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Hahaha at the sadistic type – I’m in HR also 🙂

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Bumble bee

I have a question. To make a long story short, I badly injured my shoulder at work, I told them right away, ended up in the e.r with a doctor’s note to be away from work for a minimum of 5 days. I followed up with my family doctor, who said there is no chance that I can go back to work until at least the 25th. The head woman from HR called WCB and told them that she offered me light duties (despite my doctor’s orders) which she never actually did! Now work is screaming at me to get my butt in…. do I have the right to complain to her superiors over this? Would it actually do anything? In what world do I have to listen to her instead of my doctor?

Any insight would be greatly appreciate.

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Busy bee

I got hired by my company because business was phenomenal and once you were hired in you were told that everyone retired millionaires because of stock options and pensions. Their claim to fame was no layoffs -ever. Fast forwardtwelve years and I’ve survived six rounds of layoffs. They claim it’s random but I have observed that they are getting rid of the older, more expensive employees and low performers. Is that true? Also, how rare is a pension offering these days? As our company keeps slashing perks and benefits they bring in financial advisors to talk to us who claim that for us to voluntarily leave our company we would have to get a $60k salary increase to offset the loss of our pension and stock options. Are pensions and stock offerings really that uncommon for middle level management? Thanks in advance for your help. 

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Thanks in advance for doing this!

I left my last job under not great terms.  I was on a 90 day review for BS reasons, because my manager didn’t like me as a person.  When applying for jobs now, I know that not checking “yes, you can contact” is a bad idea.  But, if I put my managers name down, and the prospective employer gets ahold of her, I have no confidence that she will abide by state law and only answer the how long/position/at what salary questions, but will slam me instead.  How do I work around this, and what kind of positive spin on reason for leaving can I give?

Also, I left that job in November, but started college in August.  How do I explain the gap?  It was so I could plan my wedding, move, take college entrance exams, stuff like that.  I’m now in a fast track MBA program and will graduate this August.

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One of my coworkers makes alot of little annoying noises, all day. For example, crunching on hard candy, crumpling wrappers, eating loudly, filing her nails, loud sighs, slamming her cup down on her desk.

I think its a personality thing to get attention. She also stomps around the office and straightens her desk by picking up items and slamming them back down. You can hear it 20 feet away!

I do listen to headphones but it only helps so much, plus I am tired of cranking up the music all day, every day.

Is there anything I can say or do to make this better? Would it do any good to say something to HR and see if they can move her (there are some empty cubes but we sit together as a department)? She is good at her job but my coworkers and I are at our wits end with this. 

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Commenting to come back later 🙂

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Okay, I’ll bite.  🙂

My department was recently restructured as part of a larger reorganization within the company.  My position was expanded greatly and made the “level 1” for a two level position.  Essentially it was a promotion without pay.  Many people in the department hold the new 1 and 2 levels, but no management structure with 1’s reporting to or even interfacing with 2′.  Thing is, there is a between a $20k, and $25k difference between level 1 and level 2 with the only definable difference in the new responsibilities being an additional two years of related experience (level 1 is not entry level).

What is a reasonable time frame to expect upper management to address this rather large discrepancy in pay?  We do not have scheduled annual reviews.  I’d rather not leave, though I’ve started keeping an eye out.  Benefit of the doubt for now, because there is a lot they are tackling at once, but what’s reasonable?  Part of me thinks it probably won’t be until people start leaving, but then another part of me keeps thinking that this is such a huge difference that surely someone with Comp has to notice this.

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Great idea! Thank you so much for posting!

I’m a communications professional with more than two decades of experience and a master’s degree in a communications-related discipline. I had an amazing and wonderful career in my former city — a major metropolitan area, where I last worked for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company.  My experience covers three major industries/areas and includes the not-for-profit, public, and private sectors. 

When I met my Darling Husband, we lived in different states.  If I wanted to be with him and his minor children full time following the wedding, I needed to resign my position and relocate to a very small town in a rural area of another state, which I have done.

I have applied for jobs in my field in this region.  However, the opportunities are very few and far between, and most are at a level below my level of experience.

I would WELCOME the opportunity to interview and be considered for these jobs, and I would be very willing to work in a lesser position and for far less money than I made in my former role, and I would do so with a very positive attitude and a commitment to respect those in authority over me.  As a former mid-level and senior-level manager/director, I know how important this is.

However, I cannot even get an interview for any position for which I have applied.  This was not ever the case in my former city. 

I suspect that HR manangers and hiring managers do not want to consider me for a position, because of one or more of the following factors:

* they would rather have someone with less experience, because they perceive me as being “over qualified”

* they are concerned that they could never “afford” me when they see the salary information I list with my former positions on the job applications (which I have to complete fully to even be considered for the job)

* they are concerned that I “wouldn’t stay” if they hired me, because they think that I would continue to look for a higher-paying, higher-level position

* they are looking for someone “younger” — illegal though it is, and they realize that they may be taking a bigger EEO risk by interviewing someone very qualified and NOT choosing her than they would take by never having interviewed me in the first place

* a particular job is in my field of expertise communications) but is not within an industry/setting in which I have direct experience

* Other

I have certainly considered using this new season of my life to attempt to transfer my skills, talents, and abilities to a different field, such as HR, knowing full well that I likely would need to start at a very low level. However, I did not even obtain an interview for a training position for which I applied, even after the executive who manages the organization encouraged me to apply. (He knows my husband.)

Do you have any advice for someone in my position?  Thank you in advance for any guidance you are able to offer.

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Bumble bee
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How do you deal with different people you answer to having different expectations for how much people you hire should be paid? I do a lot of hiring for contract positions and I am finding that some of my decisions are a point of contention. HR is definitely not my background.

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I was hired at my company about 2 years ago. After talking with my coworkers in the exact same position, I’ve learned that they started my salary $2,000 LESS than everyone hired before me and even immediately after me.  On all of our contracts, there was no room to negotiate what-so-ever.  The people hired after me have had literally, the EXACT same experience as me as well… One of my coworkers even asked to make the same amount that I was hired in at, but was given that $2,000 MORE.

It feels like such a slap in the face. Any insight into what I can do to even out the pay scale? Its BS that people hired TOMROROW will be making more when I have more experience.


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Helper bee

@Penelopeee:  Maybe a silly question, but can you get a job in HR with a associates degree? 

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Sugar bee
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What do you look for in a resume. With the job market around here being highly competitive I am working casually however I definitely need to start working full time. I have applied to many positions in my area of work, jobs that I could do with my eyes closed, but I didn’t even get a call back? Should I follow up and make sure they received my  resume ? 


Why does a company ask if you have ever been dismissed from a job? If it only happened once when you were young does it matter? Or if a company let you go without reason other than its not working out will that negatively affect someone who is trying to obtain work now? 

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I wonder if you expected this much of a reply OP lol I have one. I’ll try to keep it short & sweet! At my last job (bank teller) I had a customer commit fraud through me as his teller. I was trained to look out for fraud but he managed to answer some questions correctly & I processed the transaction. The aftermath was drawn out for months with my manager telling me that it would all work out fine. I ended up putting my 2 weeks notice in because I felt it was the best idea. A day before the end of my 2 weeks, they informed me it would be my last day. However, they continued to compensate me for a week and a half after my original last day. I am considered non-rehireable but I am not sure if I was fired or if I quit because of the timing. I, therefore, don’t know what I should put on applications. I’ve had people tell me I quit, I’ve had others tell me they think I was let go. I don’t want to put that I’ve been fired bc I’m sure it looks bad but I also don’t want to lie. Thanks for the help!

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