(Closed) I’m a bad mom… :(

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Thats completely normal! you arent a bad fur momma.

You are just trying to be the best baby momma you can, I can imagine that getting ready for a little one could be so stressful and also be overwhelming at times. It’s completely normal that you would need a temporary break from pet duity to fully focus on your little one.


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Don’t feel bad.  You took her to stay at a place that I’m guessing she’s very familiar with and happy to be at.  It’s no different than going on a vacation. 

Changing routines can be very hard for some dogs to adapt to and this is definitely a big one.  Have you thought about consulting with a professional to talk about ways to smooth this one for her?  Another thought, is she still getting the same amount (and type) of exercise that she was getting before?  That can play a huge part.  A tired dog is a good dog and all that. 

Good luck and don’t beat yourself up.  This is a huge time for all of you.  Stick with it and things will all settle back into place before too long. 

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Don’t feel bad, it’s not bad to ask for help once in awhile. 

My fuse is short with everyone, including the dogs lately, I think it’s kinda normal at this point.  And it’s been hard on them since I’m only taking them on walks and not runs (well feable attempts at runs but it’s walking pace) and my husband broke his arm.  So they have a lot more energy to get into nonsense with.

My parents are planning on taking our pups for a week or two after the baby is born to give us time to get adjusted to carrying around and caring for the baby.  The dogs love it at their house since they have a much bigger yard and their dog loves our dogs so it works out well.

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Could she have a urinary tract infection? My dog did this & she was really sick so you should go to your vet for a urinalysis.

EDIT: My dog started peeing in the house almost a year ago. We had just moved into the house a few weeks before that & thought maybe she was acting out. She would go at night & it was NOT like her. I started locking her up in the laundry room at night & then found out she could be sick. So I had a urinalysis done (you will need to “catch” your dog’s urine, PM me if you want helpful tips on this) & I felt horrible… she had a urinary tract infection & was in a lot of pain & couldn’t help the peeing.

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My dogs will be leaving the house near the end of my pregnancy too. The little one is going to my parents because she loves them, and the big one is going to my husband’s mom, because they get along really well, and she has other big dogs to play with too. I don’t think it makes you a bad puppy parent, just a good child parent because you know yourself well enough to recognize you need to be able to focus on your newest addition.

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Has your pup always slept in your room? If so, why are you shutting the pup out? all three of our huge dogs sleep in our room and I wouldn’t put them out because of a baby there would be room for all.

It sounds like the pup doesn’t understand and now feels insecure because he/she is out all of a sudden. I mean if it were you what would you do?

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Aww, it’s always hard to make those decisions. But you said it yourself, it’s only for a few weeks so you can take care of yourself. He won’t be mad at you forever ๐Ÿ™‚ They always forget and love!!!

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Your are NOT a bad mom.. You just know your limits and that is honorable!! I remember what its like being 8 months pregnant and thats no walk in the park good for you for taking the time you need for you before your baby comes!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Thought this might make you feel better.  We’ve been switching rooms around and I’ve been pretty good at keeping the nursery door shut since our little dog is super curious and just likes to redecorate – not really tear anything up, just drag stuff around and rearrange.  I haven’t figured this one out yet because she doesn’t do it in other rooms. 

But last night the guest room door was open and our 5 year old dog who hasn’t had an accident in the house in probably 3-1/2 years decided to take a crap in there (luckily on wood floor so it wasn’t hard to clean).  We’d let him out before he went to bed too.  He’s been a bit more cuddly with my belly lately, I’m not sure what dogs sense but they do get weird as baby time approaches. 

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I had a beautiful black lab…..that shed constantly causing my then 2year old to be on constant breathing treatments.  I did I everything I could but I was also 8 1/2 months pregnant with my 4th baby.  I was exhausted and it was July in Florida so I was terribly irritable to say the least.  I did end up giving him away and I still regret it.  My 2yr old stopped having to hae breathing treatments but I still felt bad.  we had our dog for 8 years.  To top it off he started going to the bathroom in the house too.  I wish I would have waited for the hormones to to be raging when I made the decision.  I would have felt less guilty I think.  My kids still talk about him (8 years later).  Maybe your dog will either return to his good behavior once baby is born or maybe you’ll  be more tolerant.  I wouldn’t make any decisions like that bring so far prego, even the sanest of us get a little rash in that stage ๐Ÿ™‚

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