish your wedding photos.


    Think about it. You’re going through you wedding album with your grandkids or your niece or your neighbor (you choose your lifestyle, don’t let me impose hypothetical children on you or your siblings, if you have any lol) and BAM!

    “throwaway9404…. Whos’ that lady who has that smug look on her face and the hair that doesn’t look like any of the other BMs?”

    “Oh, that’s B__chFace McSelfishPants.. Let me tell you a story about BMX and how she ruined the months leading to my wedding and is now forever immortalized in my wedding albums.”


    You won’t be able to get RID of her after that. She’ll always be there.. stinking up your wedding photos.

    Nix her.

    Ditch her.

    Throw her off of a bridge (but don’t really.. )



    Best of wishes to your and your wedding lovely. Keep being amazing and having an awesome sense of humor.

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    Guess I’m about to be a micromanaging [email protected]# then because if my hair is up, there’s is down and vice versa. She sounds like a huge pain in the @$$. You should celebrate suriving her antics without killing her with a bottle. I would have booted her long ago. Cheers!

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    It sohnds like she is creating a lot more stress than she is alleviating, which is not something you want in a bridesmaid, especially close to the wedding. I vote two glasses of wine.  One for you, one to dump on BMX (lol)as you wave goodbye. I’m kidding of course, but seriously it sounds like you’re better off without her. 

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    I wouldn’t let BMX still be in the wedding- why bother if she’s done with you after the wedding? I would call/face to face and tell her not to bother ordering the dress as the people who are standing with you are your closets friends/family and if she’s done with you, you dont need her in the wedding. She sounds psycho and I don’t think this is really a loss in friendship.

    Sorry youve had to deal with her insanity!

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    throwaway9404:  Well damn! Sorry that you had to deal with her crapp…period!  Good riddance to negative individuals.  Unhappy people can’t help but do unhappy things!

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    i kind of feel like we were in the same boat. I just kicked out my bridesmaid/offciant today because she was also causing problems between other BM’s, my mom and my sister. It was some situation with money and if she couldnt have afforded it then she should have dropped out. She didn’t and had my sister pay her bill . yeah she owes my sister money, but i know she will not pay it.

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    throwaway9404:  good riddance. Do you know what? Things like this just make you appreciate your true friends more. I hope you can now put this behind you and enjoy a drama free wedding day

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