(Closed) I’m a little pig and I Can’t. Stop. Eating. Why is this so hard!?!

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There’s a book by Devin Alexander called Decadent Diet or something to that effect. It’s a cookbook full of recipes that are lower in calories that help you not to feel deprived while dieting. AND it has some sweet treats in there too so you don’t feel like you can’t eat something every now and again that isn’t green.


Stay with it. 🙂

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I was just reading the other day how the afternoon/evening is a better time to workout as compared to early morning before breakfast.  It says you’ll burn more calories that way.  I think I read it on the KNOT or something.  That might help you with that 2-4pm timeslot if you plan your workouts during it.  Good luck!    

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Yeah I have the same problem..  I do love food..  Going out for meals especially at restaurants is my guilty pleasure.  I’m not the type of girl to get a plain garden salad with balsamic vinegar.  I have prime rib, garlic mashed potatos and caesar salad!  Nomnomnomnom 🙂  And my portions aren’t small either.

I do know diet is the huge portion that effects your weight loss success.  I was working out 3 times a week with boot camp and yoga at one point..  Lost maybe 5-10 pounds..  A few inches.. But nothing huge because I still ate like crap and big portions.

But when I get bored I eat or snack.  That’s what kills me when I’m at home.. Otherwise when I am at work its not as bad as long as I stayed away from the vending machine.

I do genuinely want to look awesome in my wedding dress..  I thought as soon as I got engaged I would change my attitude and want to diet..  But not really actually, still eating the same and eating goodies.  Maybe the skinny girl picture might motivate me. 

At the beginning of January I did geninuely try a diet where I ate 5 small portions throughout the day with no snacks, and could only drink water, tea, and occasionally real fruit juice.  It only stuck for like 1 1/2 weeks and I wanted real food again.

*sigh* why do things that taste so good are so bad for you?


Maybe this will help :P..  (No offence to anyone!)


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Why oh why does everyone beat up on the good ol’ carbohydrate?? They’re great. They give us energy to help avoid the dreaded afternoon slump. They fuel our workourts, and our brains too!

A healthy diet should be approximately 40-50% carbs, 20-30 fat, and 20-30 protein. There are healthy ways to get all three, losing weight should not involve a deranged nutritional balance.

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I’m pretty bad. Last night I was craving birthday cake. So what do I do? I go to the store and buy some. NO CONTROL. It’s kind of pathetic.

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I def think about my next meal all the time! I love food, especially good food. I hate anything bland, so most diets just never satisfy my food cravings. Bad for me when I only have 2 1/2 months to my wedding, and I want to lose the weight. Not sure what to do…I look good in my dress no matter if I lost the weight or not, but the bigger problem ( no pun intended) is I want to try to make a honeymoon baby. We really didn’t want to wait, but I can’t see myself packing on another 20-30 pounds from pregnancy ( gained 20 lbs since we have been together)! UGHH!

Anyone have any good advice??? I need all the help i can get!

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I also love food so I feel your pain.  I’ve put on 10-15 lbs since meeting my fiance.  I recently started doing weight watchers on-line.  The first week was the hard… I’ll admit it.  But you can eat all the veggies you want to help fill yourself. 

The second week was much easier and I even used some of my plus points to eat Panda Express and a homemade pizza the next night with beer!  And I still lost weight.  The one thing I noticed is that I feel full after eating 1/2 the food I used to eat and I stop eating because feeling full feels uncomfortable now.  I’m really happy that I’m doing the program. 

Good luck to you!  No matter what you’re going to be gorgeous on your day!

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The first thing that comes to mind when I think about food is

“Get innn my belly” from Austin Powers.

My dress is a size smaller and it still doesnt fit. So yea I need to lose like 10 pounds before November. I have been workin out and eating good but nothing. GRRRRRR

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I’m literally sitting in front of my computer in my office and munching on Special K while I read this.


I’ve had personal trainers before and diet is key to losing weight… but it’s SO HARD! :((( I am a huge foodie and I just love love love food too much. I didn’t lose much weight while working with a PT because I didn’t change my diet. Anyway, stay motivated and keep up the good work!

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I just bought Reese Eggs.

Damn Easter candy aisle.

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The first and most important step is not to degrade yourself in the process. Tell yourself, I messed up, but I am gorgeous, and I am on the path to be a thinner and healthier me. And I am WONDERFUL.


The negative self talk can really kill a diet. Something about pyschology.


Hugs! You can do it!

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Like double0bride said, carbs are not the enemy; they’re good for you and your body needs them. Complex carbohydrates (grains, cereals, breads) take longer for the body to break down and that is why they will keep you feeling fuller longer. Any processed food and refined carbs are what you should stay away from.

It’s okay to think about food. You should be eating about 5-6 times a day; three small portion main meals and 2-3 snacks. You want to keep your metabolism constantly fueled. The way I learned it was by thinking of it as a fire. If you have a fire, in order to keep it going you need to add more wood or coal every so often. If you don’t, it slows and dies out. It’s the same way with your body. We might not be cavemen anymore, but our bodies still run in that same way. When food isn’t available, the body goes into “starvation” mode and wants to save any food you do eat as fat for the times you don’t have food. It’s like a back up storage.  But when your body has food coming in all the time, it knows that food is regularly available and that it doesn’t have to store food.  It’s all instinctual.

When trying to drop in weight, you don’t have to deprive yourself from food. You don’t have to eat just salads and vegetables. It’s probably bad to do this because your body is probably not getting enough calories or nutrients and will probably go into starvation mode.

You’re body needs a set amount of calories. The average woman is said to need 2000 calories a day, and no less than 1200 to drop weight, which is pretty low for most woman. Realistically, it all depends on the person. If you’re not getting enough calories your body is going to store food as fat and/or you will drop the weight but have a high chance of gaining it back once you start eating normally. Remember this has to be a long term change and a life style change.  I personally try not to go any lower than 1500 calories based on my height, activity level and the fact that I seem to have a muscular lower body.  If I have less than that, I tend to feel hungry.

A good thing to do is slowly change your diet (diet is actually how one eats regardless of if it’s healthy or not; for most, it seems to mean changing to a healthy way of eating). Start by removing certain things from your daily diet. Instead of white bread, switch to wheat. Instead of three cokes, have one. When you feel like having something sweet have a piece of fruit or a piece of dark chocolate. This will help the body get use to eating healthier. My fiancé says that craving are all about what your body needs. The reason why I crave cake or cookies is because my body needs some kind of sugar. The problem with this is that the body is like a computer and stores information this way. It’s telling me I need sugar and it remembers the last thing I ate that contained sugar was cake, so then it has me crave cake.  Also, try not to let yourself get to hungry before you eat. I notice it’s easier for me to eat poorly if I’m super hungry. I tend to just go for something easier and faster than to take the time to prepare good food.

The other thing you need to look into is, are you eating because you’re hungry or are you eating because you’re bored and/or because of the taste. I have this problem in a way. I cook and love to cook and because I’ve been cooking since I was four, I have a really good sense of taste and smell. Sometimes I notice myself wanting seconds not because I’m hungry but because it tastes good. Also, if your body needs water it can act like its hungry. I’m not exactly sure why it does this but I know that it does so make sure you’re getting enough water. Another thing about your body and water that’s weird is that if your body isn’t adequately hydrated, it will hold on to water and bloat you. But when you drink enough water and you’re hydrated, it will release that water. I guess it comes down to instinct and cavemen times. It wants to save water for the days you don’t have any. I’m not exactly sure of this though.

I really like the Cook Yourself Thin cook book. It teaches you how to make everyday favorite foods healthy but just replacing high fat/high calorie ingredients with better healthier ones. They even have desserts in there. The second book, Cook Yourself Thin Faster, isn’t as good because some of the recipes seems to be the normal recipes but smaller portions. Some of them are good though.

Sorry this is really long, just a lot of information. Hope it can help.

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@futuremrskelsey: I totally with you on your love for food and eating.  I love eating.  I love the textures… the tastes… everything!  If you are anything like me, you just have to retrain your brain by doing something OTHER than thinking about food.  I know – sounds impossible, but it’s not.  I started to view it as an addiction – something I needed to gain self-control over.  Some may find that a little extreme, but it felt that way to me.  Just wanted to say it IS possible to think differently about food and make good choices.   It sounds like you are on the right track, so keep up the good work!!  Your goals for weight loss, self-control, or just being healthier ARE possible, with a lot of determination and effort!

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