(Closed) I'm 36. My life is over. Blah. loooooong

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My father died when he was 28, and I’m 27. I’m about to outlived my dad and I feel like a kid. Getting old is a blessing denied to many. I know it’s difficult seeing life change, but change is not always bad. Your life is what you make it, and right now you’re painting it with a dirty brush.

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@jadlnc:  Well if it makes you feek any better, I crammed more great stuff (extensive  travel, romance, wedding) in betwern the ages 45-50 than I did in my entire 20s and 30s. Life is not over unless you let it be over.

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@jadlnc:  Here is a list of people who are also 36


Robin Thicke:


Tom Brady:




Rachel McAdams:


All of these people look pretty close to the end of their lives to me! :p

36 is nothing, 36 seems like a good time! Look at Robin Thicke, he is sucking toes at 36 and living it up! There is still a lot of life left to live!


I will leave you with this half dead 36 year old! It is ok to let your age give you a mild freak out, but embracing it is going to be your best bet for a fulfilling life full of new and exciting things. I agree with a PP, accept it in stages and you’ll be OK.

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@Yellwill:  +1. Growing older is a privilege denied to many.

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@Mrs_Amanda:  I can’t speak for OP but your post definitley made this old broad feel good ;0

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@Mrs_Amanda:  Yuuuum Ryan Reynolds.  Thanks for that.

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@jadlnc:  Happy Birthday!!!

It sounds like you’re in a little funk and needed to vent a little, which happens sometimes. (If its more than a case of birthday blues and doesn’t go away then I’d encourage you to talk to your doctor.) I’m turning 36 in 2 days, but for me the “number” that really got me was turning 24. 36 on the other hand doesn’t even phase me.  I love being in my 30’s, I’m so much more comfortable with who I am and what I want out of life. It must be hard watching your babies leave the nest, but you should be proud of the people they’ve become and happy that you taught them the skills they need to be independent adults. 

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Having the birthday blues happens to some people.  Sounds like you have had your day to be sad about it and now it is time to get out of that funk. 

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Age is just a number…it’s all in how you feel inside and how you react to things. Take a walk in the park with your kids and look at things through their eyes. Go out and dance in the rain…let your self be free and you’ll be surprised at how young you feel.

I wasted 20+ years with my abusive ex…there is NO WAY that I’m going to waste anymore feeling sorry for myself!

It’s all about ATTITUDE!

Personally I’ve had great examples…my dad is 78 and my mom is 74. They still drive their MOTORCYCLE all over the place! 6 years ago when they still lived on the beach my dad was out jet skiing!

And before anyone says it must be lucky for him to be healthy…he had a massive heart attack 17 years ago so almost half his heart is scar tissue. He would be a candidate for quadruple bypass but they know he wouldn’t make it off the table. He sleeps with a CPAP because he stops breathing completely. He also had his hip replaced 4 years ago…he didn’t care that he could walk again so much as he could get on the motorbike again after not being able to ride for almost a year!

I turn 44 in less than a month…who cares what the number is! I’m marrying the man I love in a few months and that’s a great thing!

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Well I am 7 years younger than you but I often feel exactly the same way. I’m only 16 months away from 30 and it weighs on me a lot. Like you, I’m worried about the health of my family. We are not one known for longevity (I haven’t had any grandparents since 15) so I’m very concerned about my parents. I sometimes wonder if losing them some day won’t turn me into a bitter and depressed person. Also, Darling Husband and I don’t have kids yet and I’m worried it will soon be too late or I’ll have fertility problems. I fret over this A LOT.

I felt similarly turning 26, but back then I was worried about not being married yet and advancing my career. Both of those goals were achieved by 28 so now I look back and I can’t believe why I was so fixated on 26.

I generally have a problem with aging, no matter what the age. I try to talk myself out of these feelings since the logical side of me knows I’m being crazy – my life is awesome and I should just focus on the now. I’ve had such a fortunate life that its ungrateful to be depressed. But sometimes the deep dark feelings creep in when I think about turning 30 and I just break down, like you.

Hang in there!

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Happy Birthday, and I hope you start feeling better soon. Life’s too short to sit on the couch and weep (although if you still want to sit on the couch and eat a pint of ice cream there ain’t no harm in that!!)

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It’s ok to be upset if your body starts giving out, your waist line expands, your hearing isn’t the beste etc but I dont think it’s ok to be upset at a number. Who cares, live the best life you can. Some of the sexiest, coolest most awesome people are over 36. You know what’s not cool/sexy/awesome, someone whining about their age. Have some confidence in yourself, you are lucky to be alive. I’m 34 and getting more amazing every day 😉

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@jadlnc:  I’m sorry you’re feeling so depressed. Maybe you could talk to a professional about how to cope? Whether it is insiginifcant to everyone else, it isn’t to you and that’s what counts. I fear you will push the good things in your life away if you keep acting how you are – I don’t know many men who would be cool with having a ring given back to them no matter what the circumstance. It sounds like you have a lot to be happy about and will have even more exciting life changes in the future. Yes, the kids will move out but you will be able to enjoy your husband more and travel. There’s always a silver lining.

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@FauxBoho:  +1. Look at Jennifer Aniston for god’s sake. I’m nearly 26 and I’d kill for her body. It’s way more about attitude and the extent to which you are living your life to the fullest.  

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Funny, I fear youth is gone when you have kids. Not because of a number but because a child should mean the end of the freedom & irresponsibilty of youth – now you put your energies towards ensuring your child can be irresponsible, free, happy – basically enjoy their youth.

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